WOW! What a day!

Year Four showed of their skills of teamwork, bravery and resilience today as they took on Rock UK. They were brilliantly behaved and represented the school well but more than this they were courageous and persistent when things got difficult.

They started off the morning with open canoeing down a natural river, the strong winds and constant rain didn’t make it easy but the children kept trying and worked together to get their boats moving as well as playing games which at one point included jumping inside the canoe but managed to stay afloat. It was in a simple game of boat-ball where anarchy descended and with two boats capsized, nine sodden children and a pair of wellies at the bottom of the river it was time to call it quits and head in to warm ourselves up and feed some very hungry children.

The afternoon came with a change of plan. The high winds and now heavy rain meant we could not use the outdoor climbing wall. However the children still took to dizzying heights as they took on the indoor walls with increasing difficulty. The children all harnessed up and got stuck in, they kept going and even when at times they missed a ledge or couldn’t reach, the sheer volume of their friends coaching them and cheering them on, saw them all succeed.

It was an absolute pleasure to be with the children today, their teamwork, resilience and support of one another really stood out, with the staff commenting on how well they worked as a team. Every single child gave it a go and even though at times they were scared they persevered. No wallflowers here. Well done Year Four – A wonderful day!

  1. Maggie Gallen

    Thank you very much Miss Corkerry – Dan loved it and had a wonderful Day!!

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