Year 6 were fortunate enough to receive a visit from Deacon Owen today to talk to them about vocations.

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The afternoon began with Year 6 showing off all they already knew about vocations before Deacon Owen helped to fill in some blanks and take their understanding to a deeper level.

We discussed the roles of sisters, deacons and priests before meeting Sister Erin, Deacon Charlie and Father William to learn the difference between these vocations.

Deacon Owen was so impressed – as was I – with not only the children’s thoughtful and reflective responses to questioning but also the maturity of the questions they were asking.

We learnt that the talents and gifts that God gave us will help us to decide which way God is calling us to serve Him.

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  1. Niamh BRENNAN

    I would like to thank Deacon Owen for coming to visit us and Mrs Hartwell for organising it. I really enjoyed it and I liked the activity that we did. Thank you Deacon Owen and Mrs Hartwell.

  2. Roisin GREGORY

    Thank you deacon Owen for coming to teach us about our vocations and thank you Mrs Hartwell for organizing this.

  3. Yes I agree! Thank you for the lovely service you did. Deacon Wwen and thank you Mrs Hartwell for organising this

  4. I loved this activity! Deacon Owen was really nice and taught me a lot about Deacons,priests and much more!

  5. Assumpta RABVUKWA

    Same. I think Deacon Owen taught us a lot and helped us to understand the meaning of vocations better. I also think we each learned something new about vocations so thank you Deacon Owen, you were great at teaching us

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