The sun is shining…

… and for that we are grateful!

We started off our day with our daily workout from the Body Coach, Joe Wicks…

… before heading outside to enjoy the sunshine and some games:

We then got to work as we tackled the weeds in the flower beds, prepping them ready to plant some new life tomorrow. It was so lovely to stop and listen to the children talking about all of the minibeasts they were finding and discussing the best techniques to dig up those pesky weeds! We also enjoyed listening to the birds sing high up in the trees and giving out family of wiggly worms a new home.

Esme: ‘I have a talent for gardening!’

Leo: ‘My talent is growing!’

After some lunch and chalking in the sun, we headed to the forest garden to build dens, climb trees, hunt minibeasts and make music!

We had a fab day!

Free School Meals

From Tuesday 24th March 2020, cold packed lunches are available for those children entitled to Free School Meals (this is NOT the universal free school meals that Reception, Year 1 & Year 2 receive but those families receiving benefits) The meals can be collected from the school between 11.0am – 1.00pm.  If you would like to take up this offer please email Mrs Quinn ( the evening before so we can ensure they are ready for you.

Those children attending school because their parents are Key Workers and no other care is available can have a cold packed lunch provided by our catering company AiP, please let a member of staff know when you drop your child off in the morning.

Message from Mrs Quinn : Day one done!

Well that’s the first day of homeschooling done!  How did you all get on?  We’ve already had lot of great work sent to us which everyone can see on the website (Home Learning/Home Learning Gallery).  I think we’re all going to be alot fitter after seeing how many of you joined in with Joe Wicks this morning!

Some children were in school today.  They were kept busy too and even got most of the staff to do Joe Wicks! If you are one of the children who have to come into school this week, a free cold packed lunch will be provided ( or you can bring your own)  and also if you want to, you can bring a bicycle or scooter to use on the playground.

Thank you to all parents, to those busy homeschooling, to those Key Workers who went out of their way to make alternative care arrangments and to those Key Workers whose children are in school whilst they are busy working hard to help the Coventry community.

I must also take this opportunity to thank the hard working staff team at All Souls. They all continue to work hard to make sure the homeschool information is available and relevant to the children, that the school is open, that the children in school are safe and happy, that school is clean, that there is food!  So many turned up today all smiling and wanting to help look after the children.  It’s a great priviledge to be part of such a fab team!

Get to bed early and let’s get ready for day 2!

Home Learning Gallery

I have created a ‘Home Learning Gallery’ where we will be posting work that children are sending in.  You can access it from the ‘Home Learning’ menu or here.

Home Learning

Tomorrow the whole country moves to the realms of ‘home learning’.  I just wanted to share a few thoughts and suggestions about this before the inevitable chaos begins!

  • Home learning cannot replace school – if it could, schools wouldn’t exist.  With this in mind, be fair to yourselves and set realistic expectations.  This is a strange time for us all and undoubtedly most significantly strange from a child’s perspective.  School is school in a child’s mind and home is home.  The mindset of home becoming school cannot change instantly.
  • Encourage, support and facilitate learning; don’t force it.  The last thing you need right now is a battle with your child.  Establish a routine ‘with them’ and not ‘for them’ so that they are a part of the process and get a say.
  • Every child is different and in school we treat them all differently.  Don’t place expectations on your child based upon what other parents are saying their child/children are doing.  If you have any concerns about doing too much/too little, contact us and ask our opinion.
  • If you are struggling to access the work on the website don’t panic.  We may be able to help if you send us an email.  Alternatively, we may be able to suggest other sources of work.
  • Take this opportunity to allow your child to grow and develop in other ways: becoming more independent, developing life skills, developing their personal skills and interests.  The work that we are providing is aimed at keeping children stimulated and covering some of the aspects that they may have been learning in school.  You can substitute activities and work that we suggest with other activities and tasks that you feel are of greater interest or benefit to your child.  Ultimately, learning is learning!
  • The benefits of keeping active and spending time outdoors can never be overplayed.  Spend as much time in the fresh air as possible each day and find ways to ensure that your child gets at least 30mins-1hour of exercise each day.
  • Being socially active is also really important.  Usually, we’d be discouraging the use of apps and social media etc for children to be keeping in touch with each other.  In the present circumstances however, with constant monitoring from adults, I actually think that it would be a really good idea for children to spend at least 30mins (if not more) each day communicating with friends and relatives.  Phone and video calls are probably better for social skills than messaging apps as it is easier to hide behind a persona when typing as opposed to being real.

I’ll be adding to this regularly and ensuring that it remains towards the top of the website homepage so that these points can remain a focus.

In the main home learning page there is a document which contains links to lots of online learning resources for the different curriculum areas.  Do take a look at these and register for some of the services on there as they can be used to supplement your child’s home learning over the next few weeks.  The staff will constantly be adding additional links as we find them so do keep checking back for updates.

Best wishes,

Mr Cooke



Please note that emails have now been sent to all parents who are Key Workers and have been unable to make their own childcare arrangements.

We would like to thank all parents for their patience and understanding during these difficult times and we are particularly grateful to those who have managed to secure childcare even where one or more parent is a key worker.  This has enabled us to provide provision for those who really are in need.  We know that many of our parents work in roles that are crucial to the continuous operation of our country and we are pleased to be able to play our part in this.

Best wishes,

Mrs Quinn and Mr Cooke


We are still in the process of confirming the arrangements for the children of key worker parents who made contact with us yesterday.  Unfortunately, we will not be able to send those details out today as originally planned.  We do, however, hope to have emailed all of the relevant parents by noon tomorrow (Sunday 22/03) and will confirm that we have done so on the website tomorrow.

Thank you for your continued patience and the many messages of support that we have received during these unprecedented and very complex circumstances.

Best wishes,

Mr Cooke


UPDATE : Key Workers

We are currently still awaiting certain clarification regarding next week. There are still lots of decisions to be made and discussions to have. Please be patient with us – you will receive an email by the end of Saturday with confirmation of whether you have a place and where this will be. Thank you for your understanding.