Well done Year 2!


Year 2 were up to the challenge this morning and set about making a net to produce a cube.  It was tricky but they didn’t give up.  They worked in pairs and Ethan and Jamie were the first to design a net that made a cube.  Well done to them.  The children all then used a net to make a dice.  Reception staff really enjoyed working with the children.  It was a fun morning for all.



Salsa Dancing!

Year 6 have been dancing their way through the week after learning all about the origin of Salsa dancing. They practised the basic rhythm before pairing up and showing off their moves.


Mysterious happenings in Y3!!!!

Y3 arrived in class today to find Granny Wartnose missing and a chaotic mess!

Mrs Quinn, Mr Cooke, Mrs McGovern and Miss McGinn are most confused as to why this incident has occurred. Many theories are circulating but we have 33 budding journalists hot on the trail to investigate just what has happened. Watch this space for further updates!

Superstars – Friday 18th January 2019

Well done to all our Superstars this week!

Evie – for fantastic rhyming work
Fintan – for great improvement in number recognition

Year 1
Shaye – for a fantastic first week back and a brilliant attitude to learning as well as becoming a fab big brother!
Katherine – for a wonderful attitude to learning and life in general. She is always smiling.

Year 2
Ethan – for trying his hardest in maths
Noah – for good listening and great contributions in class

Year 3
Tommy – for lovely descriptive writing in RE
Niamh – for lovely descriptive writing in RE

Year 4
Laura – for fantastic effort in History learning about the Stone Age
Esme – for showing confidence in lessons and speaking to the whole class

Year 5
Assumpta – for massive amounts of times tables practice, giving her rapid recall in tests and during lessons
Erin O – for good focus during maths lessons to understand and use the processes in discussion

Year 6
Ocean – for excellent work in Maths using common multiples to find equivalent fractions
Nathan – for clearly explaining how waterfalls are formed in Geography

Superstars – Monday 11th January 2019

Well done to all our Superstars this week!

Anaya – for fantastic independent writing
Willow – for great improvement in writing independently

Year 2
Ceide-Mae – for listening carefully and offering brilliant answers
Oliver – for trying really hard with his writing

Year 3
Leo – for working hard and applying himself to his work
Eva – for working hard and applying herself to her work

Year 4 & 5
The whole class – for their excellent behavior and enthusiasm at Harry Potter Studios

Year 6
Muno – for her hard work explaining the process of the water cycle in Geography
Laura – for her careful classifying skills when comparing animals in Science

Year 3 Sunday School

Thank you to all the parents and children who attended this mornings Sunday School.

The children enjoyed sharing their art work and home-made bread with Father Michael.

Well done and thank you to all the parents who read during mass.

When we come together as home, school and church to celebrate mass it is very special and a lovely way to prepare for the sacrament of Holy Communion.

I personally enjoy seeing the children’s work on display in the church. It is a way to share our journey of faith with the parish. The children’s work will remain in church until Tuesday for the first whole school mass of 2019. Please join us if you can.


Thank you for your continued support

Mrs K McGovern



End of term Year 3

Year 3 will be finishing for the Christmas holidays on

Friday 21st December 2018, the same day as the rest of the school.

There was an error with dates in the Autumn Newsletter.

apologies for any problems.

Mrs K McGovern