Well done, Isla!

A sparkling glass slipper, pumpkin and clock against a star-filled night sky.

Year 6 went to support Isla lastnight as she performed in her first ever pantomime, Cinderella, at the Warwick Arts Centre. We were all so proud of her! She looked like she was having so much fun on the stage – a true star in the making we think! Well done, Isla! 🙂

Year 6 Home Study Task 3

Well done to the children for their fabulous efforts in their last home study task. We will be holding a Speed Sainting event soon where you will get to see each child’s projects and find out more about their chosen Saint. Date to be confirmed soon!

This half term’s home study task has been sent home ready for children to make a start.

Year 6 ~ Home Study Task 3 ~ Remote Islands

Choose a remote island from around the world to research and present.

  • What is life like?
  • Where is it?
  • Who/what lives there?
  • What is the human and physical geography like?

Due: Wednesday 19th February 2020

School Clubs Spring 2020


***Online booking via SIMS Pay opens Thursday 9th January 2020***

We’re pleased to advise that we’ve teamed up with EPIC Academy who will provide us with highly trained and skilled sports coaches to deliver lots of before and after school clubs for us!

Please note that there has been a price increase across the majority of clubs due to us having to buy in expert coaches, resources and materials. The cost is still excellent value for money; each club is no more than £2.50 per week per child.

We feel it is very important for children to take part in at least one club; please take a look at what is available and book their place online via SIMS Pay. The clubs will be available to book from Thursday 9th January 2020.

Please note we can only accept online payments and once the clubs are full, they will no longer be visible on SIMS Pay. Should you be able to book and pay for a place on SIMS Pay, please consider your child’s place confirmed. If the club you are trying to book is not showing when you log in, it will be because it is fully booked.

Please bear in mind that by signing up to a club your child is making a commitment and they should only sign up if they are prepared to meet the expectation that they attend regularly. Children who have demonstrated commitment (very regular attendance) to a club already, will have priority to join clubs that are over-subscribed.

Once again this term, our staff have been very generous in offering to run extra-curricular activities, which is above and beyond their contractual duties.  We’d like to take this opportunity to say thank you and express our appreciation of them for this.  We believe that our children are very lucky to have these clubs available to them, and consider them to be excellent value for money.

If you have any issues with SIMS Pay, please contact Mrs Rae, the School Business Manager  – linsey.rae@allsoulsschool.co.uk

 Best wishes

Mrs. Quinn                         Mr. Cooke

Headteacher                      Deputy Headteacher

Festive Fun in Year 6!

After a very emotional morning saying some goodbyes in our farewell assemblies to Mr Youson and Mrs Senyk, we soon got back into the festive spirit with some good old-fashioned Christmas games!

We started the afternoon with some yummy hot chocolate and some popcorn in our PJs, before the competitive games began.

First, we took part in our Secret Santa with a twist! Every child had bought a present and wrapped it well. These were given out randomly before each child then had the option to stick with the one they were given or swap with someone else – even if the other child did not want to swap! It was clear after a while that children went for quantity over quality and were after the biggest presents they could get their hands on!

Thank you to everyone for taking part in this – it was great fun and lovely to see the variety of things made/bought with a maximum budget of £3!

Then came the VERY competitive oven mitt and dice game! We  had one present in the midde (wrapped in several layers!) and children had to try to unwrap the present one layer at a time. They only had the time it took the next person to roll a 6 on their dice before they took over the unwrapping. I think it’s very fair to say the classroom soon got very noisy, the children got very competitive and the floor ended up in a complete mess! Well done to Erin (the Christmas birthday girl herself!) for winning the final prize!

We tried to get our last ever selfie with Mr You before creating our very own replacement!

We would like to thank parents and children for their kindness and for their generous Christmas cards and gifts. We wish you all a very happy and holy Christmas and look forward to seeing you all at the Christmas Eve mass.

Farewell Mr Youson and Mrs Senyk!

Today has been a very, very sad – there have been lots of tears as we finally reached the day on which we had to say goodbye to Mr Youson and Mrs Senyk!

We held two very emotional assemblies in which the children sang some beautiful bespoke songs and they were presented with their farewell gifts. We wish them both the very best of luck on their new adventures and hope that one day they will pop back in and say hello! We will miss them both so much. We’re blessed to have had such a good HLTA in Mrs Senyk and Mr Youson has been a true role model and inspiration for so many of our children.

Go well, go safely – may God bless you both.



Carol Concert

Thank you to everyone who joined us this evening for our annual Christmas Carol Concert.

The children read and sang beautifully, really helping us to get us into the festive spirit whilst reminding us of the true meaning of Christmas! We ware so veyr proud of them! Thank you also to Mr Cooke for organising the event; he’s givenup so much of his time to rehearse with the children!


It was so lovely to see so many of you supporting us this evening. Your kind donations at the end were very much appreciated – we raised £175 for our school fund!

Thank you all so much!

Our Christmas Dinner Day!

Lots of children tucked into their Christmas dinners and homemade Santa Claus biscuits today as they enjoyed lunch time together.

Thank you to all the staff who worked so hard to prepare, cook and serve the children their dinners!

Ice Skating

Year 5 and Year 6 had a fabulous time on the ice this afternoon. We were so incredibly impressed with their sheer determination and resilience.

A fun time was had by all – especially the teachers!

We even ‘bumped into’ Ben Hanlin who was practising with Carlotta for this year’s Dancing on Ice! We got some cool tips off him and he earned himself 65 extra supporters ready to cheer them on in the live shows!

#teamben #dancingonice #allsoulsprimarylovesyou

Ice Skating!

Year 5 and 6 are off to Planet Ice at Coventry’s Skydome on Monday 16th December 2019.

Related image

We will be leaving school at 12.15pm (children will have their lunchtime earlier), ready to skate for 1pm. Our session ends at 3.30pm and therefore we are expected back at school at a later time of 4.15pm.

If you wish for your child to be picked up from the ice rink, then please make sure a member of the Year 5 or 6 team is aware of this.

Children must come into school in their school uniform with a warm change of clothes to change into before we leave. They should bring with them a warm coat, gloves and thick socks (or multiple pairs of thin socks).

The cost for this trip is £5.50. Please pay this through SIMS Pay.

We are very excited for this annual tradition and hope you are too!