Coombe Country Park

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Year 6 will be visiting Coombe Country Park on the morning of Tuesday 15th October 2019 to take part in a River Study. This links with our ‘Rivers and the Water Cycle’ unit in Geography and ‘Living things and their Habitats’ unit in Science. They will investigate the river on site through a variety of activities, including measuring the depth and width, testing the flow rate and sampling the fresh water invertebrate life that can be found within the park.

To keep costs at a minimum, we will be doing two trips on the minibus. This will mean that half of the class will eat their lunch at the country park, whilst the other half (including those receiving school dinners) will eat their lunch at school. Therefore, we ask that all children bring in their packed lunches in disposable packaging.

The children must wear their school tracksuits and wellies (the taller, the better!) as they will be getting wet and muddy! Children without wellies will not be allowed to take part in the river activities. They should also make sure that they are wrapped up: they should all have waterproof coats, hats and gloves as we will be outside for some time.

The cost of the trip is £5.70. Please pay and give consent via Sims Agora. Please make the payment no later than Monday 16th October.

Thank you!

  1. Simeon Bedjabeng

    I cannot wait for the visit at coombe tomorrow as it will help for our studies on it!

    • Mrs J Hartwell

      I’m glad you’re looking forward to it. Don’t forget your wellies, Simeon! 🙂

  2. Frantisek JAKABOVIC

    Thank you, the trip was GREAT!!!
    I really enjoyed it because I could see how nature is so COOL.

  3. Niamh BRENNAN

    I was really annoyed that we didn’t get to go into the river but I liked the pond dipping and walk through that gigantic puddle to get to pond dipping.

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