*Year 6 – Home Learning – Week 7*

How are we on our 7th week of home learning? It is lovely to still be receiving so many fab emails showcasing brilliant work! Well done Year 6!

Ethan has been busy graffiti-ing his garden fence panels for this week’s art challenge:

Hannah has been busy working her way through the tasks. I love her explanation of her chosen image for Mary our Mother:

Niamh has also been a busy bee researching the chronology of major wars and organising them into a timeline:

*Year 6 – Home Learning – Week 6*

It’s a strange one for us this week as we should have been showing off all of our hard work by completing our SATs. So our home learning has taken a light twist on the usual SATs to celebrate what would have been and there is also less of it so that children can still enjoy a chill day Friday as they would have had if we were in school.

Here’s what they’re up to this week:


Molly has been busy trying out some of our Science experiments at home:

Niamh clearly wasn’t happy with my score in the SPaG test (I personally think it was a little harsh!). She also got an interesting score of 70.61628 on her Reading test!

Rebecca has been a Scientist testing which sauce cleans coins the best:

Hannah has also had a go at the same experiment although chose some different sauces:

Here is some more of her work (check out that shocking spelling score!):


Liam LJ has been writing about the fruits of the Holy Spirit he believes are ripe within those around him:

He also wrote and read aloud this beautiful Corona Virus poem:



Here are Hannah and Rebecca’s war projects:

Frank has been busy trying out a Science experiment, creating his own image of Heaven and baking (looks delicious!):

I loved reading Isla’s autobiography:

Here is a selection of Ethan’s work:

And some more updates from William:

Reading Resource

A few parents have been asking about reading and additional books. Unfortunately sending more books home isn’t something we are able to do at the moment however there is a comprehensive site called Reading Eggs that you can access from home.


The site is normally charged however they have a 30 day free trial for parents that will hopefully be able to assist with reading at home. All that is required is an email address for access and it will then ask you to set up a profile for your child/children.

Once you have activated your account your child will need to do the placement test (on their profile) this will show the level they need to begin at. For each level there are different activities, lessons and books that the children can read online. There are word recognition activities, reading comprehension and lessons they can complete.

The children work through the level with a map and when they get to the end of the activities and books there is then the chance to move onto the next level.

With the books you can choose between a ‘read to me’ function where the book is read aloud to them or the child reads the book out loud themselves. For those that are just beginning to read or struggle with some vocabulary it may give them a bit of confidence to have the book read to them first and then for them to try it themselves.

It is a good resource to use and as it is free to access for a short while it may be worth setting up an account if you feel your child is not reading enough or could benefit from more reading activities and practise. It is for all ages from 3 up to 13 years.

Year 6 Zoom Call

Year 6’s scheduled Zoom call on Friday 8th May at 11am will be delayed until 11.10am so that we can all take part in the two-minute silence for VE day at home/in school beforehand.

See you all tomorrow!

Mrs H 🙂

*Year 6 – Home Learning – Week 5*

We received a lovely little delivery from Ethan this week as he and his mum have been busy maknig doughnuts! I have it on good authority that they were delicious! I’m looking forward to the next (gluten free) batch! 😉

He has also been busy completing lots of the tasks set this week:

Hannah has also been a busy worker bee and is onto her second home learning book!

I LOVE her Confirmation work on the fruits of the Holy Spirit:

Here is some of her other work too:

Niamh has been as busy as ever:

She even found the time to dye her hair pink:

… and still found time to take part in some Science experiments:

Here is Molly’s fruit tree:

Emily C’s Confirmation work in particular is beautifully written:

Maths is clearly Harry ‘s favourite subject!

Some work from Erin:

Lots of updates from William (making cocktails, buying icecreams and Zooming):

And here is all of Dhilan’s work from last week!




TTRS Battle!

Well done to Year 6 who won this week’s Times Tables Rock Stars Battle against Year 5 with 12,173 points v 8,857 despite Year 5 leading for the first half of the week!

Times Table Rock Stars!

Special well done to Emily C who took 1st place as the highest earner. closely followed by Ayda, Roisin, Liam LJ, Ha-Eun and Alannah. Here are your certificates!

Same again next week!

*Year 6 – Home Learning – Week 4!*

I absolutely loved catching up with most of you on the phone last week – it was great to hear you all enjoyed the Easter holidays with your families!

Now it’s back to home learning and already we have had lots of fab photos emailed in. Keep them coming!

Liam LJ created this stunning timeline to reflect on the events of Holy Week:

He has also been busy making Oreo desserts that look delicious!

Niamh has been busy making new tops, dinner for the family and cracking on with her maths:

Check out her fab poem too:

Harry has started the week with lots of enthusiasm:

Please take the time to read his beautiful poetry:

He has also been making time to go on adventures with his little brother:

I love Roisin’s mnemonics and her poem:

and Isla’s poetry:

Hannah created this beautiful rainbow outside her house (check out her dip-dyed hair too!):

She has also been busy helping Mum and Dad with the cleaning:

And of course working her way through this week’s task (I love the poetry!):

The card she made for her Nan is beautiful too:

Frank sent me a rather cheeky email to let me know that he enjoyed not doing any school work for the Easter holidays but ‘unfortunately’ has been busy with it this week. We know he’s missing us really!

I really loved his pop up card he created for DT. He chose to make a birthday card for Jan and delivered it as part of his daily exercise. I am sure it made Jan’s birthday extra special!


Ethan enjoyed a visit from Mr Cooke and Mrs Quinn this week and also has been busy practising his handwriting using the blurb of our new book – check out his tiger!

Ethan chose to make his pop up card for his mum to thank her for her support with his home learning – how thoughtful and what a beautiful card too!

EK (1)

He has also spent lots of time working on these two stunning poems:

… and working his way through various other tasks:

as well as cleaning the whole house!

William has also been a busy bee working hard as well as dying his hair green, planting vegetables and working out:

Here’s Molly’s work and our weekly update from Bob the boxer too:

Look at her yummy cookies! Loving the Star Baker apron:

Here’s all of Emily’s hard work:

Here’s William’s work (and pictures of him helping with the chores, chilling and his gorgeous cats!):