*Goodbye, thank you and good luck Year 6!*

It was great to see Year 6 gather together for one last time before they part ways and head off on their next adventure to their secondary schools.The ‘garden party’ was a great success with lots of food, fun and laughter! A huge thank you to Mrs Rae for organising and making it happen!

Well done to all of the children who won awards for their contribution to All Souls’ over the years:

I so wish this year had ended differently, with all the usual things Year 6 has to offer but what it did do was show me in a completely different way what amazing individuals you all are. I honestly could not be any more proud you all and I am so excited to see where your futures take you.

Thank you all so much for the cards, kind words and generous gifts; they were all greatly appreciated and cheered me up immensely! Continue being the best versions of yourselves, Year 6 and please do not become strangers.

Mrs H 🙂

Leavers’ Poem

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