Weekly Superstars

It’s been a great first week back – with many, many positive comments from all teachers about the behaviour and attitudes of the children.  Well done to all of the children who were awarded class Superstars of the week.  I suspect that if they could, the teachers would have given out many more!

Year 1

Jack K – for excellent behaviour

Eden M – for being very helpful and encouraging others

Year 2

Riley – showing excellent effort in his written work

Tessa – for taking great care with blending and mixing colours in art work

Year 3

Ha Eun – for having a fantastic attitude to learning and making a brilliant start to Year 3

Aden – for being a fantastic role model and showing how to behave in KS2

Year 4

Liam G & Ethan – for being shining examples to the rest of Year 4 and trying their very best in all that they have done

Year 5

The whole class! – Well done everyone for such a positive start to the new year.  They have all been stars! Keep it up!

Year 6

Jason & Sophie – for making a great start to Year 6 by setting a super example for the rest of the class and school

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