No Rules Day

In order to carry out a true debate, Years 3, 4 and 5 took part in a No Rules Day this week to see what life is like without any rules.

Children were free to explore classrooms as they pleased and were responsible for solving their own questions and problems.

Once 9 o’clock was reached, children surged across the school to decide their own timetable for the day.

After the morning of No Rules, the afternoon began with dealing with the consequences of freedom – clean up. The children worked extremely well to have the whole school back and tidy within 15 minutes.


In the afternoon, KS2 began their debate as to whether school rules should be kept. Both For  and Against

were determined their side would be victorious!

In Year 5, we fiercely debated and defended our points of view before coming to an overall consensus that a relaxed ‘no rules’ or ‘fewer rules’ day would be welcome around once a term.



Well done to the children for staying safe and responsible through the day and for tidying up in such an efficient manner.

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