Twisting Tinfoil and Wire Work

Over the past two weeks Year 5 have taken the next steps towards our eventual 3D sculptures.

Initially our first material was tinfoil. Children laid out their pattern to create a stick figure and worked to create a life-like pose.


In this week we focused on bends, twists and loops using wire as the base of our mini-sculptures.


The children were extremely creative after completing their first designs and many showed great persistence using small, fiddly pieces of wire.


Anti-Bullying Week – Odd Socks Day!

Anti-Bullying Week – Odd Socks Day – Tuesday 12th November

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This week is Anti-Bullying Week. As a whole school we will be exploring this from many different perspectives. One of these is that we must respect the fact we are all different. To celebrate this, we are joining in Odd Socks Day and inviting children to come to school in odd socks on Tuesday 12th November. 

We encourage children to get creative and remember the brighter, the better! They can
be worn over trousers, one long, one short, however you please!

The important thing is that the children think about the fact it is ok to be different and that we should treat each other kindly.

Remembrance Day

We joined together today to commemorate Remembrance Day.

To mark the day World War One ended, at 11am on the 11th day of the 11th month, in 1918, we shared in prayer before holding a two minute silence  to remember those who have died in wars.

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Thank you to the children in Year Six who led us in prayer beautifully and reverently.

Spiderman: Into the Spiderverse!

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Year 6 and Year 5 had the best morning watching ‘Spiderman: Into the Spiderverse’ at the cinema this morning, as part of the Into Film Festival. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the movie and the experience (espeically the teachers!).

It was a great way to start the day – we just wish we could do it every day!

As always, thank you to the children for representing the school so beautifully – they truly are a credit!


Y5 and 6 Cinema Trip



  • Children to arrive in school promptly as we will be departing All Souls’ at 8.50am to walk to the Skydome
  • Wear full school uniform (including jumpers) and have a warm waterproof coat on – it will most probably be raining at some point!
  • Please wear appropriate footwear (we do not want soggy feet!)
  • 1 x snack (individual sized) and 1 x drink (no cans please)
  • Children will be back in school for lunch time
  • GET EXCITED!Image result for spider man into the spider verse

The Feast of All Souls

To celebrate our school’s special feast day, The Feast of All Souls, we gathered together in the hall to share in a whole school prayer service.

Year 6 led us into prayer beautifully, asking us to remember the souls of our loved ones who have passed. Although it is sad when people die, we remember that they are now at peace with God.

Each class took it in turns to offer forth an envelope filled with their prayers for their loved ones as each class teacher lit a candle to symbolise our prayer intentions.

It was such a lovely way to share in this special feast day!

An afternoon of History

Year 5 have worked as historical detectives this afternoon.

After studying a range of photos to become more familiar with the Victorian era, we worked to place the reign of Queen Victoria into a kitchen roll timeline.

We used a collection of key events in Coventry to understand when Victorian life falls into the history of Britain.

Ask your children if they can tell you the reign length of Britain’s longest serving monarch.

Plant Dissections

To discover just how plants reproduce, Year 5 set about taking a whole bouquet of roses to pieces today.


By acting as observational scientists, we broke down each flower into its male and female parts to discuss how pollen is transferred from one flower to another.






Visiting the Rain(y) Forest

Today, Year 5 enjoyed a trip out to the Birmingham Botanical Gardens.

On arrival in the morning we were quickly introduced to a variety of animals living in the rainforest across the world. We learnt about materials harvested and used in the rainforest and reflected on why the rainforest is such a vital ecosystem for humans.

We then had the opportunity to handle some exotic animals which can be found in tropical rainforest areas. Some of us were a little scared but brave volunteers handled stick insects, corn snakes and bearded dragons.


After a much-needed lunch, we set out on an expedition through many different climates contained within the glass greenhouses. Here we found an amazing range of plants suited to the many climates found on our planet.











  Moving through the afternoon, we explored an adventure playground area and many different plants suited to the rainy English weather.







Well done on brilliant discussion and behaviour throughout the day Year 5!


Related imageThe whole school joined together in the hall this afternoon to share in  ‘A Time of Prayer’ live streamed with Archbishop Bernard Longley.

We prayed the Joyful Mysteries of the Rosary using a Mission Rosary, and also marked the Feast Day of Blessed John Henry Newman.

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