Pentecost Celebration – Monday 10th June – children may wear red!

On Monday 10th June the children will take part in our Pentecost celebration.



This day commemorates the descent of the Holy Spirit in the form of flames upon the Apostles and the birth of the Church.

The children will take part in lots of activities and will receive a special treat!

30 days wild

Today’s return to school marks the first day of Year 5’s 30 random acts of wildness.

Organised by the Wildlife Trust, this is a 30 day challenge to engage with nature once each day.


Day 1: feel the wild between your toes.



Chalk Stencils

Though the weather has been against us this week, Year 5 finally found a chance between rain showers to put our Banksy style stencils into action.



Testing these stencils has really helped the children to see what is and isn’t effective as we progress on to other mediums, such as paint.

Expect to see these same designs around the classroom in weeks to follow.

First Week Back

Year 5 have had a great first week back into school. We’ve enjoyed a day out competing at the Chance to Shine cricket tournament on Wednesday and all children represented All Souls’ excellently.

We have also begun studying this term’s artist: Banksy. Different fonts are being explored and children have enjoyed experimenting with stencils and their limitations.


Today we have brought in our new theme for the term, which is the Olympics. Children worked to create their own logo, mascot and medal designs for an All Souls’ Olympic Games portfolio. They have presented these to their classmates and in the next week we will be voting on which designs we want to take forward for an eventual Olympic Games.

Children also worked to present a story about a personal achievement. Following in the footsteps of the Ancient Greeks we thought about what we were proudest of and told the story in 3D around the surface of a plant-pot. 

Passover Meal

As part of our journey through Lent and looking forward into Holy Week, this week Year 5 took part in a tasting of a traditional Jewish Passover meal.

We looked into the symbolism and meaning of each food item before a taste test.

We all had our favourites (most chose matzah) and those we did not enjoy as much, but all children should be commended for trying new foods and discussing the topic in a mature and sensible way.



Easter Egg Raffle

All of these eggs (and more on the way) are waiting to be won!

20p a ticket £1.00 a strip. Children can buy these from today until Thursday 11th April. They can buy their tickets in their classrooms from their
Class Teacher.

Names will be written on the back and will be entered into the draw which will be drawn next Friday (12th April).

Good luck!