Happy New Year from Year 3

Welcome back and a Happy New Year to you all.

Miss McGinn and I would like to say thank you for all the lovely Christmas  gifts and cards we received.

The children have had a great start to 2019.


The children painting their Roman shields as part of our launch day for our new topic The Romans.

Busy making aRoman ‘olive leaf’ headress.

We began the New Year with a lovely prayer service to celebrate the Epiphany. Children shared their hopes and wishes for 2019.

Our first week has been very busy and the children have coped very well.

As the new term begins please encourage your child to practice their reading and times tables at home.

Please keep checking the Year 3 blog page for any updates, news or information.

Thank you for your continued support


This Sunday is the first Sunday School of 2019, Praying and Offering. In class we have created a piece of art work based on what we would offer to Jesus, baked bread, discussed  the First Reading and Gospel and learn ‘t  the Hymn Blest are you Lord.

Looking forward to seeing there.

Mrs McGovern and Miss Ginn.



No Rules Day

In order to carry out a true debate, Years 3, 4 and 5 took part in a No Rules Day this week to see what life is like without any rules.

Children were free to explore classrooms as they pleased and were responsible for solving their own questions and problems.

Once 9 o’clock was reached, children surged across the school to decide their own timetable for the day.

After the morning of No Rules, the afternoon began with dealing with the consequences of freedom – clean up. The children worked extremely well to have the whole school back and tidy within 15 minutes.


In the afternoon, KS2 began their debate as to whether school rules should be kept. Both For  and Against

were determined their side would be victorious!

In Year 5, we fiercely debated and defended our points of view before coming to an overall consensus that a relaxed ‘no rules’ or ‘fewer rules’ day would be welcome around once a term.



Well done to the children for staying safe and responsible through the day and for tidying up in such an efficient manner.

And we are off!

Pringles for breakfast, indoor football skills, unicorns and play dough gingerbread men!

It can mean only one thing, Year 3 have no rules!


Year 3 Hope, Right Angles and Being Engaged

A huge thank you to Coventry Engage team, Mr Alay, Mr Semi and Mr Donnelly. Over the last 6 weeks they have provided the children with some really ‘engaging’ lessons based on values. The lessons were fun, thought provoking, physically challenging and memorable.

Continuing our work on right angles, here are some of the children searching for right angles in the environment.

A week of hope during Advent. The children have been completing their Advent Kindness Diaries. Please discuss these with them over the weekend.

We ended a very busy, busy, week with a calm prayer service of Hope. We gathered around our own homemade Advent Wreath and created Hope Stars to remind us of the hope that the birth of Jesus brings to us.

thank you for your continued support.

Mrs McGovern & Miss McGinn



Advent and Right Angles

Another busy week.

Getting to grips with right angles.


Thank you to everyone who attended our Advent assembly. Practice time was limited and several children stepped in at the last moment to help. Your presence makes a real difference to the children. Miss McGinn and I are very proud of the children and were delighted with their performance. A really love way to begin the season of Advent.


Busily creating our Advent Wreath.


Thank you for your continued support.

Miss McGinn and Mrs McGovern


All Souls’ Christmas Bazaar!

This Saturday is our annual Christmas Bazaar and we can’t wait to see you all there!

Image result for christmas bazaar

There will be lots of different stalls, cake and tea, a performance from our wonderful choir, a secret room for present purchasing, a very special visit from a very special man and lots more for you to enjoy!

As always, we thank you for your kind donations and encourage them to keep on coming. We are in particular need of chocolate (bars/tubs/etc) and any other little bits and bobs for the tombola or raffle prizes.

We would also like to remind you that this Friday is ‘Bring a bottle’ into school day where we ask the children to bring in a bottle in exhange for wearing non-uniform for the day! These donations do really make a difference and make our bazaar the success it usually is.

Many thanks 🙂

Year 3 Integrity

Week 4 of our Coventry ENGAGE programm. the children have begun to develop their skills in tag rugby. Back in the classroom they learnt the value of integrity.

In maths we continued our work on multiplication and division. Please encourage your child to complete their times tables home work and practice each day.

Getting to grips with friction! A very busy lesson experimenting with the effect of friction on force.

Finally well done to our Super Stars this week, Riley and Olivia.

Gentle reminder it’s Sunday School this week. some children have taken home a copy of the Gospel reading, please support them in learning their lines from the Gospel.

Thank you

Mrs McGovern

Singing and Division in Year 3!

Yet another busy week!

In mathematics we continued our work on division. Here we are exploring the concept of division using objects

Thank you for your support with Odd Sock Day to launch Anti Bullying Week. The children have been completing a ‘Random Acts of Kindness’ sheet at school. They will bring them home on Friday. Lots of children have ticked to say they have cleaned their bedrooms!

We began practicing for our class Advent Assembly (Friday 30th November 9.15am). Miss McGinn and I were treated to a spontaneous performance of our final song from the children. The song has been chosen by the children and they were all very familiar with the words and tune.

They were great, but we are not giving anything away, you will hear them on the day.

Thank you for your continued support

Mrs McGovern & Miss McGinn