We are ‘sorted’!

We have had a lovely start to the Autumn 2. This week we have begun our new English unit, Harry Potter & the Philosopher’s Stone. First thing Monday morning, we were ‘sorted’ into house by the Sorting Hat. We found out which house we belong to: are we brave like Gryffindor, loyal like Hufflepuff, cunning like Slytherin, or wise like Ravenclaw? All of these attributes are worthy when used correctly. Want to find out which house you belong to? Watch this space for our descriptions of Diagon Alley. Many of the children have expressed an interest in bringing in their own Harry Potter book, which is fine, but please don’t read ahead of where we have got to!


During maths, we have been using our equipment to help us to understand column addition including exchanges. Using the place value counters and dienes equipment, we have been able to visually see what happens when we have to exchange across a tens or hundreds boundary, before moving to the abstract format.

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