Staffing and Transition for 2020-21

Dear Parents,

We are now pleased to be able to confirm the allocation of teachers to year groups for the next academic year.  Due to the current circumstances, this has been much more difficult than it would usually be and we thank you for your patience and understanding.  As we fully digest all of the information and guidance related to the full re-opening of school in September, we will be able to confirm teaching assistant allocation – hopefully by the end of next week.

Year Group – Teacher
Nursery – Mrs Schofield
Reception – Mrs Jilks
Year 1 – Miss Corkerry
Year 2 – Miss Clarke
Year 3 – Miss Hayden
Year 4 – Mr Rolison
Year 5 – Miss Piercy
Year 6 – Mrs Hartwell

We are delighted to have appointed Miss Aimee Piercy into the position of a full-time class teacher, following her successful year of training with us.  We were also delighted to appoint Miss Madison Hayden as a class teacher, following the departure of Miss McDonagh.

Each teacher has written a letter to the children they will be receiving in September.   These letters are available to download below.  Please take the time to download and share this letter with your child:

Children entering Nursery in Sept 2020
Children entering Reception in Sept 2020
Children entering Year 1 in Sept 2020
Children entering Year 2 in Sept 2020
Children entering Year 3 in Sept 2020
Children entering Year 4 in Sept 2020
Children entering Year 5 in Sept 2020
Children entering Year 6 in Sept 2020

In addition, for children entering Years 1-6, we will be holding transition sessions, via Zoom, next week.  The schedule for these is below and the individual meeting details will be emailed out to you early next week.  For Years 1-3, the sessions will be done in groups.  The email link that you receive will indicate the group/session your child should attend.

Year Group in Sept 2020 – Zoom day/time
Year 1 – Wednesday 8th July (Gr1, 10:45-11:30am; Gr2, 11:30-12:15pm; Gr3, 12:15-1:00pm)
Year 2 – Thursday 9th July (Gr1, 10:00-10:45am; Gr2, 10:45-11:30am; Gr3, 11:30-12:15pm)
Year 3 – Friday 10th July (Gr1, 10:00-10:45am; Gr2, 11:00-11:45am)
Year 4 – Wednesday 8th July, 1-2pm
Year 5 – Thursday 9th July, 1-2pm
Year 6 – Friday 10th July, 1-2pm

Finally, at the end of next week, each teacher will be making available a small pack of activities for the children to complete during the Summer holidays.  These will be posted here on the school website.

Whilst the school will be closed to children during the Summer break, we are acutely aware of how difficult the past few months have been (and continue to be) for some families.  Should you need to make contact, myself and Mrs Quinn are still available via email ( / throughout the summer – although please do bear in mind that it may take us a little longer than usual to pick these up and reply to you.


*Year One* Home Learning – W/B 18th May 2020

Another week of fantastic learning from Year One. I am so proud of all you have achieved and really enjoy reading your emails and looking at your photos.

George has had another busy week. He has been working on his RE, Design Technology, geography, reading comprehension and continuing his fantastic building of Lego. I loved his prayer and his fantastic story below! Please have a read. Well done George!

Phoebe has had another busy week and has worked really hard on the tricky concept of time. Phoebe sped through the work after it ‘clicked’ and is looking forward to receiving her own clock! Phoebe has also been working hard on her writing and has written some promises that she is going to try and keep after reading the story of Jesus promising his disciples that the Holy Spirit would come to them.

We also send huge birthday wishes to Phoebe who celebrated her birthday earlier in the week! Hope you had a wonderful day!
Well done Phoebe!

It was lovely to receive an email from Tai this week showing how well he has been getting on with the concept of time. He enjoyed watching the videos and has flown through his maths work. He also wrote me a letter as his writing task this week and it is lovely to see how well he is getting on with his handwriting. In his letter he said he is missing his friends at school and asked if I was missing them too. I really am missing you all Tai and hope to see you all soon! In his letter he also explains that he is making an Optimus Prime suit that transforms into a car! Once again, showing his fantastic imagination and creativity. Keep it up Tai!

