Our Class – Year 4

Welcome to the Year 4 web page.

Here you can find some key information about our expectations for Year 4. Please visit our blog for regular updates.

Key Information

Homework – Weekly homework will be set on Tuesdays and collected in on Mondays. I see homework as a great opportunity for children to practise and embed the skills and knowledge that they are learning at school. Homework tasks will therefore usually be based on the learning that has taken place that week or in previous weeks. Each child has a homework book in which to complete their work.

ReadingDeveloping your child’s reading is vital to their education and will benefit them greatly this year. This is why all pupils are expected to read for around 15 minutes every day outside of school. To monitor your child’s progress in reading, their reading record should be signed and kept up to date. Reading Records will be checked every week. Encouraging a love of reading will make these 15 minutes, and more, fly by. Some children will have books from our reading scheme that are chosen specially to take your child’s reading to the next level. However, some children may be ‘free readers’ and can therefore read anything appropriate that interests them. So if they prefer to read the Sunday Telegraph or Financial Times instead of Roald Dahl or Michael Morpurgo, then by all means encourage this!

SpellingEvery Friday Year 4 will be tested on their spelling. Children will be given a list of words to take home and practise.

P.E. – Year 4 will have P.E. on Mondays and Wednesdays. It is therefore important that their kit is in school on these days. Mr Youson and Mr Cooke have planned an exciting range of sports and activities covering the P.E. National Curriculum to be delivered throughout the school year, and I am looking forward to getting involved with these.

Summary of key information

Day Info
Monday P.E. kit

Homework handed in

Tuesday Homework set
Wednesday P.E. kit
 Friday  Spelling test

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