Warner Brother Studios

We had a fabulous time at Warner Brothers’ Studios last week- we needed the weekend to recover from the long day! Everyone was full of excitement during the day and all children were a credit to our school and families. Here we are before we entered the studios- full of wonder! Year 4 & 5 children all took home their personal photgraph of them flying at Hogwarts (thank you to Mrs Rae for taking them to be printed). A huge thank you to all staff who accompanied us and ensured it was a great day!


Harry Potter trip!

Our trip to Warner Brothers’ Studios is on Thursday and we are all very excited! A few last minute pointers:

All children are to wear their school tracksuit. A packed lunch is required for lunch time along with a drink. Children will be having their evening meal at the studios (please ensure that you have paid for this on Sims Agora). Maximum spending money on the day is £10, if you have pre-ordered a gift for more than this, that is fine (please ensure that gifts have been paid for on Sims Agora before the day).

We are expected back at 8.45pm- we will update the school website and Twitter account as we return. Please check on there for any changes to our arrival time.

Please read again the letter with all of the information about the trip for a recap- it’s attached below.

*If you know that your child suffers from travel sickness, please provide travel sickness tablets for the coach trip to and from Warner Brother Studios*

We are hoping that this will be a memorable experience for our children to finish off the hard work they have put in on Harry Potter.

Many thanks for your support.


Mrs McDevitt & Mr Rolison.



Year 4 – Swimming!


A reminder that Year 4 will begin their swimming lessons tomorrow. All children will need to bring in their swimming kit and towel. Please remove any jewellery before school.

We are looking forward to seeing everyone tomorrow!

Last week of term!

Year 4 have enjoyed an eventful couple of days to end the term! Yesterday, we had ‘No Rules Day’ for the morning- everybody had to stay safe and have fun. Everbody enjoyed spending time in different classrooms and various locations around school, and lots of popcorn and squash was had!

A frantic clean up of the whole school took 12 minutes. This was followed by a debate where Year 4 decided that having no rules was the best idea- it was not a unanimous decision!

Today was spent watching movies, drinking hot chocolate, dancing, singing and playing games!Thank you all for your presents, cards and kind wishes. We wish you all a happy and peaceful Christmas; enjoy the holidays together.

Merry Christmas from Mrs McDevitt & Miss Piercy x

Advent Prayer Service

Year 4 led an Advent prayer service this week for the children in Year 2. The children thought about all of the things that bring joy to their lives and offered these up in prayer. Well done to both classes who were beautifully reverent during the afternoon service.

No Rules Day

In order to carry out a true debate, Years 3, 4 and 5 took part in a No Rules Day this week to see what life is like without any rules.

Children were free to explore classrooms as they pleased and were responsible for solving their own questions and problems.

Once 9 o’clock was reached, children surged across the school to decide their own timetable for the day.

After the morning of No Rules, the afternoon began with dealing with the consequences of freedom – clean up. The children worked extremely well to have the whole school back and tidy within 15 minutes.


In the afternoon, KS2 began their debate as to whether school rules should be kept. Both For  and Against

were determined their side would be victorious!

In Year 5, we fiercely debated and defended our points of view before coming to an overall consensus that a relaxed ‘no rules’ or ‘fewer rules’ day would be welcome around once a term.



Well done to the children for staying safe and responsible through the day and for tidying up in such an efficient manner.

Last day celebrations in Year 4…

On Friday, to celebrate the last day of term, we are having a relaxing movie day in Year 4. Children are invited to come to school in their PJs or onsie (or slouch clothing). We will be having hot chocolate and marshmallows whilst watching our movie. To prepare for our upcoming trip to Harry Potter studios, we have chosen the movie, Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (rated PG). The common sense movie website rates this film as 8+, which is correct for our year group. If you don’t want your child to take part, please let me know and I will make other arrangements for them.

During the afternoon, children are welcome to bring in their own games to play (these will be their own responsibility) with each other. There will also be colouring materials available for them and some of our class games.

We hope that it will be a fun, relaxing day to finish off the term after all of their hard work this term.

Mrs McDevitt & Miss Piercy

A busy start to December…


In Science, we have been busy learning how sounds are made and how our brains receive these messages. We have had some loud and quiet lessons investigating this!


To begin our preparations for Advent, we created some art work for our prayer area. We learnt about the meaning of Advent and how, during this season, we need to get ready for birth of Jesus at home, at school and in our hearts.


In Maths, we have been investigating lines of symmetry. We found this tricky but got there in the end! We will practise more of this throughout the year.


We are now busy preparing for our assembly on December 17th- all fo the children have taken home their lines to learn, and hymns to practise. We hope to see you all there.



All Souls’ Christmas Bazaar!

This Saturday is our annual Christmas Bazaar and we can’t wait to see you all there!

Image result for christmas bazaar

There will be lots of different stalls, cake and tea, a performance from our wonderful choir, a secret room for present purchasing, a very special visit from a very special man and lots more for you to enjoy!

As always, we thank you for your kind donations and encourage them to keep on coming. We are in particular need of chocolate (bars/tubs/etc) and any other little bits and bobs for the tombola or raffle prizes.

We would also like to remind you that this Friday is ‘Bring a bottle’ into school day where we ask the children to bring in a bottle in exhange for wearing non-uniform for the day! These donations do really make a difference and make our bazaar the success it usually is.

Many thanks 🙂