Veronica sent in more of her maths work. She continues to work hard in maths and has answered some quite tricky word problems for measurement using her own strategies for addition, including column addition. She has also had a go at reading some scales for measuring volume and mass, despite the computer moving all the boxes around! Well done Veronica!

Another week of hard work for Grace. She has focused particularly on maths and has challenged herself to complete some of the more tricky elements of time such as word problems and working out hours less, hours more and reading the time to o’clock and half past. Having learnt about the promise Jesus made and Pentecost in RE, Grace wrote an invitation for a Pentecost party! I’d love to join especially as there promises to be singing and dancing! I also loved seeing Grace’s fruity art! She made a fantastic owl using many different fruits. Fantastic! Well done!

Nursery Work

I am really proud of the work that Ollie sent me and I know that Ollie and his mum are super proud too. He went into the garden and did these wonderful pictures of his family all by himself. Mum spelt out the words for him and Ollie wrote them  – amazing!

Thank you for all the lovely work everone has sent me. Keep it coming and I will post it on the Home Learning page for you now that I have eventually worked out how to do it!


Work Updates pt 1

This is a super bumper edition of work that has come in.  I apologise for the massive delay since the last post.  I also apologise if I’ve missed anything out or duplicated work that others have already posted.  We really do appreciate how hard our children (and parents!) are working and love receiving work and photos of what you are up to.

I’m going to start with some updates from Early Years!

Firstly from Jakob:

and from Seth:

and Harrison too:

and here’s some lovely photos from Scarlett:

and from Aine:

and Aurora:

and Sarah Maria:

and Nathan:

and James:

and George:

and here’s some from Milosz:




Austin & Flynn:





Fourth Week of Home Learning For Year Four

Oliver has worked hard this week. He has answered comprehension questions and he has kept a food diary for science. Also, he has practised his spellings, certain letter joins in handwriting and, in grammar, the use of apostrophes to show single possession. Oliver has made a map of the street that he lives in and the streets around it. His mum said how positive he is about his home learning which is good to hear. Well done and keep up the fantastic work, Oliver!

The children have been busy sketching a portrait of somebody in their house. Olivia chose to sketch her sister, Rebecca. What a great portrait! We are sure Rebecca was very pleased with your efforts, Olivia.

Lottie chose her dog, Fergi, to sketch. Fergi looks well-behaved sitting giving his paw but Lottie told me he isn’t most of the time! I think you’ve tried really hard and produced an excellent portrait, Lottie.

Below is a sketch of Ted’s baby brother, Barney. I love how Ted has drawn his brother’s eyes in great detail and how he has included all of the ‘out of place’ hairs. Well done, Ted!

Olivier sketched a portrait of his mum.

Also, Olivier kept a food diary for science, practised using apostrophes to show single possession in grammar and drew a map of the street that he lives on and the streets that surround it. He continued to train daily with Joe Wicks and he trained hard in Taekwondo via ‘Zoom’. Olivier enjoyed riding his bicycle to Jacob’s house so that he could see him from a safe distance. I’m sure Jacob was pleased to see you too!

Alicja has continued to work extremely hard at home. In maths, she has been busy converting units of length, mass, volume and capacity. In science, she kept a food diary and, in art, she sketched a portrait of her baby brother. Alicja answered comprehension questions and, in R.E, she explored the Gospel accounts of the resurrection of Jesus. Well done, Alicja! You always try your hardest.


The week from Year 5

I hope you all had a restful Easter break and I was glad to catch up with some of Year 5 through phone calls in the break. Look out for a post on the front page for a Zoom call to join in with next week.


This week, lots of excellent work has been sent in to be shared – I’m glad to see lots of you working hard from home.

Archie G has shared his fitness routine as well as his reading den. Take a look at his first poem created during the holiday as well as his poem based around the moon.

Cerys had a busy week. Here is her maths multiplication work, tanka poem about the moon, texture patterns for Art, research into some key terms about space and comparing two Bible passages for R.E..

Daniel G has been getting stuck into landscaping! I wonder how long before he starts demanding a wage? He’s also worked on Geography research, a Moon poem and shown a comfy spot to read.

Darci showed a creative side through her diagram of our solar system, her prime and square numbers poster, a range of pencil techniques and a brilliant tanka poem. She also found time somewhere to get a workout in each day!

