New Term New Teacher

Year One really enjoyed their first lesson with their new PE teacher Sam. They learnt some new ball skills which will hopefully help with their basketball technique. They continued to work on their targets of listening and following instructions accurately and had lots of fun along the way. 

Home Study Project celebration

We joined together to look at our fantastic home study projects all about the seasons. We chose our favourite season and created different pieces of artwork, models and information packs about this season. The children had the chance to view the different projects and ask the creators questions about these projects.

The new home-study project information has now been sent out with the children. Title – My Favourite Animals, children could produce a poster of their favourite animal, a model of it, video, a piece of artwork showing their favourite animal or any other means of their choice. This list is of some possible ideas but is not exhaustive. It is your child’s chance to show their creativity and imagination to then be brought in to celebrate their achievement. A separate guidance sheet has been given to the children to bring home.


What an exciting morning! We arrived to find a pirate flag hanging outside our classroom! We all made predictions about what could have happened and the plot thickened further when we arrived back from phonics to find a message in a bottle! After reading the letter we discovered that we had to answer rhyming riddles to collect clues.

The clues led us around the school picking up different objects as we went. We thought that the pirate Captain Jack must have dropped some of his items on the way. The final clue was a treasure map! The children went off on an adventure seeing if they could find an X around our school anywhere hoping to find treasure.

We then received another letter to say one of the pirates was missing and still around our school! We wrote fantastic descriptions to describe the pirate hoping that we will be able to make missing posters with information about the pirate.  Let us see what next week brings…

The Annunciation

A huge welcome back after our Christmas break! We are still focusing on the Christmas story within our classrooms as Christmastide is still ongoing as we look further into the true meaning of Christmas. We started by role playing The Annunciation when the angel Gabriel arrived to tell Mary she was having the most special baby. We all had a go at playing both parts and we have definitely got some aspiring actors and actresses in our midst!


A trip to Ash End Farm

What a wonderful trip! The rain held off for most of the day and we were even blessed with a little sunshine. We fed animals, met brand new baby piglets and stroked chicks that were only 3 days old, we held on to some ‘junior’ chickens that all wanted a closer look at our faces, met Santa’s reindeer, took part in a Nativity with a real life donkey (!), went to Santa’s house and received a lovely gift, ate lunch next to an open fire. We all had the chance to stroke a 20 year old tortoise who was more than friendly, stroke a very happy snake, met a HUGE Shire horse that took a liking to our coats and hats, saw various birds of prey that had been rescued by the centre and got to bounce away on a bouncy castle (despite our wet feet). It was a busy, fun-filled day and we all had a great time! Enjoy looking at our pictures below.


Food Glorious Food

Today the children enjoyed their Christmas dinner. Dressed in their Christmas jumpers, the children sat down to enjoy their Christmas meal served by their teachers. The children pulled crackers, bopped along to Christmas classics and enjoyed some delicious turkey with plenty of vegetables. The children were all beautifully mannered and all enjoyed their Christmas meal together.


Week of Love

Today the whole school came together to think about the final week of Advent – the week of love. We looked carefully at Joseph’s love for Mary and the trust that he placed in God when finding out that his life was to be the mother of Jesus. We sat together and reflected on the story of Joseph being spoken to by the angel.

The Chaplaincy team read beautifully and engaged the children in character specific viewpoints before we then came together to reflect on how we could show love to others during Christmas

Each year group then took a pile of hearts and thought of one person they were going to show love to during this time. Whilst in silent meditation, they thought of this person and thought of how they could show them love. Ending by singing ‘love shone down’ the children brought their hearts to offer to their own prayer focus within their classrooms.





Advent day

Today we celebrated Advent day, to get ourselves ready for the coming of Jesus. As we created a wreath with our handprints and finger prints, we made promises about what we were going to try and do during Advent to become closer to God.

We then created wreaths with Mrs Fox. We spoke about the importance of the candles and as we placed them into the wreath discussed what each week meant. We then looked at the meaning of the holly and fir and the wreath being a circle that never ends, just like God’s love for us.


Weather forecasters

Year One became weather forecasters today; they looked at the weather expected over the next few days and wrote weather predictions based on weather which would be normal for this season. The children then found Coventry on a map of the United Kingdom and after watching a weather forecast tried it for themselves.

They were able to perform their group-planned weather forecast and tried their hand at some actions as well!

Primary or Secondary? Our work on the colour wheel

Today in Art we looked at primary and secondary colours, we had a go at mixing these colours together to make a colour wheel that we could use to help us to know which colours we would need to mix together to make purple, green and orange in future lessons.

We spoke about how some colours were warm and some were cool colours. We then thought about how in certain pictures we may want to use certain colours to give ideas as to what message we are trying to get across.