Our Class – Year 4

Class Teachers: Mrs Hands (Mondays and Tuesdays)                                                                                                                                                       Mr Cooke (Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays)

Teaching Assistant: Mrs Kerry (Mondays-Thursday)

Trainee Teachers: Miss Piercy (Autumn Term, Spring Term 2, Summer Term)                                                                                                                      Miss Dewar (Spring Term 1)

We hope that you had a peaceful Christmas and that 2020 will be a happy and healthy year for us all. Thank you for the cards and generous gifts that we received at the end of term; they were much appreciated.

We have had a very pleasing start to the Spring term. The class as a whole have returned to school with a very positive attitude and appear much more focused on their work. Hopefully this continues as we are looking forward to seeing the children progress further.

Miss Piercy, as part of her teacher training, is completing a seven week placement at another school. Miss Dewar has joined us in Year 4 as her placement and will be with us until half term. The children have already made her feel very welcome. As the year progresses, the trainee teacher is required to teach a greater proportion of the weekly timetable. Having said that, Mr Cooke and Mrs Hands remain ultimately responsible for the children and will be supporting the trainee and the children throughout lessons.

Year 4 Curriculum

Up-to-date information about the curriculum being taught in Year 4 will be posted at various on the Year 4 and curriculum pages of the school website. Below is a very brief summary of the Spring Term curriculum.

Mathematics – will be taught daily. A full curriculum map for mathematics is on the school website and shows which objectives will be taught at different points during the year. Mr Cooke is starting the term looking at fractions and recognising and writing decimal equivalents, whilst Mrs Hands will be looking at rounding numbers and decimals and multiplying and dividing numbers by 10 and 100. Miss Dewar will teach how to present and interpret data using appropriate graphical methods as well as calculating different measures, including money.

English – again will be taught daily. Reading comprehension will continue to be taught by Mrs Hands this term but Miss Dewar will now teach the grammar and the writing objectives. Our first text type this term will be Adventure Stories. We will then be looking at Instructional Writing. Spelling and Handwriting will continue to be taught two to three times per week.

RE – will be taught by Mrs Hands. The RE curriculum is taught as per the Diocesan syllabus. Our first two units for this half-term are “Christmas” and “Old Testament: Moses – King David.” In the Christmas unit children will become familiar with the important role the angels played in the Christmas story and how we can be messengers of God today. In the Old Testament unit the children will study some important stories about Moses and God’s relationship with the people of Israel and build on what they already know about King David. We are also required to look at another religion and the religion that we have been given to study is Judaism. We hope to arrange a trip to a synagogue at some point this term to support the children in their learning. After half term, the children will look at the customs and practices associated with the celebration of the season of Lent and the events of Holy Week. The children in Years 3 and 4, in the final week of term, will perform an Easter Reflection for parents.

In the classroom we are also embracing the “Year of the Word” which has been declared by the Catholic Bishop’s Conference of England and Wales. During this year we will be exploring and celebrating, in much greater detail, the Word of God through the scriptures and thinking about what God’s word means to us. This will be achieved through additional class worship, lessons and meditation.

Science – will be taught by Mr Cooke and Mrs Dewar. Our first study will be of ‘Electricity’ during which the children will identify appliances which run on electricity and construct simple electrical circuits.

Geography–our topic this term, which links very nicely with our third Home Study Task, is ’Asia’. The children will extend their knowledge of the main countries and cities of Asia as well as identifying key human and physical features of Asian countries. This will be taught by Miss Piercy on her return to school next half term.

History – taught by Miss Dewar. The children will be learning about the Ancient Greeks and what life was like in Ancient Greece. We are hoping to organise a visit to Ashmolean Museum in Oxford to support this.

Art & Design–Miss Quinn will be supporting the delivery of the Art curriculum this year. During the first half of the term, the children will be studying the work of Japanese artist Hokusai, paying particular focus to the great wave of Kanagawa. After half term, the children will be designing and creating Greek pots.

Design & Technology – Will be taught by Mr Cooke/Mrs Kerry. The children will look at how musical instruments work before designing, making, testing and evaluating instruments made out of recycled, reclaimed materials.

