Festival Fireworks

This week we have been finding out about Guy Fawkes and Diwali.  Both involve celebrating with fireworks.  We made firework pictures and recorded ourselves making firework noises.  We also watched firework safety videos about how to keep safe at a bonfire party.  We hope that the children put this to good use and stayed safe, whilst enjoying the firework parties.

We also have been exploring rhyme.  The children were very good at finding the rhyming words in our stories and rhymes.  We are now working on completing rhyming strings.

Thank you for your £1 donations, we have bought a box of Ferby crayons, they make all the difference when the children are colouring their work.

In the week ahead we will be counting out objects and naming them as we count, learning about what we need to do to write a sentence and thinking about how to look after others.


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