Weekly Update

Year 2 has been pulling out all the stops this week and have really impressed me with many pieces of hard work.

At the beginning of the week we were working to finish and test our paper-cup telephones. These had already been worked on the previous week for World Science Day when we studied the life and works of Alexander Graham Bell. They just needed a few tweaks to be ready for a competition of longest call made.

Later in the week, we worked to study and understand the parable of the Prodigal Son. Year 2 worked to re-enact scenes from the parable so their friends could guess which part of the story was being acted out.

In the middle of the week we began to consider the needs of animals in various habitats.

Using this knowledge we planned and later constructed hedgehog shelters to provide a safe spot over winter. Children thought about the materials that could be used and included tin-foil to keep water out, straw for comfort and cardboard for strength.

Finally, today we have been raising money for Children in Need. Thank you for all the money and food brought to school. Any unopened packets of food will be taken to a food bank. Children mixed up year groups to share the gift of food among one another.

Thanks for a great week Year 2.

Mr Rolison

Hedgehog Houses

It has come to the time of the year when many animals begin looking for shelter for winter months. To help needy hedgehogs with this, Year 2 will be constructing hedgehog houses this week as our first Design and Technology project.

If any spare cardboard boxes (shoe boxes, cereal boxes or similar) are spare could they be dropped off at Year 2 over the next couple of days ready for construction on Thursday?

Many thanks for all boxes already donated, they will be put to good use!


Mr Rolison



Year 2 at the Odeon

Year 2 has had a fabulous day out watching Sing at the Nuneaton Odeon. Well done to the children for excellent behaviour throughout the morning and a thank you to parents for dropping them off in time to catch the minibus.

After we returned to school, we discussed the events of the film and picked out our favourite characters.

Year 2 Cinema Trip

A quick reminder for parents and carers in Year 2.

Tomorrow morning (8.11.17) we are going to watch Sing (rated U) at the Odeon Nuneaton. Could you please drop off Year 2 children between 8 and 8.15 AM. If you drop them off through the hall door, they will be registered by Mr Rolison ready for the day.

Children can bring a water bottle filled with any drink they would like, but please don’t bring snacks as they will be provided.

Children will be returning to school before the end of the day, so normal pick up time will not be affected.


Many thanks,
Mr Rolison

Year 2 School Council

Congratulations to Ffion and Finn for being elected as Year 2 representatives to the school council.

Both impressed classmates with clear speeches full of clever ideas for how to help the school.

A busy week for all

This week Year 2 has been full of instructions, commands and many bossy sentences.

We have thought about everyday tasks that need instructions, such as washing hands safely.











We have created instructions from a game we already knew – basketball shootout.


We then looked at a book we have been studying in English lessons; the Lighthouse Keeper’s Lunch. Children in Year 2 thought of alternative sandwich fillings to stop the pesky seagulls from pilfering Mr Grinling’s lunch. We created sets of instructions to make those sandwiches and read them aloud. All were extremely disgusting!

We have also explored the story of the Lighthouse Keeper’s Lunch through artwork this week. Children chose a food to add the basket sent over to the lighthouse, planned and sketched it out before mixing paints and getting messy. The results look good enough to fool any seagull to me.


Well done on a great week of hard work Year 2.


Summer Festival and Parish Garden Party

Our annual Summer Festival and Parish Garden Party takes place this Sunday 2nd July. There will be the usual 9.30am Sunday mass, followed by a celebratory 11.15am mass which will include some children leading parts of it. This mass will be followed by a get together in the Presbytery Garden of All Souls’ Church where you are all invited to come along, play some games, bring food and drinks to share a picnic and enjoy the parish gala celebrations together.

As we have mentioned in the newsletters over the last couple of weeks, we would love to see as many children as possible at the 11.15am service to support us with various parts of the mass. We ask that children in the choir congregate together to join their voices as one and boost this joyous occasion. They will also perform a hymn unaccompanied.

On Friday 30th June, we are inviting children to come into school wearing non uniform and in return bring in a bottle that will go towards the free bar at the garden party.

Nursery/Reception – cans/bottles of Budweiser

Year 1 – cans of carling

Year 2 – cans of John Smiths (bitter)

Year 3 – cans of cider

Year 4 – bottles of white wine

Year 5 – bottles of rose wine

Year 6 – bottles of red wine

Please help us support our parish community in this celebration. We hope to see as many of our families there as possible. A letter has come home with children today; please complete and return the attached reply slip.

Thank you for your continued support.