Stone Soup

Year 2 have had a great day of chopping, frying, blending and blitzing to make their very own Stone (Vegetable) Soup. Well done to all children for trying out new skills and having a taste! They’ve all promised to give parents a hand in the kitchen this weekend with their new cooking skills!


Year 2’s Marvellous Medicine

Year 2 have borrowed an idea from a favourite book of ours this week. In George’s Marvellous Medicine, George creates a medicine to deal with his terrifying grandmother. Our medicines have been to give super-speed, fire breath or transformation powers depending on the blend each child made.

Children planned out a potion, choosing from exotic ingredients. We estimated how much liquid would fit into our containers, before carefully measuring each ingredient out. We poured, sloshed, dribbled and strained our way through the day before ending up with a delicious array of medicines. Reports back on the taste mentioned “cupcakes”, “popcorn”, “strawberries”, “a sizzling taste” and “fizzing blackcurrant mix”.

After our creations, Year 2 noted down a set of instructions so that should we ever wish to create these amazing concoctions again, we simply have to follow our own recipe.

Well done on a great day Year 2!

Thursday 24th May – Year 2 Assembly

Year 2 are having a busy day on Thursday! Children are invited to come into school dressed in pyjamas to help raise money for Cancer Research. Children can wear pyjamas, dressing gowns or onesies in return for bringing in £1 to raise funds.

Parents are also invited into the school through the hall doors at 9.15am to learn a little of the story of Buddhism at the Year 2 class assembly.

Looking forward to seeing you in the morning,


Mr Rolison

As you will be aware, children in Years 2 and 6 are required to take end of Key Stage statutory assessments in English and Mathematics.  For children in Year 6, these test will take place during the week commencing 14th May – as is the case for all Year 6 children across the country.  These assessments – in reading, spelling, grammar and punctuation, and mathematics – are completed in school and marked by external organisations, the results of which are used to determine each child’s end of Key Stage attainment.  In addition, children’s writing is not determined by an assessment, but by rigorous teacher assessment of the work they have completed throughout the year.

Testing in KS1 is carried out slightly different in that there is no strict timetable for the assessments, although they must be administered before the end of May.  Assessments for Year 2 children are marked by school staff and the results used, alongside evidence already gathered by the class teacher, to determine the end of Key Stage attainment for these children.  We do not publish an exact timetable for when each of the KS1 assessments will take place as we do not wish for children to become anxious about them – and feel like, as much as possible, they shouldn’t really consider themselves to be taking ‘tests’.

The Department for Education have produced a leaflet at videos for parents to explain these assessments in further details, which we strongly recommend that, if your child is in either Year 2 or 6, you familiarise yourself with.  The leaflet can be downloaded here and the videos watched by following the link below.

Assessments are statutory and all children must complete them and so maintaining good attendance during this period is vital.  Children shouldn’t be worried or stressed about the tests – although whilst we tell them this, we know that they do worry!

Before the end of the academic year, parents of children in Year 2 and 6 will receive a full breakdown of their child’s attainment, which includes the test scores, the teacher assessments and how they have performed in relation to what is expected for children of their age.  Please note that whilst the assessments are completed in May, it is not until the end of June that teacher assessments are reported to the Local Authority and the 10th July when KS2 test results are returned to school.  You will therefore receive this breakdown with your child’s end of year report, which we hope to send out on 13th July.

Please be reassured that, whilst in some schools and areas, there is a huge hype around SATs, in the main there is no need for parents or children to be unduly worried or concerned about them.  We very much understand the need and importance of statutory assessments, but know that theses are mainly used to measure school performance and tell us very little that we, and indeed yourselves, don’t already know about our children.

With this in mind, we don’t hold information evenings or such like for parents.  That said, should you have any questions or concerns that you would like to discuss that you can’t find the answers to here, don’t hesitate to come and see myself, Mrs Quinn or the Year 2/6 class teachers.

Kind regards,

Mr Cooke


Monster Pumpkin Challenge

Year 2 are taking part in a national competition to grow a monster-sized pumpkin! The RHS was kind enough to send some gigantic seeds down to All Souls’ to be planted this week for the beginning of the competition. They were fully double the size of a regular seed!


The seeds will be carefully monitored, watered and preened over by Year 2 children before being transplanted into larger pots to begin to grow. We expect to see explosive growth in the next couple of weeks (as long as the weather improves – fingers crossed) so stay posted for updates about our pumpkin competitor; name not yet chosen.






Year 2’s Mousike Ensemble!

This morning Year 2 took part in the KS1 Mousike Ensemble along with several other Coventry primary schools. Children got a chance to show their singing skills and some who have been practising very hard were able to play instruments along with the songs.

Thank you to all of Year 2 for giving this morning your best effort, it was a brilliant showcase of all of your talents.

Saint Patrick’s Day Reminder


Remember that our coffee morning is taking place on Friday 16th March, from 9:15am-11:15am. All parents and friends of the school are welcome! Entrance to the event will cost £3 per person, which includes unlimited tea and coffee and a selection of cakes on each table. Additional cakes will also be on offer to purchase, either to eat at the event or to take home for later. Raffle tickets and Irish coffees will also be available for sale on the morning.

On the day itself, all children can come to school dressed up in the Irish colours. In return, we ask that the children bring in cakes that can be sold at the coffee morning. Due to the fact that getting hundreds of cakes ready on the morning is extremely hectic, this year, children are requested to bring these in on the days leading up to the event if at all possible please.

This event relies whole-heartedly on the generosity of our school community and is vital in raising funds for the school, so your support for this is very much appreciated- thank you in advance!