Year 6

Wow! What a fabulous few days away! We really have had a fantastic time demonstrating the 3 DYM Rs (Responsibility, Respect and Resilience) whilst having a whole lot of fun along the way!

We think Year Six deserve a little extra beauty sleep to catch up from the last few days so we’re keeping registration open tomorrow until 10am. Please feel free to drop children to school anytime between 8.30-10am. If they have brothers and sisters in other year groups, teachers are aware that they may be late in too.  Please do encourage children to come in – we can be tired and sniffly together!

Also, just to remind you that it is non school uniform tomorrow (feel free to wear pyjamas!) and so we ask that children bring in a chocolate item to donate towards the school bazaar!

Thank you 🙂

  1. Charlie COOMBES

    I really enjoyed this experience and making friends from SJV it was so much fun thank you I didn’t want to stop doing activity’s

  2. Roisin GREGORY

    I love this trip and being in Mrs Hartwells group is was time for memories to be made and friendships to be made I really liked being with SJV and really love kiaking and the Dol-y Moch dive.

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