*Goodbye, thank you and good luck Year 6!*

It was great to see Year 6 gather together for one last time before they part ways and head off on their next adventure to their secondary schools.The ‘garden party’ was a great success with lots of food, fun and laughter! A huge thank you to Mrs Rae for organising and making it happen!

Well done to all of the children who won awards for their contribution to All Souls’ over the years:

I so wish this year had ended differently, with all the usual things Year 6 has to offer but what it did do was show me in a completely different way what amazing individuals you all are. I honestly could not be any more proud you all and I am so excited to see where your futures take you.

Thank you all so much for the cards, kind words and generous gifts; they were all greatly appreciated and cheered me up immensely! Continue being the best versions of yourselves, Year 6 and please do not become strangers.

Mrs H 🙂

Leavers’ Poem

*Year 6 – Home Learning – Week 12*

We started off this week in the best possible way: a virtual shared celebration of the Good Shepherd Mass at St. Chad’s Cathedral with Archbishop Bernard and Dan and Emily from One Life Music.

Here is William and Hannah watching the mass and a thoughtful post-mass reflection from Hannah that completely sums up what a beautiful mass it was to be a part of:



Here is what Molly has been getting up to! Check out her concoction of liquids from her Science experiement:

Video Video_1

Helena has also been busy this week. I love her reflection on what All Souls’ Church means to her:


Niamh has been as busy as ever:

If you fancy having a go at following her origami instuctions to make a heart, read them here!

Here is some of Frank’s work:

Year 6 have also been busy responding to Fr. Paul’s request about explaining what All Souls’ Church means to them. We have received some really lovely responses:




Erin E



*Year 6 – Home Learning – Week 11*

Rebecca has made a lovely start with this week’s tasks, setting very high standards with her superb efforts and beautiful presentation:

Ethan has been practising his origami skills with his beautiful lotus flower, working his way through lots of maths and finding out more about his chosen charity, the RSPCA:

He has also been busy working his way through his transition booklet:

Niamh has also been busy with her maths this week, doing more than what is asked of her, which is great to see:

Here is a selection of Hannah’s work:

And also Molly’s efforts this week:

Here is what Erin E has been up to – lovely to see more of her photogrpahy skills too:

*Year 6 – Home Learning – Week 10!*

WEEK 10!

It’s hard to believe we are now in our 10th week of home learning! The work coming in is still as beautiful and carefully thought through as it was in the beginning. Keep it up, Year 6! 🙂


Hannah has been busy working her way through finding the area of different shapes. She is also trying out her new sewing machine for her RE work about charities – watch this space!

Find out more about her chosen charity here and also find out what she thought of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix here.

Niamh has also been caclulating her way through the area of shapes and practising her handwriting showing off her cursive style and some bubble writing:

She has been working her way through the activities in our transition booklet:

…. and making her very own animal book marks:

She has also completed her charity poster here and film review of Daddy Day Care here!


Rebecca has been practising her origami skills and has made herself a new pet mouse to keep the page in her book:

She loved it so much, she made her very own animal collection (I’m sure you’ll agree they look fab!):

Ethan has enjoyed finding the area of parallelograms and compound shapes. He aslo created his very own bookmarks too:

William has chosen Children’s Cancer and Leukaemia Group as his charity and has already been supporting a Special Named Fund at CCLG called Pass the Smile. He and his brother took to the streets to sell home-made lemonade to raise money in his name. They raised £100! Well done William and Alex!

He has also been working his way through this week’s tasks:

Molly enjoyed a socially distanced meet up with Erin O this week and enjoyed a yummy bbq! She made sure she had all of her work done first though – I’m sure that was the perfect motivation needed:

Here is a selection of Dhilan’s work from the week:



Be the best versions of you!

It was so lovely to see most of your faces this morning and chat about some of the things you are excited and/or nervous about in regards to secondary school. Sorry it was cut short and we didn’t get to say a proper goodbye (40minutes is not long enough to catch up when we’re used to seeing eachother for 30ish hours per week!).

Please remember to send me a picture of your hands and prepare some questions for next week all about transition. I want to make you feel as ready as possible for your next adventure. Please also take the time to send me an email to tell me how you’ve been and what you’ve been up to – it’s lovely to keep in touch.

Please remember to vote for your Pupil of the Year – the votes will be counted soon 🙂

Finally, I leave you with one of my favourite quotes:

Always be the best version of yourself..I am trying everyday to ...


*Year 6 – Home Learning – Week 9*

Year 6 are keeping themselves busy during this drizzly week by working their way through this week’s home learning tasks. Here’s what they’ve been up to:

Ethan has been as busy as ever with his Maths, Reading, Handwriting, Origami and RE – I particularly loved his artwork to celebrate the feast of Corpus Christi:

Rebecca loved the origami so much she did a variety of styles and sizes and even made some notes to go inside them:

She has also really impressed me with her book review of our last class read, ‘Can you see me?’:

Hannah found the origami envelop a challenge but got there in the end:

Here is her fantastic book review of Can you see me?:

After asking for some recommendations of good reads, Isla has been busy on Amazon by the looks of things! Happy reading Isla!

Erin E has been capturing some of God’s natural creations as she has been taking some gorgeous shots of some of her favourite flowers – a future photographer in the making I think!



Year 6 *Pupil of the Year* Award

It has become tradition at All Souls’, that at the end of the year, we celebrate the many talents and achievements the pupils of our school share by presenting awards for class superstars and attainment and progress awards for each subject. This is something we would love to continue this year as it would be very sad to have a year missing on the trophies and it’s just one way that we can have a little bit of normality at this time.

Some of these awards are especially for Year 6 and one of these awards is voted for by you!

This is our ‘Pupil of the Year’ award. Please take the time to think about which child in our class you would like to vote for and why before completing the survey below:


[crowdsignal type=”iframe” survey=”AA7C94BD6FD951E5″ height=”auto” domain=”johartwell6b76970c0c” id=”year-6-pupil-of-year-award”]

*Year 6 – Home Learning – Week 8*

More stunning work has been coming through from Year 6 this week and we even ended it with a Zoom talent show where everyone had the opportunity to share their lockdown talent with us! We had a wonderful display of activities including art, piano playing, drawing, sport, Spanish, French, gymnastics, Irish dancing, timestables practice and photography! What a wonderful end to the week 🙂

Ethan has been busy reflecting shapes and practising his beautiful handwriting:

He also celebrated Pentecost this week by making a birthday card to the Church and creating a teaching poster all about this special feast:

He finished the ending the ‘Francis’ which you can read here

… and researched more information on three of his chosen wars:


Rebecca has been working hard on her creative writing with this fabulously spine-chilling continuation of ‘Francis’:

Hannah has been busy baking, experimenting in Science, practising her handwriting, creating suspense and completing her work on Pentecost:

Here is Roisin’s creative writing

Molly’s work:

And a selection of Niamh’s work this week:


*Year 6 – Home Learning – Week 7*

How are we on our 7th week of home learning? It is lovely to still be receiving so many fab emails showcasing brilliant work! Well done Year 6!

Ethan has been busy graffiti-ing his garden fence panels for this week’s art challenge:

He also thought of a creative way to display his war timeline:

Hannah has been busy working her way through the tasks. I love her explanation of her chosen image for Mary our Mother:

Niamh has also been a busy bee researching the chronology of major wars and organising them into a timeline:

Isla has been busy researching and presenting information about WW2:

…and here is a selection of Erin’s work to show how hard she has been working on perfecting her cursive handwriting:

Dhilan has been trying to make his pennies shinier: