It’s nearly DYM time!

We are so excited that this week has finally arrived and that, on Tuesday, Year 6 will be on their way to making some of the best memories of their journey through All Souls’.

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Here are just a few important reminders:

– Children are expected to arrive at school at normal time but through the school hall doors so that they can leave their suitcases in there neatly before heading to their classroom

– Children are to come into school wearing their full All Souls’ tracksuit and appropriate footwear

– If your child is packed lunch, consider bringing this in a disposable bag with disposable packaging so that lunchboxes aren’t left in school for the week

– Children are allowed to bring in a WATER bottle with them that they may have on the coach and use if they wish as part of their daily kit at DYM. However, there will be water bottles provided from the centre too so this is not a necessity

– Children are allowed to bring in a small pack of mints if they wish (NOT chewing gum!) for their travels

– Children are not allowed to bring any other drinks or snacks onto the coach (to reduce the possibility of travel sickness – the roads to DYM are VERY winding!). We will provide the children with a fruit drink and snack during our stop at the service station along the way

– Children are also not allowed to bring any other drinks or snacks with them in their bags – this is a DYM rule. There will however be a tuckshop available most evenings during their stay for a few treats here and there!

– Children may bring a small travel game/notepad & pen/pack of playing cards to keep entertained on the coach

– Children are allowed to bring money with them for tuck shop treats, Dol y Moch souvenirs and the possibility of an ice cream on the beach. How much money you send your child with is entirely up to you, although I must stress that the adults leading the trip will not be able to take responsibility for children’s money as this becomes unmanageable.

– If your child is on any medication, please complete a form available from the office and hand over any medication in a labelled bag, with clear instructions as to when it is to be administered and in what dosage. Apart from inhalers, all medication should be handed over to a school adult and not be kept by the child. If your child does suffer with asthma and uses an inhaler, please ensure that your child brings a spare reliever inhaler, in addition to the one that they will carry

– In recent years, we have seen a huge increase in the number of children suffering from travel sickness, many of whom who have seemingly never suffered before. Please consider whether your child would be best taking a travel sickness tablet before each of the journeys – in the past they have had a very high success rate. If so, please complete a form from the office and attach the medication with a clear label stating dosage and the time to be administered

– We are scheduled to depart All Souls’ on Tuesday at around 1.45pm BUT please be aware that this is only a guide and it often ends up being either up to half an hour before this or an hour after. We will return to school at approximately 1:15pm on Saturday 8th December at which point you should arrange for your child to be collectet but again please be aware that this could change depending on traffic and circumstances so please monitor our school wesbite to check for any changes

– Lastly, I will do my very best to keep you all updated, particularly with the travel there and back. However, please do keep in mind that not only will we be busy making sure each and every child is safe and happy but also that signal can vary greatly and can at times be limited or unavailable; therefore, keep at the forefront of your minds that no news is good news!

I hope this answers any last minute questions you may have but if you still do have any questions, queries or concerns, please do not hesitate to pop in and ask us – we know you might be anxious but we promise they will have the best time! 🙂

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