Year 3 First confession


Well done to all the children who made their First Confession today.

Your contribution to the discussion with Father Michael, your engagement in class

and today in church the respect and commitment you showed have all been wonderful.

Thank you to all Year 3 parents and families for your support.

Mrs Quinn, Mr Cooke and myself are all very proud of you.


A Super Week!

The children were fantastic on Wednesday in our class assembly. Well done to all.

After Half Term we are going to be looking at Superheroes.  We are having a Superhero Headquarters in the classroom and have started to build and draw our own superheroes.

On Sunday our prayer friends will be at church for their Confirmation, it would be good to see as many children as possible supporting their friend.

When we start back on Tuesday, the children will walk around the playground in the morning  on their own.  The will be staff on the playground to support them.  Please could you supply them with a water bottle because they will be having a morning break with the other children.

We would like to wish you all an enjoyable break with your families.


Well done Year 2!


Year 2 were up to the challenge this morning and set about making a net to produce a cube.  It was tricky but they didn’t give up.  They worked in pairs and Ethan and Jamie were the first to design a net that made a cube.  Well done to them.  The children all then used a net to make a dice.  Reception staff really enjoyed working with the children.  It was a fun morning for all.



Salsa Dancing!

Year 6 have been dancing their way through the week after learning all about the origin of Salsa dancing. They practised the basic rhythm before pairing up and showing off their moves.


Mysterious happenings in Y3!!!!

Y3 arrived in class today to find Granny Wartnose missing and a chaotic mess!

Mrs Quinn, Mr Cooke, Mrs McGovern and Miss McGinn are most confused as to why this incident has occurred. Many theories are circulating but we have 33 budding journalists hot on the trail to investigate just what has happened. Watch this space for further updates!