Happy Friday!

]A huge welcome back to all of our Year 6 children who have had a fabulous few days settling back into school. It was lovely to see their beaming smiles enter our classroom and we were surprised at how much they’d grown! They have adapted to the changes easily and are beginning to establish themselves as the oldest members of All Souls’ and set those good examples.

We have made lots of effort to get to know one another this week and have already become a strong team. I have really enjoyed watching their confidence grow as they have begun to show off what they are capable of! There is now a beautiful array of work which shows just how talented they are and I am keen to see what more they have to offer next week! Here are just a couple of the activities we have done this week:

Took part in two virtual assemblies:

Made birthday cards for eachother:

Created pixellated self-portraits and autobiographical poems:

Received some well-deserved pen licences:

We ended the week by taking part in a circuit class – I think it’s fair to say that some children enjoyed it more than others! Hopefully there’s not too many aching legs and arms tomorrow!

Finally, a huge ‘Happy Birthday’ to Daniel G and Ha-Eun for tomorrow. We hope you have lots of fun celebrating! Have a lovely weekend everyone.

Mrs H 🙂

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