Year 6

Wow! What a fabulous few days away! We really have had a fantastic time demonstrating the 3 DYM Rs (Responsibility, Respect and Resilience) whilst having a whole lot of fun along the way!

We think Year Six deserve a little extra beauty sleep to catch up from the last few days so we’re keeping registration open tomorrow until 10am. Please feel free to drop children to school anytime between 8.30-10am. If they have brothers and sisters in other year groups, teachers are aware that they may be late in too.  Please do encourage children to come in – we can be tired and sniffly together!

Also, just to remind you that it is non school uniform tomorrow (feel free to wear pyjamas!) and so we ask that children bring in a chocolate item to donate towards the school bazaar!

Thank you 🙂

DYM Group E Update

Another lovely day with group E today.  We went on an unaccompanied walk through the forest this morning and after lunch went to the beach to have a play, paddle and ice cream.  I can’t believe that my holiday will be over tomorrow.

Group A Dol y Moch

Day 3: Rock Scrambling and Kayaking

Dol-y-Moch Group E

I’m having a lovely holiday here in Wales.  The scenery is breathtaking, the weather is fab and it’s such a great environment to relax and forget about all of the stress back in Coventry.

Aside from that, the children in group E have been having a fantastic time creating lifelong memories.  They really have been super company, great entertainment and we really haven’t had to do a lot at all! What fantastic children you have who are very much demonstrating the three values of Plas Dol-y-Moch: Respect, Responsibility and Resilience.

Here are just a few of the many snaps we’ve been taking.


Group A Dol y Moch

Day 2: Climbing a mountain and bush craft!

Group C Dol y Moch

Canoeing on the river!

Group A Dol y Moch

Day 1: Navigation and Beach Exploration

Children In Need

BBC Children in Need

Today we dressed in yellow and wore spots and donated £1 each to show our support for the charity, BBC Children in Need.

We spent time in the morning exactly how this charity helps those children most in need before writing thank you notes which we are going to post to them to show our appreciation.


Year 6 have been busy in maths today describing and plotting positions on a full co-ordinate grid!

Team Hartwell and Team Quinn got very competitive whilst demonstrating how to play the game before the children partnered up and battled it out to sink eachother’s ships!

Our classroom quickly became very noisy as the children triumphed with their victories and cried when they came under attack but it was great to hear so many co-ordinates being shouted across the tables!

3pm: Year 6’s favourite time of the day!

We are absolutely loving our 15 minutes of class reading at the end of every day!

We have just finished our first text – Pig Heart Boy by Malorie Blackman.

Image result for pig heart boy

Ask the children some questions about it:

  • What is the book about? (Don’t give too much away though!)
  • Did you enjoy it and why?
  • Who was your favourite character?
  • What was your favourite part?
  • Would you recommend this book? Who to? Why?
  • What rating would you give it?


After counting up the class votes, we have started our new text – Letters from the Lighthouse by Emma Carroll.

Image result for letters from the lighthouse

Ask the children:

  • Are you enjoying the book so far? Why?
  • Are you looking forward to reading the rest of the book? Why?
  • What do you predict is going to happen next?