Year Three Go WILD!

WOW! What a lovely trip. Year Three visited Dudley Zoo today and what a wonderful end of year trip to finish a brilliant year. The children were incredibly well behaved as they always are and represented the school wonderfully. Despite the crowds of people and other schools we managed to pack a huge amount of walking, exploring and map-reading into a relatively short period of time.

Some of us came face to face with a tiger; saw the giraffes eating from the tree tops, monkeys monkeying around and some close encounters with lots of animals. The children had the chance to feed the Lorikeets, stroke the chinchillas, feed the meerkats and wave hello as well as ROAR at lots of different animals along the way. We even had the chance to watch a bird of prey display whilst eating our lunch!

The freedom of such a huge space was brilliant for the children who let off some steam by running around the various playgrounds and
adventure areas. Some very tired but content children on the journey back home, they’ll sleep well tonight.

Our last trip of Year Three – it’s been a blast!

Waterworld Reminder

Tomorrow is our trip to Waterworld!

Here are some final reminders for you. Please ensure that:

  • Children are in school for 8:30am prompt so we can leave at 8:45am. The hall doors will be open from 8:15.
  • Children are wearing their school PE kit.
  • Children have their swimming kit (full body suit or swimming trunks) and a towel.
  • Children bring a bottle of water bottle and a healthy snack.

We are due to arrive back to school at 3:15pm but please, as always, keep an eye on the website for any updates regarding traffic.

Many thanks,

Mrs Hartwell and Miss Frearson


Congratulations Fr Gerard

Our Year 5 and 6 children were honored to attend the ordination service of Fr Gerard Toman, a former pupil of All Souls school, on Friday 6th July.  It was a beautiful service and celebration and we were delighted to be asked to sing Hail Queen of Heaven after Holy communion.  We wish Fr Gerard the best of luck, and will keep him in our prayers, as he settles into life at Walsingham in August.

Stone Soup

Year 2 have had a great day of chopping, frying, blending and blitzing to make their very own Stone (Vegetable) Soup. Well done to all children for trying out new skills and having a taste! They’ve all promised to give parents a hand in the kitchen this weekend with their new cooking skills!



Year 4 are really enjoying learning about Judaism.

Related image

We have discussed where Judaism came from, what beliefs underpin this religion (recognising some similarities to Catholicism) and some of the special signs and symbols.

This week we have been exploring the Jewish festival of light, Hanukkah. Jews celebrate this festival to remember God’s miraculous gift of light which he gave to the people of Israel over 2000 years ago to help them restore their temple after fighting for what they believed in.

Image result for hanukkah

After learning about the traditional celebrations that take place during this festival, we learnt a Jewish song and went outside to have a little dance (and a lot of fun!).

Oh Hannukah



Year 4 had a fun afternoon exploring circuits, creating their own to make a variety of components work including bulbs, motors and buzzers!



Year 4 & 5 are going to Water World!

Image result for water world

As a reward for contributing to what has been a fantastic year, we have organised a trip for Years 4 and 5 to Water World in Staffordshire on Tuesday 17th July 2018. This is a great opportunity for both year groups to celebrate the progress they have made with their swimming either last year or this year and to have a ‘splashing time!’

The cost of this trip is £20; this includes their coach journey there and back, entrance into the water park and a hot lunch. All money should be paid via Sims Agora. PLEASE NOTE THAT SIMS AGORA WILL NOT BE AVAILABLE TO SUBMIT PAYMENT UNTIL MONDAY DUE TO TECHNICAL ISSUES. If you experience any problems with this system, please see the school office. We also ask that every child brings with them a non-refundable £1 coin for their locker. If you would like to send this in earlier in a named envelope, please feel welcome to do so.

We will be leaving school on the coach at 8.45am prompt so ask that children are in school by no later than 8.30am to be registered. Children will need to wear their school PE kit and bring with them a full body swimsuit or swimming trunks, a towel and a pair of goggles (if they wish). We also ask that they bring a healthy snack to eat before we swim and a bottle of water. Children are due to arrive back at school for 3.15pm but please, as always, keep an eye out on the website for any updates regarding traffic.

The food included in this price consists of a drink, fries and a burger, chicken nuggets, or something similar. Children will be able to make their choices on the day but please do note below if there are any tolerances or allergies that we need to be made aware of.

We kindly ask that you please return the consent form on the bottom of the letters handed out today to your child’s class teacher and make payment as soon as possible (no later than Friday 13th July) to secure their place.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask.

Thank you for your continued support.