Year 3 Artist Study

Today we began our study of  the artist Andrew Goldsworthy.

Each child created a profile page using natural materials.

Here we are gathering natural objects for our fact file and completing our  profile page.



The children all had a great start.  They settled well and quickly made friends. We were very busy exploring the environment and activities.  We met the lunch time staff ready for Monday and Mrs Quinn came in to say hello.  Please can we have all PE kit in by Tuesday. Thank you

Below are a few pictures of the week.


Year 3 Sacramental Preparation

Today we began our Sacramental Preparation Journey. Well done to all the Year 3 children who attended the first Sunday School. It was lovely to see so many of you, showing commitment and taking the first steps to receiving your First Holy Communion. Thank you to parents and  families for supporting your child, it really is a family, school and Parish celebration.

The children behaved beautifully, and we shared a special moment of prayer with Father Michael in front of the Eucharist.


See you tomorrow

Mrs McGovern


Year Three Go WILD!

WOW! What a lovely trip. Year Three visited Dudley Zoo today and what a wonderful end of year trip to finish a brilliant year. The children were incredibly well behaved as they always are and represented the school wonderfully. Despite the crowds of people and other schools we managed to pack a huge amount of walking, exploring and map-reading into a relatively short period of time.

Some of us came face to face with a tiger; saw the giraffes eating from the tree tops, monkeys monkeying around and some close encounters with lots of animals. The children had the chance to feed the Lorikeets, stroke the chinchillas, feed the meerkats and wave hello as well as ROAR at lots of different animals along the way. We even had the chance to watch a bird of prey display whilst eating our lunch!

The freedom of such a huge space was brilliant for the children who let off some steam by running around the various playgrounds and
adventure areas. Some very tired but content children on the journey back home, they’ll sleep well tonight.

Our last trip of Year Three – it’s been a blast!

R-Time in Year

Year 1 R-Time, working with a partner, developing turn taking, co-operation and listening skills.



Mastering the use of an atlas in geography lessons.



The children were trying to locate Colombia!

A quick reminder

Hope the week is going well.  Just a quick reminder, after the break the Reception children will be left at the school gate to walk around by themselves.  Reception staff will be on the playground and at the gate to make sure they are ok.  We are looking forward to the start of the final term on Monday.