World Cup Dream Team

The FIFA World Cup 2018 football tournament gets underway next Thursday and to help us and the children get into the spirit of the competition we have decided to create a dreamteam league. This is where you are given 50 million pounds (virtual unfortunately) to spend on 11 players from the World Cup. These 11 players then score you points throughout the competition, these points are then added together to give you place in our league with the winner of the competition receiving a prize.

We are running the league through The Sun Dreamteam. The easiest way to set this up is through their app (available on both IOS and Android) but can also be completed on From here you will need to choose your 11 players, pick a clean team name and enter an email address in order to register. If your child is taking part you will need to fill the next part in as you as a parent is required to authorize their participation.

Android App Link

IOS Link

You now need to enter one of our mini leagues, enter the correct pin below in the section that says join league. That’s it you have now joined the All Souls Dreamteam League.


Adult League Pin : WCWU3XTF

Children’s League Pin:  WCDVXXT7


It will cost £5 per team for the Adult League and £2.50 per team for the children’s league to take part and you have until Thursday 14th June in order to create your team and enter the league. The prize for the Adult League will be a cash prize and will be dependent upon the number of entries. The Children’s League will be a prize that will also be determined by the number of entries – last time it was a full England Kit and a Galaxy Tablet.

If you would like to enter please complete your team, join our league, fill in the form found on the letter here and return it to school with the correct money. Please feel free to get all family and friends to join in, a copy of this letter will be placed on our website if you require further copies.

Thanks, and good luck.

Mr R Youson