Continuing our Faith Journey

Just an update on accessing resources to continue the children’s faith development at home. Here there is an assembly that the children can watch and join in with at home, there are questions and reflection opportunities so they can do this independently but might be quite nice as a family activity.

I have loved receiving your photos of prayer areas; please continue to send these for our Catholic Life books. Ten: ten have provided liturgies for the past few weeks which some of you have already accessed. These are great step by step guides for those of you who may be struggling with new ideas or are new to having prayer services at home. Before you start you may want to gather the family together. This might be in the same room or if you are in different places, you might gather online, using Skype, for example. You will then need to decide who is going to be Prayer Leader. You could have more than one Prayer Leader. The Prayer Leader should read aloud all of the text on screen where indicated. Everybody else can join in with the parts where indicated. You may like to light a candle to mark the start of your Family Liturgy. Once you are ready to start click ‘Read more’ to start the service.

In addition, there is access to the daily prayers. This week the aim is to help children to relate to God in a personal, fun and tangible way. The prayer allows children to think of God not as a distant figure in the sky, but as a personal God who came down to earth and walked and talked just like we do!

The prayers for each day are the same: a litany of 12 prayers with actions. Adults or older siblings can join in to encourage the children to follow the actions by joining in themselves! The prayers naturally conclude with a more reflective tone, so please encourage children to close their eyes and reflect at the appropriate moment during the prayer time.

The final resource is a recommendation from a parent at All Souls’. She has used the resource and her children actively engage with it. Having had a look, it is a great resource and is at the child’s level throughout. There are homilies and reflections for any Bible story you can think of and provides a guide to what the weekly Gospel stories mean in an age appropriate way.

I hope the children are continuing their faith journey at home, although different to their normality, in prayer and reflection we can find peace. Any worries, concerns or thoughts can be shared through prayer and it can be very powerful.

I look forward to receiving more photos of your prayer times.

Stay safe,
Miss Corkerry

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