Message from Mrs Quinn : Day one done!

Well that’s the first day of homeschooling done!  How did you all get on?  We’ve already had lot of great work sent to us which everyone can see on the website (Home Learning/Home Learning Gallery).  I think we’re all going to be alot fitter after seeing how many of you joined in with Joe Wicks this morning!

Some children were in school today.  They were kept busy too and even got most of the staff to do Joe Wicks! If you are one of the children who have to come into school this week, a free cold packed lunch will be provided ( or you can bring your own)  and also if you want to, you can bring a bicycle or scooter to use on the playground.

Thank you to all parents, to those busy homeschooling, to those Key Workers who went out of their way to make alternative care arrangments and to those Key Workers whose children are in school whilst they are busy working hard to help the Coventry community.

I must also take this opportunity to thank the hard working staff team at All Souls. They all continue to work hard to make sure the homeschool information is available and relevant to the children, that the school is open, that the children in school are safe and happy, that school is clean, that there is food!  So many turned up today all smiling and wanting to help look after the children.  It’s a great priviledge to be part of such a fab team!

Get to bed early and let’s get ready for day 2!

  1. I really enjoyed my first experience on home learning because I got to spend more of my time with my family although I would love too spend more time with my friends I miss them so much! See everyone soon.

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