Niko has found many favourite spots around the house to get stuck into a book detailing how space functions. This has been very useful for his research into some key terms for our solar system.

Roza had a creative Easter break, resulting in some great looking sushi, a very colourful dog and a chain reaction marble run.

Check out her marble run here.

Taya has shown her favourite reading spot as well as the research into different mountains she has carried out this week for Geography.

*Year 6 – Home Learning – Week 4!*

I absolutely loved catching up with most of you on the phone last week – it was great to hear you all enjoyed the Easter holidays with your families!

Now it’s back to home learning and already we have had lots of fab photos emailed in. Keep them coming!

Liam LJ created this stunning timeline to reflect on the events of Holy Week:

He has also been busy making Oreo desserts that look delicious!

Niamh has been busy making new tops, dinner for the family and cracking on with her maths:

Check out her fab poem too:

Harry has started the week with lots of enthusiasm:

Please take the time to read his beautiful poetry:

He has also been making time to go on adventures with his little brother:

I love Roisin’s mnemonics and her poem:

and Isla’s poetry:

Hannah created this beautiful rainbow outside her house (check out her dip-dyed hair too!):

She has also been busy helping Mum and Dad with the cleaning:

And of course working her way through this week’s task (I love the poetry!):

The card she made for her Nan is beautiful too:

Frank sent me a rather cheeky email to let me know that he enjoyed not doing any school work for the Easter holidays but ‘unfortunately’ has been busy with it this week. We know he’s missing us really!

I really loved his pop up card he created for DT. He chose to make a birthday card for Jan and delivered it as part of his daily exercise. I am sure it made Jan’s birthday extra special!


Ethan enjoyed a visit from Mr Cooke and Mrs Quinn this week and also has been busy practising his handwriting using the blurb of our new book – check out his tiger!

Ethan chose to make his pop up card for his mum to thank her for her support with his home learning – how thoughtful and what a beautiful card too!

EK (1)

He has also spent lots of time working on these two stunning poems:

… and working his way through various other tasks:

as well as cleaning the whole house!

William has also been a busy bee working hard as well as dying his hair green, planting vegetables and working out:

Here’s Molly’s work and our weekly update from Bob the boxer too:

Look at her yummy cookies! Loving the Star Baker apron:

Here’s all of Emily’s hard work:

Here’s William’s work (and pictures of him helping with the chores, chilling and his gorgeous cats!):

Good Friday

Today marks Good Friday, the day we remember Jesus giving up his life for us. It is important to remember that although today the sun may shine it is a day of sorrow, sadness and repentance. Today we should fast, pray and have some time of silence to commemorate the sacrifice that Jesus made on this day.

During this time in particular it is easy to think of how dark things are and feel sorrow for the things we are missing out on. However, it is always darkest before the light and during this special time it is possible to look past this dark time and focus on the light. Turn our heads away from the sad, worrying things happening in our world and search for the light that exists everywhere. Pray, ask for forgiveness and reflect on all the things to be grateful for.

Please try to live stream a mass at 3pm and encourage your children to take part in this and spend some time today in quiet reflection.

“On this Good Friday may be all be blessed with strength of spirit, hope in things to come and compassion for our worldly family.” Amen.

Week Three of Home Learning For Year 4

Niamh has been busy. She has sequenced and explained the key events of Holy Week, the most sacred time of year. Also, Niamh drew a very impressive sketch of what she could see out of one of the windows in her house. I particularly like your image of the electric mini car in the garden, Niamh!

Patrick accurately sequenced and explained the key events of Holy Week and he presented his work well. Excellent, Patrick!


Eva has worked hard to create a timeline of events which happened during Ancient Greek times. Her timeline is bright, colourful and very well presented. Eva scored full marks when tested on the spellings of words that she had to learn. Well done, Eva!

Also, Lottie created a timeline of events from Ancient Greek times. She decided to present hers in her Home Learning Book. Accurate work, Lottie!

Ffion has, with the help of her dad, created a guitar using materials in her house. You look like you has great fun making the guitar and the final result is excellent. Also, Ffion baked an array of delicious goodies and completed the maths and English activities set. Good girl!