Chocolate Rocks

The best way to a child’s brain is clearly through their tummy. We are learning about rocks and how the three main types of rocks are formed.
We had different types of chocolate (dark, milk and white) that we had to layer, squash and melt to form the three different types of rock. Of course the best part was being able to eat it 🙂

Year Three go wild at the zoo!

The children had a wonderful day at Dudley Zoo today, they got to meet different animals from the Rainforest face to face and learn all about why these animals live on the different layers of the Rainforest.

We then took off to explore the different animals, got up close and personal with lemurs, some of us took inspiration from them and scaled the climbing areas.

We got back safe and sound, some of us sleepy from all the monkeying around.

Rainforest assembly

A huge well done to the children for their wonderful rainforest assembly. They all learnt their lines so well and despite a few last minute nerves, performed beautifully.
Thank you to all of the parents, families and friends that came along. It was great to see you all and the children were delighted with their audience.

To follow the rainforest theme, letters have been sent out for the trip to Dudley zoo for the rainforest workshops and exploration of the zoo on Friday 7th July. Payment through Sims agora please. Many thanks!!

Year Three to Brandon Marsh

The children experienced a day learning all about bees, pollination and trees for their first day back. The children learnt all about how pollination works, the hard job bees have as well as now knowing how to determine the age of trees. They behaved wonderfully and shone with all of their plant knowledge; very proud of them and their attitude to learning!

Year Three Collage

This is term we are focusing in art on the topic of collage, we have created natural collages using materials from the outdoor environment and using resources we wouldn’t ordinarily use as part of art. Have a look at some of the completed pieces below.

The Last Supper

During Holy Week we have been following Jesus’s journey leading up to the day he died. We re-enacted The Last Supper in small groups to understand this event from the perspective of all involved.

Light and Dark

Over the past half term we have been looking at the topic of light in science. We have been investigating different light sources, the properties of different materials, creating shadows and understanding why shadows change. The children have participated in many different practicals for these lessons, some of which you can see below.

Trip to the Gurdwara

This morning the children visited the Guru Nanak Parkash Gurdwara in Coventry. The children got to experience every element of a real visit from the Gurdwara, from covering their hair to having bare feet and enjoying food shared together. The children got a lot from the session and were able to ask all of their questions to a true expert. Thank you all for your support with the trip and providing head scarves for the children. Ask your children all about what they learnt and their favourite part.
Well done to all the children for their reverance and respect during the visit, they were a credit to the school and to their parents.

Shrove Tuesday in Year Three

Today is Shrove Tuesday a day when we get to eat whatever we want in preparation for Lent. We spoke about the things we were giving up for Lent and why we give these things up. The children created their own fillings with some interesting choices including a mix of lemon juice, buttons and syrup…. Not conventional choices but their choices.

The crayons came home!

Well after anxiously awaiting the arrival of the crayons, the fabulous letters written by year three must have worked as the crayons came back safe and sound. After all their hard work and persuasive writing, they finally took notice and realised there was no better place to be than year three. The excitement of the children is hard to put into words so I hope these photos can do it justice.