Well done Year 6!

Year 5 put up a good fight towards the end but Year 6 had been consistent throughout and as a result won this week’s TimesTables RockStars Tournament with 29,082 points v 19,479 points.

Times Tables Rockstars — William Harding School

Well done to everyone who took part especially Liam G in Y6 and Niko in Y5 who were the top scorers for each class!

Let’s see if Year 5 can secure the win next week!

Happy Friday!

Well done Year 6! Your first week of Home Learning is nearly complete and I have to say I am so impressed with the amount of effort gone into the tasks! I hope you’re as proud as I am of your maturity, responsibility and commitment.


Here’s some final pieces for this week:

Hannah has been super busy working her way through the tasks and scoring 5/5 on her spellings, 60/60 on her times tables and 88% on her SPaG test:

I love the Still Life display!

Ethan has been slogging away too:

Great headlines!

Simeon has been doing work that I haven’t even set for him – super dedication:

Harry has also produced lots of great work (with a particularly busy Friday by the looks of things!):

Niamh’s been busy researchign Volcanoes, Still Life and doing her maths and spelling tests:

Liam G‘s Science, Geography, Maths, Spelling and English:

Roisin’s song:


Roisin has also been busy trying to combine two of her favourite things to do: reading and gymnastics.

(completely bonkers as usual!)

Here’s some of her work too – I particularly loved your RE reflection:

She has also achieved 57/60 on her maths challenge, 5/5 on her spelling test and 74% on her SPaG online – super achievements! 🙂

Frank’s newspaper headlines and parable summary:


Isla scored 5/5 on this week’s spelling test (and even made that look pretty!) :

Please do send me in your scores for this and your TT challenges! I hope you’re enjoying reading our class text too! 🙂


Roisin combined two of her favourite things: gymnastics and reading.

Thursday’s efforts…

William’s ‘Volcanoes’ poster:

Simeon’s musical composition:



Gosia’s musical composition:



Hannah has made a ‘Stay Safe’ poster for her window:

Maddy has ditched us at school and instead has been keeping busy at home working her way through the tasks:

Keep it all coming, Year 6! 🙂

Ethan’s busy day…

Ethan had a busy day yesterday: he started with Joe Wicks PE with his dad, then went on to do some times table rockstars before completing his science. In the afternoon, Ethan put his woodwork skills to the test and has made this fabulous bird box in which they are hoping a bird will come to nest.

*Year 6_Day 3*

Liam G and Rebecca’s musical compositions:




Rebecca’s Volcano work:

Frank’s research of the systems in the human body:

He also made his own codebreaker for you to try:

Simeon has been super busy:

Harry has chosen to Maths as his first piece of work (no surprise there!):

Isla has been busy making pizza, her own recipe so that we can make our own and FaceTiming Hannah!


Ethan has been super busy the last couple of days (spot him playing his part in keeping Team Hartwell top of the leaderboard in the battle with Team Rolison!):

He has also been baking – yum!

Harry’s exercise log and prayer during this time of need:

He’s also been busy mixing some tunes:



Roisin has been busy researching volcanoes to help her with her fab teaching poster:


Molly’s exercise log, prayer and maths missing digits work:

I loved the ‘Dear diary’ style exercise log (and the fact you beat your big brother at basketball – well done Molly!)


Frank had been busy researching volcanoes too – he created a clear diagram of the inside of one as part of his research!

Liam G has been a busy again (did I mention he is completely smashing TTRS!)

I also love a good cheese joke so well done Liam for creating your own codebreaker!

Assumpta has been putting her musical talent to good use by creating this masterpiece:


Niamh is steaming ahead practising spellings, researching the different systems in the human body, understanding the meaning behind one of Jesus’ parables and creating some effective headlines (whilst trying out some different fonts!):

Rebecca has been busy making music too:


Emily has been busy emailing me about all that she has been up to – her emails really do make my day! She has also been showing off her amazing work! I particularly love her Volcano research! I also loved a quote from her email: ‘We could hear all the birds singing and the wildlife! We talked about how the world is slowing down and we can hear these special things now and that maybe all this isn’t such a bad thing after all’. She also added that she missed my ‘funny jokes’ – her words not mine 🙂

It was also fantastic to see her make the most out of the beautiful weather by choosing the perfect spot for reading:

Finally, during the temporary closure of ‘Hartwell’s Hairdressers’, Hannah has been forced to practise dutch braiding her own hair:

She did also break it up with some work, completing her reading compehension and Science tasks (albeit whist facetiming Isla! 😉 )


We don’t like to brag but…

Day 1 of the Timestables RockStars and Year 6 are in the lead!

Super well done to ‘Thelonius Lord’ (Liam G!) for his fantastic efforts 🙂

Liam’s been busy today…