Spaceports, satellites and services

This is A’Mhoine.

It doesn’t look like much now, but Year 5 will be able to tell you that this piece of Scottish highland will become the UK’s first spaceport sometime in the 2020’s. We’ve looked into the benefits and problems that could be caused by this project and made our own decisions on if we would allow it (if we were in charge!).

This week we’ve also looked into how reports are structured and made our own research into satellite technology and existing satellites orbiting Earth. We’re going to add to this knowledge bank with a visit next Friday to the NEC IMAX to watch A Beautiful Planet, more details to follow. The trip is free but we just ask children to do their best to be in school ready by 8.30 on Friday to set off on time.


Thank you very much to the Year 5 readers who read beautifully, the altar servers for their hard work and those who shared our bidding prayers.

Welcome back  and have a restful weekend,

Mr Rolison

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