Harry Potter trip!

Our trip to Warner Brothers’ Studios is on Thursday and we are all very excited! A few last minute pointers:

All children are to wear their school tracksuit. A packed lunch is required for lunch time along with a drink. Children will be having their evening meal at the studios (please ensure that you have paid for this on Sims Agora). Maximum spending money on the day is £10, if you have pre-ordered a gift for more than this, that is fine (please ensure that gifts have been paid for on Sims Agora before the day).

We are expected back at 8.45pm- we will update the school website and Twitter account as we return. Please check on there for any changes to our arrival time.

Please read again the letter with all of the information about the trip for a recap- it’s attached below.

*If you know that your child suffers from travel sickness, please provide travel sickness tablets for the coach trip to and from Warner Brother Studios*

We are hoping that this will be a memorable experience for our children to finish off the hard work they have put in on Harry Potter.

Many thanks for your support.


Mrs McDevitt & Mr Rolison.



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