Year One Home Learning – Weeks 10 and 11

Thank you to all the parents who continue to send work in showing all that their children have been up to. It is wonderful to see so many of them still working hard, despite the motivation wearing a little thin at the moment.

Alannah has been busy working on her artistic skills. Throughout the year Alannah showed her art skills and creativity in lessons but her time at home as meant she can work on these even further and I think you’ll agree they are absolutely incredible. Alannah is attending online sessions with the National Art Gallery and creates beautiful pieces of artwork based around a specific theme of the week. It is wonderful to see Alannah using her God given talents and I cannot wait to see her new masterpieces over the next few weeks. Well done Alannah!

A few weeks ago the children were tasked with creating a habitat in their garden or local space for a hedgehog. After many weeks of patiently waiting Evie’s special hedgehog hotel got a visitor. A big hedgehog came to rest his head for a little while and Evie very kindly bought him some food to munch on whilst he rested. Evie also had fun creating a lava lamp. The Year One children are now working on their ‘working scientifically’ skills for the next few weeks and have been tasked with performing some experiments of their own at home. Evie chose the lava lamp experiment and it turned out to be very successful. Well done Evie!

George has been as busy as ever! He worked on his maths and conquered the tricky topic of time. He also took his art materials out with him on a walk and created a lovely summer tree piece of artwork. He also spent time writing his own traditional style tale about a troll ad a fairy, with beautiful cursive writing and some great choices of vocabulary! George has continued to practise his cursive writing and phonics which has meant the work he is producing is presented beautifully and spelt correctly. Well done George!

The week wouldn’t be complete without an update from Grace. Once again Grace has worked incredibly hard at home completing maths, English, science, RE… You name it, Grace has given it a go. Grace continues to work hard on her cursive handwriting and is always searching for more challenges to be had. For our cityscapes focus, Grace chose a local landmark the Whittle Arches and had a brilliant go at sketching them from a photograph. Well done Grace! Another great week!

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