Y5 and 6 Cinema Trip



  • Children to arrive in school promptly as we will be departing All Souls’ at 8.50am to walk to the Skydome
  • Wear full school uniform (including jumpers) and have a warm waterproof coat on – it will most probably be raining at some point!
  • Please wear appropriate footwear (we do not want soggy feet!)
  • 1 x snack (individual sized) and 1 x drink (no cans please)
  • Children will be back in school for lunch time
  • GET EXCITED!Image result for spider man into the spider verse

The Feast of All Souls

To celebrate our school’s special feast day, The Feast of All Souls, we gathered together in the hall to share in a whole school prayer service.

Year 6 led us into prayer beautifully, asking us to remember the souls of our loved ones who have passed. Although it is sad when people die, we remember that they are now at peace with God.

Each class took it in turns to offer forth an envelope filled with their prayers for their loved ones as each class teacher lit a candle to symbolise our prayer intentions.

It was such a lovely way to share in this special feast day!

Mouldy bread!

As part of the ‘Living things and their habitats’ unit in Science, Year 6 have been investigating which conditions mould grows the most. This was the result (yuck!): Ask them what they found out!

Year 6’s Class Saint Celebration Day!

Year 6 began the new half term by celebrating our class saint, Saint Pope John Paul II, whose feast day took place during half term on the 22nd October.

Image result for saint pope john paul ii

We arrived at school dressed in red, blue and yellow clothes to reflect St. John Paul II’s coat of arms.

Image result for saint pope john paul ii coat of arms

We began the day learning all about Saint Pope John Paul II and his life, including his papacy and his journey to sainthood. It was soon clear to see why he is such a special man and why his life was so highly celebrated!

Saint Pope John Paull II is well known for his preaching – he travelled far and wide to ensure he was passing on the word of God to everyone he could. This gave him the nickname of the ‘Pilgrim Pope’. We explored his famous quotes in more depth, discussing what we thought he meant by his words and what we can learn from them.

Throughout the day, we had lots of activities on the go!

Oil pastels and chalk were used to create stained glass windows of Saint Pope John Paull II by some children:

Some children chose to make flags displaying St John Paul II’s coat of arms:

Others decided to re-create the coat of arms using squared paper to help them draw it to scale:

We all then used the kindles to conduct our own further research to create teaching posters about our class saint, Saint Pope John Paull II.

Finally, we saved the best until last … W had learnt that Saint Pope John Paull II was the first Polish pope so we decided to all bring in an item of Polish food to indulge in with a shared buffet! Everyone did so well trying everything, from different meats to gherkins!

Thank you to everyone who contributed to a fabulous day and for bringing in food – whether shop bought or homebaked, it was all delicious! 🙂



The Trussell Trust Coventry Foodbank

A huge thank you to all of our generous children and families who donated items during our CAFOD day to give to those in need. Today, Mrs Quinn and the chaplaincy team went out on a mission to deliver all of our collections to the Trussel Trust Foodbank in Coventry.
We really do appreciate your continued support.
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Sing Out With Joy

Thank you so much to One Life Music for leading another fantastic ‘Sing out with Joy’ event. Year 6 thoroughly enjoyed sharing in this special celebration with other children from our Catholic partnership schools.

I’m pretty sure we will all be spending half term singing our newly learnt songs!


Home Study Projects


Well done to Year 6 for their fabulous efforts in creating their first home study project on the theme of ‘Rivers’. A lot of research and time has clearly been put into them and they look great!

They also enjoyed visiting other classrooms to see what their home study themes were and explore what they’d made. Well done everyone!

Our next home study project is: Confirmation Saint

Choose a saint, whose name you will adopt during Confirmation to research and present

  • Why are they a saint?
  • What is their story?
  • Where are they from?
  • When are they celebrated?
  • Why are they special to you?
  • How did they demonstrate their faith?

Due: Wednesday 11th December 2019


Year 6’s Perspective Artwork


This half term, Year 6 have been practising their perspective drawing skills, using L.S.Lowry as their inspiration.

Image result for L S Lowry

They have gained an understanding into how using perspective gives a sense of space and depth. This week, they finished their final pieces using oil pastels to add colour.

I think you’ll all agree they look fantastic! It was lovely to see how proud (and pleasantly surprised!) the children were of their improved skills and final outcomes 🙂


Year 6 were fortunate enough to receive a visit from Deacon Owen today to talk to them about vocations.

Image result for vocation calling from God

The afternoon began with Year 6 showing off all they already knew about vocations before Deacon Owen helped to fill in some blanks and take their understanding to a deeper level.

We discussed the roles of sisters, deacons and priests before meeting Sister Erin, Deacon Charlie and Father William to learn the difference between these vocations.

Deacon Owen was so impressed – as was I – with not only the children’s thoughtful and reflective responses to questioning but also the maturity of the questions they were asking.

We learnt that the talents and gifts that God gave us will help us to decide which way God is calling us to serve Him.

Image result for if you are what you should be you would set the world on fire