You have sunk my battleship!!!

Year 6 finished off their Geometric Reasoning unit today by applying their knowledge of coordinates in a game of ‘Battleships’!

Well done to Harvey who was the first to sink all of his opponent’s ships!

Year 6 ICT/Geography – Worldwide weather reports

Year 6 are learning about the climate in different cities around the world as part of their ‘Fascinating Forecasts’ topic in geography. The class linked their geography work to their ICT work by create weather reports describing the climate of one of their allocated cities. Here they are in action (right click on the name and then click ‘open in new tab’ to play):


Here’s an update from Mrs Jilks and Mrs McCloskey’s group:


What a fantastic final day it has been. Mrs Elkins’ group have been exploring in the slate mine, Mrs Jilks and Mrs McCloskey’s group have been orienteering and exploring on the beach and Mr Marsh’s group have been rock scrambling and kayaking.


It has been another successful day at Dol-Y-Moch. Mrs Jilks and Mrs McCloskey’s group went rock scrambling and kayaking (including the ‘Dol-Y-Moch’ dive). The group has really impressed everyone over the last two days. Here they are in action:



Year 6 have had a fabulous day at Dol-Y-Moch. The whole class have impressed us and the DYM staff with their attitudes and behaviour. They have also impressed some members of the general public with their level of independence and courtesy.

“What a polite bunch of children they are!”

We are currently half way through a tense game of bingo before we head to bed. Looking forward to another action packed day tomorrow. Here they are in action: