Royal Wedding Celebrations

Don`t Year 5 look fab! We are all ready for the Royal Wedding – although we are starting to think our invites must have got lost in the post!

Thank you for all the snacks provided for this afternoon: we can’t wait to tuck into our royal picnic!

Year 5 Maths: reflection

Continuing with our shape topic, we introduced the concept of reflection today by reflecting objects across a line of symmetry (the skipping rope). We were also challenged to pose for the photos in a symmetrical fashion!

More Rugby Fun!

Today, the focus for our Engage rugby values session was enjoyment. We enjoyed both the practical session and the classroom session, where we learnt that if our friends are enjoying a task, then it rubs off on us and makes us enjoy it more too!

Year 5 get arty!

Year 5 had an amazing time at the Herbert Art Gallery! First, we toured the gallery looking for different patterns in the art work. We particularly enjoyed looking at the Pop Art exhibition. Then, we used these patterns as our inspiration to create our own artwork in the printing workshop. The results were very effective!



Good luck Year 5!

Year 5 have entered Aldi and Team GB’s Design a Reusable Bag Competition as part of our quest to reduce the amount of plastic we consume as a society.

The bag had to have a design that promoted eating fresh fruit and vegetables. The prize is a visit from a Team GB athlete, Aldi vouchers for the school and getting the design printed on to a Bag For Life which will be available in Aldi stores.

Some of the designs were amazing! Take a look at them below.

Keep your fingers crossed for us! Hopefully you’ll be seeing one of these designs in Aldi in the future!

Y5 Trip

Your child should have brought a letter home today containing details about our upcoming trip: a printing workshop at the Herbert Art Gallery on Friday 11th May.

The cost of this trip is £3. In order for your child to participate, please give your consent and pay the £3 through Sims Agora at the earliest opportunity. All money should be received no later than Wednesday 9th May. Should you experience any problems with the Sims Agora system, please see the office.

Many thanks.

Year 5 Literacy

Today, Year 5 had a (heated!) debate about whether or not the use of plastic should be banned.

The children were so enthusiastic about the topic and presented their views articulately and with great conviction.

We concluded that banning plastic altogether would be unreasonable as we rely on it so much in our everyday lives but that something does need to be done in order to reduce our plastic consumption and reduce its detrimental effects on out planet. Year 5 want to see more plastic recycling facilities, heftier fines for people caught littering and sea patrols who clear plastic from the oceans. They also suggested that we invest in research into finding an alternative material to plastic that doesn’t harm the environment or the wildlife around us.

Watch out Mrs May – there’s some budding politicians in Year 5 who want to see change!

What a way to start our day!

Well done to all of the members of Dance Club who helped to kick start our Wednesday morning with some fabulous performances. They performed a variety of dance routines with oodles of confidence and huge smiles, really entertaining us all!

Many thanks to Mrs Cooke for all of her hard work and thank you to all friends and family who were able to come along and show the children some support!


Year 5 had another fantastic session from Engage Rugby today. We developed our tag skills outside and then took part in a teamwork lesson back in the classroom where we learnt just how important working together is. We demonstrated this by competing in teams to order the Rugby team formations as quickly as we could. We found that working together in a team produced much better results that working individually!

Below are some pictures of us in action playing Tag. These pictures are from last week’s session; it was definitely not this sunny today!