Shrek: The Musical!

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Tomorrow is our trip to Shrek: The Musical!

*All children will be having their lunch in school before we leave for the theatre.

*Children must wear full school uniform.

*They may bring one small packet of sweets & a bottle of water.

*Please collect your child from the theare at 4.00pm prompt- we will wait inside the foyer for parents.

*The 15 children who attend After-School Club will be brought back to school. NB- only the children who attend this facility on a Thursday were offered this.


Thankfully, the weather looks like it will be good to us for our walk there! We are looking forward to a wonderful afternoon of musical theatre. 🙂

Many thanks,

L. Frearson, K. McGovern & S .McDevitt

KS1 SATs Memo

As you are aware, KS1 SATs will be taking play during the month of May. Assessments for Year 2 children are marked by school staff and the results are used, alongside evidence gathered over the year, to determine the end of Key Stage attainment for these children.  We do not publish an exact timetable for when each of the KS1 assessments will take place as the timetable is flexible and we do not wish for children to become anxious about them – and feel like they shouldn’t really consider themselves to be taking ‘tests’ as such.

These assessments are nothing for the children (or parents!) to worry about and life in school will remain as normal as possible. As always, please ensure your child maintains good attendance during this period and that they turn up to school on time, after having a good night’s sleep and a good breakfast.

The Department for Education have produced a leaflet for parents to explain these assessments in further details which we recommend that you familiarise yourself with. The leaflet is available on the following website.

Before the end of the academic year, you will receive a breakdown of your child’s attainment, which includes the test scores, the teacher assessments and how they have performed in relation to what is expected for children of their age.  Please note that whilst the assessments are completed in May, it is not until the end of June that teacher assessments are reported to the Local Authority and July when KS2 test results are returned to school.  You will therefore receive this breakdown with your child’s end of year report.

Please be reassured that, whilst in some schools and areas, there is a hype around SATs, in the main there is no need for parents or children to be unduly worried or concerned about them.  We very much understand the need and importance of statutory assessments, but know that these are mainly used to measure school performance and tell us very little that we, and indeed yourselves, don’t already know about our children.

With this in mind, we don’t hold information evenings or such like for parents.  That said, should you have any questions or concerns that you would like to discuss that you can’t find the answers to here, don’t hesitate to come and see me.


Many thanks,

L. Frearson

Year 2 Mud Run!

Easter Egg Raffle

All of these eggs (and more on the way) are waiting to be won!

20p a ticket £1.00 a strip. Children can buy these from today until Thursday 11th April. They can buy their tickets in their classrooms from their
Class Teacher.

Names will be written on the back and will be entered into the draw which will be drawn next Friday (12th April).

Good luck!

Home Study Celebration

The children are looking forward to welcoming family and friends along to school to view their projects. The projects have been completed at home and look wonderful- thank you to all parents who have supported this!

The projects will be on display in classrooms and the same as last term, Year 6 will guide family members round.

Tours will be every few minutes from 2.15pm. The last tour will commence at 2.45pm  to allow time to organise classes ready for hometime.

We look forward to seeing you all on Friday 🙂

British Science Week Celebrations


Thank you to all of the children who made fabulous amounts of effort to come into school dressed as mad or famous scientists today and helped us celebrate our love for SCIENCE!

During the last two weeks, we have all been busy being Scientists, researching the answers to questions we wanted to find out, creating posters to celebrate this year’s theme of ‘Journeys’ and also taking part in a whole school quiz!

In a special assembly this afternoon, we got to share what we had been up to with the whole school and award prizes for the quiz winners and poster winners!

Well done to everybody who took part! We really appreciate your efforts and are very thankful for your kind donations too – we raised over £150!


Year 6 sharing their research to create an answer to their big question!

Whole school quiz:

Each class sharing their research questions and answers:

The winners of the poster competition and quiz:

(awaiting photos)

Reception being WOWed by Science!

Year 4 made badges!

Year 6!




A brilliant way to end British Science Week!

Thank you for everyone who dressed up as scientists today – you all looked amazing! We appreciate your £1 donations.

We have had a great day in Year 2 with our various Science activities. We loved finding out the answer to our class question: what happened to the dinosaurs? Ask us to explain how they became extinct!

A morning of music for Year 2

Year 2 enjoyed a wonderful morning this morning filled with music and singing. Our rehearsals paid off as we wowed everyone with our performance of ‘Under the Sea’! I hope you like our seaweed dancing!

Book Fair!



Our Book Fair is beginning this week in the school hall, Wednesday 20th March- Wednesday 27th March.

The times it will be open in the school hall will be as follows:

Wednesday 20th: 3.15-3.45

Thursday 21st:     3.15-3.45

Friday 22nd:         3.15-3.45

Monday 25th:       8.20-8.45 & 3.15-3.45

Tuesday 26th:      3.15-3.45

Wednesday 27th: 8.20-8.45

Please do come along and support this venture. There will be books on sale from £2.99 and each child will receive a £1.00 World Book Day token to put towards the cost. School will receive commission from sales to purchase books fro class libraries.

Many thanks in advance.