Happy Friday!

Well done Year 6! Your first week of Home Learning is nearly complete and I have to say I am so impressed with the amount of effort gone into the tasks! I hope you’re as proud as I am of your maturity, responsibility and commitment.


Here’s some final pieces for this week:

Hannah has been super busy working her way through the tasks and scoring 5/5 on her spellings, 60/60 on her times tables and 88% on her SPaG test:

I love the Still Life display!

Ethan has been slogging away too:

Great headlines!

Simeon has been doing work that I haven’t even set for him – super dedication:

Harry has also produced lots of great work (with a particularly busy Friday by the looks of things!):

Niamh’s been busy researchign Volcanoes, Still Life and doing her maths and spelling tests:

Liam G‘s Science, Geography, Maths, Spelling and English:

Roisin’s song:


Roisin has also been busy trying to combine two of her favourite things to do: reading and gymnastics.

(completely bonkers as usual!)

Here’s some of her work too – I particularly loved your RE reflection:

She has also achieved 57/60 on her maths challenge, 5/5 on her spelling test and 74% on her SPaG online – super achievements! 🙂

Frank’s newspaper headlines and parable summary:

Tyler’s collection of work:

Darragh’s keeping up his beautiful presentation:

Liam LJ has been keeping us updated with his efforts too – I love the photo of him cooking:

Dhilan’s work: Click here

Apparently he has also been learning some new circus skills – I am so intrigued!

Isla scored 5/5 on this week’s spelling test (and even made that look pretty!) :

Emily C went awol for a while (internet issues) but not to fear – she is back! Here is what she has been up to:

Please do send me in your scores for this and your TT challenges! I hope you’re enjoying reading our class text too! 🙂

  1. Emily CARTER

    Wow everybody has done so much!!!!

    I also got 5/5 on my spelling test and 60/60 on the timetables test. I have also really enjoyed this week and it looks like everyone else did to! Bring on the next week of home learning:)

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