Tuesday by David Wiesner

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This week we began our new English unit based on this fabulous picture book, Tuesday by David Wiesner. The whole class loved unravelling this humerous story as each picture was revealed. They were then tasked with writing an exciting blurb to persuade readers to delve in to the adevnture too! Here is an example of what they produced:

“In an average town (and on a hardly average Tuesday evening!), a curious event occurs, sending a wave of uncertainty over the otherwise quiet night. Peculiar pests roam the streets, searching for mischief and mayhem. Hovering creatures terrorise the innocent town as more and more people drift off to sleep for the night. Will the morning reveal the creatures’ identities? Or, will the unique mystery of this Tuesday night forever remain a secret? Find out in this silent but gripping story by the incredible David Wiesner.”  By Harry Wicks.

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