Some work from Year 3!

Looks like Year 3 (and their siblings and cousins!) have been busy bees again today!

Phoebe and Grace have been planting and watering in their garden and Layla, Ross, Harry and Joseph have been busy in the allotments (as well as keeping fit by running sprints!) Moses has been working hard on his spellings and times tables and has researched The Rocky Mountains for geography!

Well done all and keep it up!

Patrick’s Second Week of Home Learning

Patrick has made an excellent start to the second week of Home Learning. He has written a detailed description as to how we hear sound, as well as writing a lovely prayer asking God for forgiveness. He has been busy answering mathematics calculations and practising spellings. Well done, Patrick!

Guess the song!

Year 6 have been set the challenge to recreate their favourite song using Chrome Music Lab. Take a listen and comment on this post with your guesses.

Our first entry is from Gosia:

I think this sounds so similar to the real song!

*Year 6’s second week home learning*

Isla has started her week of home learning off with her Confirmation RE tasks. She has written out this beautiful piece of scripture from the Book of Isaiah in preparation for work around the seven gifts of the Holy Spirit. She has also made a beautiful stained glass window representing the Holy Spirit.

Niamh‘s brain must be exhausted after her mathematical day:

Assumpta has even found time to bake a cake with her siblings! Yummy!

Liam LJ has also started off with his Confirmation task, learning about the 6 gifts of the HS and decorating his stained glass window:

Despite finding them tricky to begin with, Hannah has persevered and completed this week’s maths challenge amongst many other tasks. She even found time for some baking with William (his chocolate cookie recipe!) via FaceTime!

Niamh has been back on it today mainly with some English and Science!

Emily must be all calculated out after today’s maths marathon:

She’s also been busy introducing her mum to Just Dance, learning how to dutch braid (missing Hartwell’s Hairdressers), walking11000 steps, making dens and sleeping in them and baking (not that she saved me any!)! Busy bee!

A Busy Tuesday for Ffion

Ffion has been busy this morning completing maths work, practising her formation of certain letters and answering reading comprehension questions. This afternoon, she has been baking cookies. They look delicious, Ffion!


A Spring Inspired Building

Well done to Emily in Year One who has worked hard on her building construction and has created a Spring-inspired Big Ben. I personally think it would make London a much brighter space with this version.
Well done Emily!

Working Weekends

Evie in Year One has worked over the weekend to create her building. Evie chose the Arc de Triomphe and has done a great job! Fantastic work Evie! Chef, author and architect… Your list of talents keeps growing.

Millie has not stopped!

Millie in Year One has worked exceptionally hard in her home learning and has gone above and beyond. Continue to shine Millie!

I think many children and maybe some parents gave pulled this face too Millie. You’re doing a great job 🙂 Very proud!

Story Time

Peach continued to work hard at the weekend to finish writing her story “The Adventure That Didn’t Happen”. Well done, Peach! I thoroughly enjoyed reading your story.