God’s love for us

A huge thank you to our two prayer leaders for a beautiful prayer service today all about God’s love for us. They were mature beyond their years and not only set up the prayer focus but also led the class in prayer and instructions throughout.

It has been great to see the Year One children growing in confidence and independence every week. Well done!

Anti-Bullying Week – Odd Socks Day!

Anti-Bullying Week – Odd Socks Day – Tuesday 12th November

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This week is Anti-Bullying Week. As a whole school we will be exploring this from many different perspectives. One of these is that we must respect the fact we are all different. To celebrate this, we are joining in Odd Socks Day and inviting children to come to school in odd socks on Tuesday 12th November. 

We encourage children to get creative and remember the brighter, the better! They can
be worn over trousers, one long, one short, however you please!

The important thing is that the children think about the fact it is ok to be different and that we should treat each other kindly.

Remembrance Day

We joined together today to commemorate Remembrance Day.

To mark the day World War One ended, at 11am on the 11th day of the 11th month, in 1918, we shared in prayer before holding a two minute silence  to remember those who have died in wars.

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Thank you to the children in Year Six who led us in prayer beautifully and reverently.

The Feast of All Souls

To celebrate our school’s special feast day, The Feast of All Souls, we gathered together in the hall to share in a whole school prayer service.

Year 6 led us into prayer beautifully, asking us to remember the souls of our loved ones who have passed. Although it is sad when people die, we remember that they are now at peace with God.

Each class took it in turns to offer forth an envelope filled with their prayers for their loved ones as each class teacher lit a candle to symbolise our prayer intentions.

It was such a lovely way to share in this special feast day!

The month of the Holy Rosary

On Friday Year One and Year Four shared in a prayer service together to end the half term. Our focus was the Holy Rosary. Year Four guided Year One through this special prayer, leading the prayers and setting high expectations of responses and behaviour.


Four prayer leaders from Year Four did a fantastic job of guiding us through the rosary and gave pauses for thought and reflection. We began every decade with a mystery read beautifully by the children and then reflected on this by dedicating 10 Hail Mary’s. At the beginning of each decade a partner pair was selected to light a candle together whilst the focus mystery was being read.


It was a very mature and beautifully reflective prayer service with all children aware of the importance of the Rosary and how we can pray this most special prayer.



Harvest Festival

Today the Year One children sorted all of the food ready to send off to the food bank. They worked in teams of 6 to sort the items into the correct carriers. The children wanted to know who was going to get the food so we spoke with the children about people in need around Coventry and how we can help them.

Mrs Quinn and Mrs Langford, our chair of governors, came in to see all our hard work and were very impressed with how we had chosen to group the different donations.

Thank you again for your donations!

Year One’s Extraordinary Month of Mission

Year one have been thinking over the past week about their special mission this month. This October the Catholic Church around the world will observe an Extraordinary Month of Mission. The EMM is an initiative of Pope Francis. Its aim is to encourage all members of our Catholic community to recognise themselves as missionary disciples, working and praying together to share God’s love with everyone, everywhere. We decided that as a class we wished to complete a special service together to give back to our local community.

The children have said special prayers for those without homes and wanted to “make the homeless people warm”. To achieve this they have said they would like to give hats, gloves, scarves, warm socks, blankets etc. to the homeless people in Coventry. We would be very grateful for any donations to help the children achieve this and are in contact with a local homeless shelter so we can drop them off. We are looking to do this the first week of November so if donations could be brought in before this they would be gratefully received.


Related imageThe whole school joined together in the hall this afternoon to share in  ‘A Time of Prayer’ live streamed with Archbishop Bernard Longley.

We prayed the Joyful Mysteries of the Rosary using a Mission Rosary, and also marked the Feast Day of Blessed John Henry Newman.

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The first few weeks in Year One

Life in Year One

We realise we have been very quiet the past few weeks but as the children are now settled we thought we would update you on our time so far. We couldn’t place everything we have done on here so decided we would put together a video of the children’s ‘best bits’ so you could see a few of the wonderful things we have been up to.