*Year 6 – Home Learning – Week 7*

How are we on our 7th week of home learning? It is lovely to still be receiving so many fab emails showcasing brilliant work! Well done Year 6!

Ethan has been busy graffiti-ing his garden fence panels for this week’s art challenge:

He also thought of a creative way to display his war timeline:

Hannah has been busy working her way through the tasks. I love her explanation of her chosen image for Mary our Mother:

Niamh has also been a busy bee researching the chronology of major wars and organising them into a timeline:

Isla has been busy researching and presenting information about WW2:

…and here is a selection of Erin’s work to show how hard she has been working on perfecting her cursive handwriting:

Dhilan has been trying to make his pennies shinier:

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