We are Year 3

What can I say!

It has been an absolute pleasure meeting and getting to know you, Year 3. We have had so much fun the last few days and I cannot wait for the rest of the year. We have been doing lots of fun activities to help with our communication, teamwork and problem-solving skills. They have settled back into school life quickly and sensibly. They should be extremely proud of themselves.

Here are just a few activities we did this week:

We have made towers in our new pairs, out of marshmallows and spaghetti. We learnt how to share our ideas effectively and that everyone has different ideas. All the towers looked different. We talked about the importance in being individual and respecting everyone’s ideas and opinions.

We made comic scripts about having a growth mind-set and never giving up. In year 3, we CAN! It has been amazing to see the ‘can do’ attitude from all the children during all the activities.

We did the egg challenge, which consisted of making an egg survive a 9- foot drop. The children had to use their communication, teamwork and problem solving skills, we had learnt earlier in the week to create something that would allow the egg to drop without being smashed.

It was lovely to see the difference in how they communicated at the start and end of the week. Everyone felt comfortable to share their idea and have a go. There was lots of experimenting before committing to how they were going to make sure the egg was safe. Only 4 eggs smashed in the classroom before they were tested.

Then we tested their creations to see if they worked. It is safe to say, some worked better than others. We spoke about the success and what went wrong. We spoke about how we could improve and what we would do differently next time. Learning from our mistakes is the most important part of learning.

We went back to the Stone Age and learnt why they needed to build fires and the importance for them to do so. We talked about the differences between heating, cooking and light now and then. What we use to light fires and what they used? We spoke about the risks and how we can keep ourselves and others safes. Then we went into the forest school area and lit small fires with a steel flint. We know in the Stone Age they used pieces of flint stones banged together to create a spark but Miss Hayden didn’t have all week.

My favourite picture:
The amazement in their faces that one of their friends managed to light their fire.

I hope they have enjoyed their first week in year 3, as much as we have. We are very lucky to have them all in our class. Keep up your amazing hard work.

We are YEAR 3, we are one TEAM and we CAN!

Welcome to Year 3,

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to email me:

Stay Safe,
Miss Hayden and Miss McGaffney

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