*Year One* Home Learning – W/B 18th May 2020

Another week of fantastic learning from Year One. I am so proud of all you have achieved and really enjoy reading your emails and looking at your photos.

George has had another busy week. He has been working on his RE, Design Technology, geography, reading comprehension and continuing his fantastic building of Lego. I loved his prayer and his fantastic story below! Please have a read. Well done George!

Phoebe has had another busy week and has worked really hard on the tricky concept of time. Phoebe sped through the work after it ‘clicked’ and is looking forward to receiving her own clock! Phoebe has also been working hard on her writing and has written some promises that she is going to try and keep after reading the story of Jesus promising his disciples that the Holy Spirit would come to them.

We also send huge birthday wishes to Phoebe who celebrated her birthday earlier in the week! Hope you had a wonderful day!
Well done Phoebe!

It was lovely to receive an email from Tai this week showing how well he has been getting on with the concept of time. He enjoyed watching the videos and has flown through his maths work. He also wrote me a letter as his writing task this week and it is lovely to see how well he is getting on with his handwriting. In his letter he said he is missing his friends at school and asked if I was missing them too. I really am missing you all Tai and hope to see you all soon! In his letter he also explains that he is making an Optimus Prime suit that transforms into a car! Once again, showing his fantastic imagination and creativity. Keep it up Tai!

Veronica sent in more of her maths work. She continues to work hard in maths and has answered some quite tricky word problems for measurement using her own strategies for addition, including column addition. She has also had a go at reading some scales for measuring volume and mass, despite the computer moving all the boxes around! Well done Veronica!

Another week of hard work for Grace. She has focused particularly on maths and has challenged herself to complete some of the more tricky elements of time such as word problems and working out hours less, hours more and reading the time to o’clock and half past. Having learnt about the promise Jesus made and Pentecost in RE, Grace wrote an invitation for a Pentecost party! I’d love to join especially as there promises to be singing and dancing! I also loved seeing Grace’s fruity art! She made a fantastic owl using many different fruits. Fantastic! Well done!

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