Farewell Nursery!

Hello Everyone!

I hope you have all been keeping safe and well. Myself and Mrs McCloskey have been having a sort out in Nursery and we would like to return items from P.E boxes and the lovely ‘All about Me’ posters as well as a few other things we have put together for the children. We would like to drop these things off to the children on Thursday this week (9th July) so don’t be alarmed if we turn up on your doorstep to make a delivery and to say a quick hello. Don’t worry if you are planning to go out or you won’t be in – we will leave your things by your door or in a safe place. If your child is attending All Sorts or Key Worker groups at the moment we will pop our head around the door to say hello and to pass things on. We look forward to seeing you all soon.

The Nursery Team

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