Remembrance Day

Today, Year 6 commemorated Remembrance Day 2020 by taking part in a variety of activities which allowed us the time to reflect and remember the brave soldiers who fought for us and our country. 

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We joined the whole school on the playground on the 11th hour of the 11th day of 11th month for a 2-minute silence to offer our thoughts and prayers to all those affected by war.

In the afternoon, we walked to our Church prayer garden where we shared in a class prayer service to reflect and remember.

We thanked God for looking after those who bravely fought for our country and stayed with them until the hour of their death, just like Mary did for Jesus. We thanked the soldiers who made a sacrifice, risking their lives of today for our futures of tomorrow. Jesus too gave up his today for our tomorrow to grant us salvation. We also offered our thoughts and prayers to the families who suffered throughout their time of separation and many lost their loved ones. We thanked God for providing comfort to them in their hour of need.

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As our going forth activity, we created a piece of remembrance art using Zentangle patterns. We then made poppies to add colour to our zentangles and bring them to life just like the the poppies brought life to the battlefields when the war had ended.

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