Silence & Chips

Thank you to all the children, families and sponsors who came along to our annual ‘Silence and Chips’ event. It was great to see so many of you there sharing in such a special occasion.

At Benediction, the blessing is given in a very special way.  Instead of the priest blessing the people with his or her hands, we are blessed by the ‘Real Presence’ of Jesus Christ in the Host consecrated at the Eucharist.  This blessing reminds us of Jesus’ presence among us in the breaking of the bread.  It is a sign that He is powerfully present with us, sacramentally in the Eucharistic elements ‘until the end of the age’ (Matthew: 28: 20). While we continue our earthly pilgrimage we need these signs – sacraments – of Christ’s presence to sustain us until the day when Christ will come in glory and we shall see him with unveiled faces – the day that all sacraments will cease.

    • Isla FARRELLY

      Same! Thank you so much to Mrs Hartwell, Mrs Quinn, Father Paul, Barbra and many more! xx

  1. Niamh BRENNAN

    That was such fun I really enjoyed the fish and chips. It was such fun seeing my friends outside of school. I really enjoyed seeing Father Paul

  2. Molly THWAITES

    I loved it! It was so much fun and I don’t get much time with my dad but my dad came with me and it was kinda nice reflecting on myself and what I have done in my past.

  3. Hannah O'MALLEY

    I really enjoyed the ‘silence and chips’ event because there isn’t many opportunities in our busy lives to stop and collect our thoughts with God. Our new priest Fr. Paul is extremely supportive in our sacramental preparations and is guiding us already. I think we are all incredibly excited for our Confirmation as it is our choice to confirm our faith and live a life of committed love for God.

    I would also like to say thank you to Mrs Quinn, Mrs Hartwell, Fr. Paul, Deacon Paul and Mrs McGowan for all their kindness and support.

  4. Mrs J Hartwell

    These are such lovely comments, Year 6. I am glad you enjoyed this special occasion together and thank you for taking the time to share your thoughtful words.

  5. Rebecca CHATLAND

    It was a great service, thank you Mrs Quinn, Mrs Hartwell, Fr. Paul and Deacon Paul for setting up this event that is helping us prepare for our Confirmation.

    It was great to see our friends out of school and we are all looking forward to our next service!

  6. Bridget Ward

    This was really nice to spend some time with our new priest father Paul and to get to know him better. It was lovely to see everyone there together as a class and I can’t wait for the next prepreation meting!

  7. Darragh Ouillon

    I found it extremely enjoyable and fun.It was lovely spending time with our new priest,Father Paul,and i hope that we can spend more time with him and welcome him into our lovely parish

  8. Madeleine DRAKE

    I loved the silence and chips because we got to spend time with God as he was in front of us in the form of the Eucharist also I cant say no to some fish and chips!!!!!!

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