Superstars – Monday 26th March 2018

Due to the Sports Relief activities on Friday, we couldn’t fit in Superstars.  They will therefore be given out today.  Well done to all our Superstars!  There are a few extras this week due to there being no assembly the week before.

Lilah – for good phonics skills and improved writing
Christian – for great reading and improved phonics

Year 1
Jarvis – for trying hard with his handwriting
Ceide-Mae – for having lovely ideas in story writing

Year 2
Roman – for putting in great effort when writing to make perfect sentences
Livia – for using great description and imaginative ideas in her version of a fairy tale story
Olivier – for working hard to learn the method of reading a clock
Olivia – for creating fantastic similes for describing a fairy tale character

Year 3
Darci – for fantastic work in maths this week.  Darci worked very hard finding the correct faces, edges and vertices for 3D shapes
Miles – for concentrating on his handwriting this week.  He has tried really hard to improve the formation of his letters.
The whole of Year 3 – for a wonderful performance in the Easter Play!

Year 4
Helena – for superb effort in drafting, editing and typing up the final version of her story in English
Rebecca –  for superb effort in drafting, editing and typing up the final version of her story in English
All of Year 4 for providing their friends and families with a beautiful reflection on the events of Holy Week

Year 5
Roderick – for excellent explanations of his ideas in Maths!
Bethany – for fantastic decimals work this week and an increased confidence in sharing answers in Maths.

Year 6
Jason – for a huge improvement in his behaviour in the last few weeks.  Keep it up!
Connor – for a huge improvement in his behaviour in the last few weeks.  Keep it up!

Year 4’s Lenten Penitential Service

Year 4 led a beautiful and reflective penitential service with Father Michael today, in which we listened to the Gospel to remind us of the story of Jesus in the desert and thought about times when we may not have shown love.

Thank you to Father Michael for guiding the children in their confessions. Year 4 have promised as they continue their journey of love throughout Lent, they will try very hard to make the right choices just like Jesus did.

*Thank you also to the parents at the end of the day who were very patient in waiting for the children to finish this very special time – it was greatly appreciated. 

British Science Week 2018

This week is British Science Week (9-18th March 2018)

Image result for british science week 2018

British Science Week, run by the British Science Association, is a ten-day celebration of science, technology, engineering and maths.

This year’s theme is ‘Exploration and Discovery’

Due to an extremely busy Spring term so far and a very short half term until we break up for Easter with lots of exciting things to still pack in tightly, we have made the decision to move our celebrations of British Science Week into the Summer term.

That’s not to say Science won’t be celebrated this week through our usual exciting Science lessons but we want to ensure we give it the credit it is due and truly give it an All Souls’ spin! Stay tuned to find out more information about what exciting visitors we have booked, competitions you can enter, activities that we have planned and, of course, an opportunity for us to dress up!

In the meantime, if you would like to find out more about British Science Week or find out about how you can get involved at home, please visit:

Year 6 and The Money Lenders

Well done to the children of Year 6, for sharing a dramatic and thought provoking presentation of ‘Jesus and the Money Lenders’, during this mornings Family Mass. Many thanks to Mr Marsh and Miss Quinn for their contributions and help with script, props and costumes. As I watched I felt proud of our children. As they prepare for the Sacrament  of Confirmation, a lovely way to share with their families and the Parish the Gospel Readings.


Mrs K McGovern

RE Subject Lead

World Book Day 2018

In school today, we celebrated World Book Day. The aim of the day is to celebrate the joy and value of books and the art of reading.

Children, and many staff members, attended school dressed as book characters and it was very interesting to see the different costumes. Thank you, parents, for your efforts in getting costumes prepared/made. The money that pupils donated for the privilege of dressing up today will be used to purchase new books for our school library.


Some pupils chose to enter a competition which required them to produce a painting of a character or scene from a book of their choice. A great deal of time, thought and effort had gone into these and everyone at school thoroughly enjoyed looking at them. This year, each class, chose a winner and a runner-up from another year group and I know that the children did not find deciding on winners an easy task. All competition winners will have the opportunity to show their paintings to the rest of the school during tomorrow’s Superstar’s Assembly. All paintings have been kept and will be displayed around school.


As this year’s theme was ‘Share a Story’ the pupils in older year groups visited the children in lower year groups in order to share a story with a child from a different class. The younger children were very excited to be listening to another child read a story to them and it gave the older children the opportunity to show off their reading abilities. It was rewarding to see the children communicating and getting to know each other a little better. After both staff and pupils talked about the experience and certainly felt that this was something that they would like to do more often.


During English lessons Key Stage One and Key Stage Two children were asked to write a story independently which included the character that they had chosen to dress up as. Staff are looking forward to reading these stories and some will be displayed, in school, over the coming weeks.

Some interesting and appealing book token have been designed by the children and will be entered into the National World Book Day competition. One winner and one runner-up will be selected from three age categories. Winners (school or child) have the opportunity to win book tokens. Let’s hope that some of our children’s entered are successful!

Children also designed their own book covers and had quizzes in their classes.

This year, as with previous years, World Book Day at All Souls was a great success and I would like to thank all those involved – pupils, parents and staff. The joys and benefits of reading are enormous and we, at All Souls, hope to continue to encourage and enthuse all of our children with above of reading that will last well beyond World Book Day.

Our Roman Adventure

Thank you to the year three parents for your support towards our trip to Lunt Fort. Despite being an extremely cold day the children were troopers and stated engaged and participating throughout. The centre staff commented on how well they behaved and asked that we pass this on to their parents.
The children learnt an awful lot during their time and I think one of the highlights had some to be the final battle as their initiation into the Roman Army. Please see some of the photos and videos below.

Well done to the children for such beautiful behaviour despite the temperature.

World Book Day Reminder

Please remember that World Book Day is on Thursday, 1st March, 2018 and that the children can come to school dressed as a book character of their choice. For this privilege, children are asked to donate one pound. All of the money raised will be used towards helping to purchase new books for our school library. Also, the children can enter an in-house competition to paint a picture of a character or a scene from a book. These paintings can be brought into school from today.

Children in Years 3, 4, 5 and 6 need to ensure that they have chosen a short, suitable, age-appropriate book to read to a child in another year group. This book can be brought in from home or borrowed from the school library or a classroom library. Children in Year 5 will read to children in Nursery and children in Year 6 will read to children in Reception. Year 4 children will read to Year 1 children and Year 3 children will read to Year 2.

We are looking forward to seeing the children in their different costumes on Thursday.

Thank you for your continued support.