Important Updates

Dear parents/carers,

Thank you to all of the parents who promptly completed the questionnaire as requested  in our letter to you earlier this week. As we close for ‘half-term’ we feel that we need to update you on some significant changes to the proposed draft plan for the wider reopening of All Souls.

Firstly, we must express our frustration at the increasing number of hoops we must jump through in order to be ready to welcome back, in a steady, phased manner, the children who the government have deeming eligible to return.  It has been, and continues to be, an incredibly complex process and we are well aware that the decisions which we are forced make will inevitable disappoint, upset and even anger some parents.  We completely understand this emotional response, but please be reassured that, ultimately, we want what you want; whether that be you continuing to keep your child at home, embracing the home learning programme, which we are committed to continuing to provide and develop – or – whether that be your child returning to All Souls this term.

With regret, we feel we should make you aware of the following amendments to the draft plan:

  • Presently we are unable to facilitate the return of the Nursery class. We are currently working with those parents affected to support them in seeking an alternative solution.
  • From the first day of wider opening, whenever that may be, there will be no extended services (i.e. breakfast and afterschool club) available to any parents, including those classified as Key Workers or where there children are classed as vulnerable. We know this will cause significant disruption and problems for those parents who have come to rely on the service.  Unfortunately, during these difficult times, we are struggling to financially sustain All Sorts and indeed many of the staff are furloughed.  Having explored the impact of withdrawing staff from furlough, it is clear that this would render the service untenable within a matter weeks.  The few All Sorts staff that have continued to work, and to whom we are hugely grateful, are now needed to restore the core function of All Sorts as a childcare provider, therefore meeting the government expectations of Early Years as a priority, and so are unable to have any contact with children outside of their ‘bubble’.
  • It would seem that in our eagerness to reopen the school and in being open and honest about our intention, in suggesting a date (2nd June) as a possible reopening date, that we have gone against the advice of the Local Authority. This is because, as they are correct and right to point out, all school ‘reopening plans’, risk assessments and health and safety policies must be reviewed and approved by several external authorities and unions before a school is deemed safe and ready to reopen.  This is going to take some considerable time and may delay any reopening of the school considerably.

We are hugely grateful for the many kind and supportive messages we have received from parents over the last few days/weeks.  They have certainly kept us going!

We’d just like to reiterate that your frustrations are shared and we really wish that we had a greater say and influence over the present situation.

We hope that you and your families remain safe and well and that you are able to rest and enjoy some time together as a family over half-term.

Best wishes,

Mrs Quinn

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