To complete our learning this week, Year 4 have come together to highlight the dangers of the internet and offer some advice!

Even though Internet Safety has been our week’s focus, we have all promised to continue to keep spreading the word and work together to make the online world a safer place!


What makes a good online friend? #SID2018

Year 4 have been exploring what makes a good friend, both online and offline.

To help us, we considered what type of person Jesus would want as a disciple and why before deciding that these qualities would make a good friend.

We agreed that we should act no different online than we do offline.

We then created WANTED posters for these friends although soon realised that we already have lots of these people all around us, especially in our classroom.


Thank you Year 5

Thank you to Lola, Harry and Laura from Year 5 who came downstairs to help teach Year 4 about the symbols of Baptism and their meaning with a fabulous and informative PowerPoint that they had prepared.

Year 4 are learning about Baptism as part of their RE unit on on Jesus: Beloved Son and Light of the World.

I have invited children to bring in a photo of their baptism that might include any of these symbols to compare and discuss.

Year 4 are being SMART! #SID2018

Today, as part of Internet Safety Day 2018, we learnt what it means to be SMART when it comes to the internet.

Image result for smart internet safety 2018

To remind us of these all important rules to keep us safer on the internet we designed and created our very own bookmarks!

Well done Year 4. Keep being SMART!

Year 4 are spreading the message #SID2018

To kick start Internet Safety Week, Year 4 considered the positives and negatives of the internet.

They then combined their ukulele, singing and song writing skills to spread the word!

Let’s talk fractions and decimals…

Year 4 amazed me with their group work today as they debated, reasoned, and calculated! They used lots of mathematical vocabulary and applied all of their learning from the past couple of weeks to earn as many points as possible for their team. Well done Year 4!

Thank you Year 4!

Year 5 would like to thank their friends in Year 4 who delivered beautiful prayer services to us.

The prayer services focused on the importance of love and being kind and helped us to reflect on how we can become better disciples of Jesus in our everyday lives.


Does gas weigh anything …?

Year 4 began their unit of ‘States of Matter‘ in Science this half term. We have been exploring the properties of liquids, solids and gas by acting like their particles in groups.

Can you guess which is which?

We then sorted images of a variety of materials based on this:

Their curious minds were buzzing with questions…

The big question this week was …

Does gas weigh anything?

This got us all debating so, we did what we do best and set out to find out the answer (which of course involved some very Scientific singing and dance moves too!)


We made our predictions, and also predicted which drink we thought was the fizziest.

We weighed three bottles of pop (Coke, diet lemonade and sparkling water) before shaking them as much as could to get those particles moving. We then had the tense moment of trying to open the lid enough to let the carbon dioxide escape without letting any liquid spill out! After repeating this several times, and having lots of giggles along the way, we weighed them again…

Place your predictions and then ask them what they found out!

Solid, liquid or gas?

Year 4 became different states of matter today. After learning about their properties, they showed us what they’re made of! Can you guess which group are solid, liquid and gas?

Save Water!

Thank you to Severn Trent Water who came into school to deliver a fabulous thought-provoking assembly this morning for us! We learnt all about the importance of water, considered how much we waste and were inspired with ways in which we could save water.

We have all made promises to save water in our own homes so please join us in using water more wisely!