Transition Day

Year 5 have really enjoyed exploring what it is going to be like to be a member of the Year 6 classroom. Here are some of their fabulous pixel pictures and biographical poems that will look great on display!


We began the day with some handwriting to get ready to hopefully earn some more pen licences before competing in a Spelling Bee competition. Congratulations to Bethlehem who won some sweeties for their excellent efforts!

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In Engish, the children were set the task of writing a piece of persuasive writing to persuade me, Miss Quinn and Mrs McCloskey to let them be a part of Year 6 next year. After reading them all, we have decided to give them the chance to keep to their (very!) persuasive promises and allow them to enter Year 6 in September!

In teams of three, children then had to work against the clock to solve some mathematical problems, focusing on using the inverse operations. Each problem gave them a digit to the four-digit-code they needed to unlock their padlock. Once they had calculated their four digits, they then had to work together to try and find all possible combinations to hopefully unlock the box! Some children managed this a lot soon than others but they all managed to free their hidden treasure eventually!

In the afternoon, they became scientists! Their task was to use a range of equipment that they had been given to carry out an investigation based around a question of their choice. They all had lots of fun doing it – ask them what they found out!

Finally, we ended the day by revealing our first class reader. After listening to the first couple of pages of each book, the class then voted for their favourite before revealing the winning book and delving in!

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We are all really looking forward to welcoming everyone back in September!


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