Our Class – Year 4

Welcome back!

Class teacher: Mrs McDevitt        Teaching Assistant: Mrs Kerry

Mrs Kerry & I are looking forward to working with you and your children this year. This is my first year teaching in All Souls’ School, and I am delighted to be back, after spending time here previously in other roles. It is also my first time in Year 4 and I am looking forward to working with you and your child on the journey of creating well rounded, inquisitive, resilient young people. The children will already be aware of the high expectations in Year 4, and I am asking you to support us in helping your children to become independent in their thinking, and therefore, their learning. I have encouraged them to become proactive in their learning and to understand the impact that their actions have on their time in school. The curriculum is jam packed meaning that we don’t have a minute to waste in school time! With your support, I am sure the children will flourish and rise to the challenge.

Homework: Spellings and times tables are sent home on a Friday, and must be returned by the following Wednesday. Our Italy homework is due in on November 30th.

Reading Book: Children are encouraged to read their book and be able to discuss it before changing it. Mrs Kerry and I will listen to the children read their individual books and/or the class text that we are reading.

PE Kit: PE this term uis on a Monday and Wednesday.

Important Dates

Wednesday 26th September       Pizza Express visit

Tuesday 2nd October                       Year 3/4 Class Mass

Tuesday 9th  October                       Open Evening

Friday 5th October                           CAFOD Family Fast Day

*Half Term Friday 19th October – Sunday 28th October *

 Friday 2nd November                    All Souls’ Feast Day

Tuesday 27th November               Year 3/4 Class Mass

Saturday 1st December PTA Christmas Bazaar

*Please stay up to date with dates for your diary and any changes that may occur by regularly checking our school webpage.


English: Our first book this academic year is The Iron Man; this will be used as a basis for our reading, writing, and grammar lessons. The challenging grammar knowledge required will be taught discreetly as well as within English writing lessons, so that the children have the opportunity to apply the new skills learnt. We have already begun using it as part of our Reading lessons where children will learn to retrieve, infer and deduce information from the text. It is a classic book and I’m looking forward to seeing how the story unfolds with the class.

Maths: Place Value is the most important unit of Mathematics; we have begun with this unit to ensure that children have a sound knowledge of number, digits, their values and representations. Alongside each unit, throughout the year, children will be practising their times tables. It is imperative that children are striving to have rapid recall in this area, and families can help with this by counting with children, playing online games and quizzing. This is a fantastic website that the children can use at home and they will be used to playing these games in school too. https://www.topmarks.co.uk/maths-games/daily10

RE: We are beginning with ‘The Beginning’ as we develop our understanding of the image of God through the story of Creation and exploring the Old Testament, and relate this to ourselves and how we live out our lives in the image and likeness of God.

Science: ‘Animals including humans’- Over the coming weeks we will look closely at the digestive system, different types of teeth and different food chains. Children will learn the process of what happens to our food as it passes through our bodies, and the effect of certain types of food groups. We have some new technology which allows children to actively become involved in this- we will be posting pictures of this journey next week!

Italy  Our unit this term is Italy; we will be using this as an umbrella for Geography, Art, Computing and Design & Technology. This fascinating country will be studied from a variety of aspects: mountainous ranges, volcanoes, food, and music. We will learn about the significant places in Italy and the culture of the country. We were excited to launch our new unit this week and began with food tasting, learning parts of a new language and locating cities on a map. As part of our D&T lessons, we are booked to go to Pizza Express where the children will make their own pizza.

History Following on from the Romans in Year 3, we will be studying the era of the Anglo-Saxons focusing on the retreat of the Romans, settlements (including way of life), religious practice, law and justice

PE: Handball with Mr Youson and Dance with Mr Cooke

Music: Recorders

Spanish: Greetings, days of the week, months of the year.

Key Information

The Year 4 curriculum is tight and so all children need to be in school ready to learn, where possible, each day.

Expectations: The children are beginning to adapt to the pace of Year 4. All children, with the individualised support needed, will be expected to work to the very best of their ability in each lesson. This will happen if they follow the class rules that we created together; namely, listening to instructions, attempting to ‘have a go’ at work independently before seeking help, and putting their utmost effort into each lesson. Children will be given an adequate amount of time to complete tasks and so must ensure that they are not wasting any of their time, as there will not be time to finish off on a daily basis.


Reading The skill of Reading impacts on each part of the curriculum for a child; therefore, it is essential that they are becoming proficient readers. To do this, children must regularly practise reading to an adult; in Year 4 we are expecting that children will read for at least 15 minutes each evening. This might be them reading aloud to you as you’re making the dinner or as part of their bedtime story, how-ever you can fit this into your family schedule is fine. Please sign their Reading Record to say that they have read. It is also good for children to have stories read to them, even if they think that they are too old for this; this way, children can hear the intonation in your voice which helps to bring this skill into their own reading, and allows them to hear the correct pronunciation of more difficult words. Children should be encouraged to read a breadth of material including fiction and non-fiction, examples are newspapers, magazines, encyclopaedias as well as fiction books by their favourite authors. To encourage a love of reading, children should not feel like it’s a chore, which is why it’s recommended that children read a range of texts and have the chance to discuss them with their friends and adults. Another benefit of reading is the impact it has on a child’s spelling. Seeing words written down is a necessary process in learning to spell, and learning to read and see words, that would usually be out of their reach, is a great way to build a vocabulary to supplement their writing.

Spellings and Times Tables will be given out each week, on a Friday, for children to take home and practise and to complete any complementary tasks.  By the end of Year 4 each child is expected to know all of their times tables up to 12s; therefore, children must practise these at home on a very regular basis. The children will be taught their spellings each week and are expected to practise them alone and through application in their writing.

P.E.: Year 4 will have P.E. on Monday and Wednesday. It is imperative that their kit is in school on these days. Mr Youson and Mr Cooke have planned an exciting range of sports and activities covering the P.E. National Curriculum to be delivered throughout the school year. Please help your child to be organised and independent in remembering their kit.

Clubs:  All Souls’ offers a great range of extra-curricular opportunities and I think it would be great to see Year 4 take full advantage of this. Attending school clubs is proven to impact positively on a child’s learning and attainment, so encourage your child to partake in club that they would like, or to try something that they haven’t before.

School Website: Please visit Year 4’s class page on the school website to see what we have been up to by reading our blog and looking at our gallery.


I am looking forward to the year ahead with this fantastic group of children who have inundated me with questions and snippets of information! They are an enthusiastic, sweet and articulate bunch, and I am sure we will have many adventures as the year progresses.  We are now keen to go full steam ahead into this new academic year; they are as excited as we are which is great to see.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if there are ever any issues, as usually, these can be quickly resolved. I look forward to meeting you all properly at our consultation meeting on the 9th.