Thank you and Goodbye

A huge thank you to all my wonderful friends and colleagues at All Souls School and All Sorts, parents, grandparents and children. I have been overwhelmed by the many gifts, flowers, cards and messages I have received as I leave All Souls School.

All Souls will always hold a special place in my memory and heart. The biggest thanks for all the great times and experiences goes to the children I have worked with over the years.

I will continue to remember  you all in my prayers.

Kathleen McGovern

Maps in Year 3

Thank You Mr White, for our wonderful detailed map of Brazil.

Here we are busily researching facts about Brazil using our atlas and internet skills.


Thank you for your continued support

Mrs McGovern



Brilliant Brazil

Well done to the children of Year 3 a great range of homework projects.

It was lovely to see the projects as they arrived in school each day over the last week.

The children really enjoyed sharing their work and will have an opportunity to share their projects within the class next week.


Thank you to all the parents for your support.





Homework Projects

WOW! What a fabulous effort the children have made once again! It was so lovely to see such an array of projects showing off the topics each class has been studying this term – and their talents. We really are lucky to have such creative children!

Thank you to everyone who facilitated their child in creating their masterpieces and to all who came to view the children’s projects this afternoon. Your support, as always, is greatly appreciated.

Books, books, books…!

Thank you to everyone who supported our Book Fair earlier this year. With the funds raised, we have been able to buy new books for each classroom from Nursery to Year 6! These books will be shared with the children by teachers to promote reading for pleasure and to support their learning.

We were absolutely delighted with the support that we received, and know that the children will cherish sharing these stories with their teachers.

We will also be buying books to support the wider curriculum, so thank you!

Year 3 at the Park

We had a lovely time with Year 3 at Allesley Park yesterday afternoon and thoroughly enjoyed our transition session.  The children worked well in their teams to complete the 6 challenges that we set – from navigating under ‘electric’ fences, to retrieving nuclear devices from toxic swamps.

As promised, we managed to squeeze a few minutes in on the play area at the end before returning back to school.

Communion Breakfast

Here are Year 3 enjoying their surprise First Holy Communion celebration breakfast. They came back from assembly expecting a maths lesson but instead!  A lovely time celebrating together as a class, then to end  the day by sharing a chocolate communion cake provided by Father Michael, Barbara McGowan and the parish. Thank you.



First Holy Commuion

Congratulations to all the children in Year 3 who received the sacrament of First Holy Communion at the weekend.

Special thanks to Father Michael and Barbara McGowan who supported the children at Sunday School over the last year.

Thank you to parents and families for your commitment and encouragement this year.

Finally thank you and well done to the children.

You have taken a step in your Catholic life journey, the significance you may not realise yet. But a  a gift that will remain with you.

Miss McGinn and I are very proud of you and feel privileged to have been part of your First Holy Communion.



Just a few of the many special moments. More to follow.


Year 3 First confession


Well done to all the children who made their First Confession today.

Your contribution to the discussion with Father Michael, your engagement in class

and today in church the respect and commitment you showed have all been wonderful.

Thank you to all Year 3 parents and families for your support.

Mrs Quinn, Mr Cooke and myself are all very proud of you.