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Letters are being sent home today outlining the Sex and Relationships Education programme which will be being delivered to Y6 children during the week commencing Monday 20th May.  To date, the children have explored respect of self and of others and friendships through our R-time programme. This section deals with other areas such as anatomy, personal hygiene and ‘how a baby is made’.

Parents will have the opportunity to view clips from the DVD used with the children 3.30 – 4.30pm Monday 20th May and also gain an understanding of the topics covered.

Throughout the week, the boys and girls will watch the video together and complete some follow up work.  On Friday 24th May at 2pm, the boys and girls will work separately.  Boys will work with Mr Cooke to gain a better understanding of menstruation and have the opportunity to ask some questions. Girls will take a closer look at menstruation, products available, how they work, hygiene etc.  A female relative of the girls is invited to join this session. Please do not worry if you cannot join the girls as usually enough adults are able to attend the session and we split the girls up into small groups.

Please complete the reply slip attached to the letter indicating if you are able to attend the meeting or (for girls) the workshop session.

Kind regards,

Mrs Hartwell

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