Book Fair!



Our Book Fair is beginning this week in the school hall, Wednesday 20th March- Wednesday 27th March.

The times it will be open in the school hall will be as follows:

Wednesday 20th: 3.15-3.45

Thursday 21st:     3.15-3.45

Friday 22nd:         3.15-3.45

Monday 25th:       8.20-8.45 & 3.15-3.45

Tuesday 26th:      3.15-3.45

Wednesday 27th: 8.20-8.45

Please do come along and support this venture. There will be books on sale from £2.99 and each child will receive a £1.00 World Book Day token to put towards the cost. School will receive commission from sales to purchase books fro class libraries.

Many thanks in advance.


Year 6 gathered with their prayer friends and the rest of the school to share a whole school Lenten prayer service. They created their footprint promises to show how they are going to try and follow in Jesus’ footsteps before helping Reception do the same.

British Science Week 2019

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This week is British Science Week.

British Science Week is a ten-day celebration of science, technology, engineering and maths. The theme this year is JOURNEYS.

To celebrate, we have lots of exciting things coming up over the next two weeks, such as creating our own class question and going on a journey to find out the answer to it, creating posters to enter the annual BSA competition, taking part in a whole school quiz and of course a little bit of fancy dress to end it all on Friday 22nd March!

Please keep checking the blog to find out what we get up to!



This week’s spellings are:







These will be tested on Monday 18th March 2019

Tuesday by David Wiesner

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This week we began our new English unit based on this fabulous picture book, Tuesday by David Wiesner. The whole class loved unravelling this humerous story as each picture was revealed. They were then tasked with writing an exciting blurb to persuade readers to delve in to the adevnture too! Here is an example of what they produced:

“In an average town (and on a hardly average Tuesday evening!), a curious event occurs, sending a wave of uncertainty over the otherwise quiet night. Peculiar pests roam the streets, searching for mischief and mayhem. Hovering creatures terrorise the innocent town as more and more people drift off to sleep for the night. Will the morning reveal the creatures’ identities? Or, will the unique mystery of this Tuesday night forever remain a secret? Find out in this silent but gripping story by the incredible David Wiesner.”  By Harry Wicks.


Lorcan, James and Pierce led a beautiul and well-prepared prayer service for Year 6 and Reception today.

They explained clearly to their prayer friends what Lent is all about it, read and explained relevant scripture and included some lovely prayers. They were also given the chance to discuss what they had decided to give up this Lent. Reception listened so well and were able to answer lots of questions after.

Both classes really enjoy this special time they spend together every week.

Wingardium Leviosa!

Today’s Harry Potter session was so much fun! The children loved making their own wands and listening to a chapter from the first book in the series: Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone.

World Book Day in Year 6!

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Year 6 looked fabulous as they entered the classroom this morning dressed as all their favourite book characters!


Salsa Dancing!

Year 6 have been dancing their way through the week after learning all about the origin of Salsa dancing. They practised the basic rhythm before pairing up and showing off their moves.