PE – On a Tuesday afternoon this half term, the children will be going swimming with Mrs Hands, Mrs Kerry and Mrs Durrans. The children have been grouped according to their ability and have had their first swimming lesson which they all enjoyed. We are confident that the children are going to make good progress. It is important that the children remember their kit every week! On a Thursday afternoon, Mr Drew, from EPIC, will be teaching the class Hockey. Mr Drew will also be responsible for seeing the children out at the end of the day so please be patient while he gets to know parents.

Computing–This will be taught by Mr Cooke, usually, on a Wednesday morning. This term the children will be learning about safe use of technology and the Internet, in preparation for Internet Safety week in February.

Languages – The children will continue to build on their Spanish skills with the help of Mr Cooke and a University of Warwick student.

Music – We will be learning the songs for our Easter Play – the production will be upon us before we know it!

As always –whilst the above curriculum is what we have planned, it is always open to potential changes and it may be that certain aspects are steering in particular directions. We constantly change and adapt our curriculum to meet the needs and interests of the children.


Reading – Children are generally expected to read daily. It is the children’s responsibility to ensure that their reading records are kept up to date and are brought with them into school every day. Records are collected in each Monday for checking. Developing your child’s reading is vitally important so please encourage your child to read and please listen to them read when possible. Reading activity books need to be brought in to be marked once activities have been completed.

Spelling – Children will continue to be given five statutory Year 3/4 words to learn each week. They will be tested on these words at the end of the week. Please support your child in learning how to spell the words and encourage he/she to spell them correctly in his/her writing.

Times tables – Children should continue to practise their times table facts from all twelve times tables. It is really important that your child’s knowledge of the times tables and related division facts are secure and his/her recall of these facts is instant as this is an aspect of maths that provides the foundations to many other areas. In June, children will be required to take a Times Tables test which is a national test for all Year 4 children so any extra practice will be of great benefit to them.

Home study tasks – We have been impressed with the work that has gone into the first two Home Study tasks and we have tried, when possible, to allow the children to share what they have learnt with the rest of the class. Our third Home Study task of the year (our first for this term) which has already been sent home on a separate sheet, is “Asia”. The children should research a country of their choice that is within the continent of Asia. The deadline for returning pieces is noted below.

To ensure the children are making as much progress as possible, we may give out additional pieces of homework to support work in Maths and English lessons this term. This will be where children require additional consolidation of concepts taught in lessons or where additional challenges may deepen their knowledge. We will try to ensure that when this is given out, you are notified either through the website or the weekly newsletter.

Dates for your diary this term

Below are events which are already in the diary that are appropriate to Year 4. Please check the calendar regularly as more will be added as the term progresses.

Tuesday 21st January – Whole School Mass

Wednesday 19th February – Home Study Task 3 – Asia – due in

Monday 24th – Friday 28th February – Half-term holidays

Thursday 5th March – World Book Day

Friday 6th March – CAFOD Family Fast Day

Tuesday 10th and Wednesday 11th March – Parents’ Consultation Evening (3.30 p.m. – 7.00 p.m.)

W/C Monday 16th March – Mother’s Day Lunches

Tuesday 17th March – St. Patrick’s Day Coffee Morning

Sunday 22nd March – Coventry Children’s Mile

Wednesday 1st April – Home Study Task 4 due in (details to be given out before half term)

Tuesday 7th April – Years 3 and 4 Easter Reflection (afternoon performance – time TBC)

Wednesday 8th April – Years 3 and 4 Easter Reflection (morning performance – time TBC)

Thursday 9th April – Last day of term

Please visit our class blog to keep up to date with what we have been learning in Year 4. This will be updated on a regular basis. We are thoroughly enjoying teaching Year 4 and are looking forward to the term ahead. As always, should you have any questions, comments or concerns, please don’t hesitate to come into school to discuss them with us.


The Year 4 team:

Andrew Cooke                                                            Ella Hands                          
Deputy Head/Class Teacher                                        Class Teacher    
andrew.cooke@allsoulsschool.co.uk                           ella.hughes@allsoulsschool.co.uk

Chloe Dewar                                                               Emma Kerry
Trainee Teacher                                                           Teaching Assistant