Year 4 Home Study Task 3

Year 4 ~ Home Study Task 3 ~ Asia

Choose a country in Asia to study in detail. Create a piece of work to reflect what you have learnt. This piece could be a poster, a video, a factfile etc.

  • What can you find out about the country’s culture?
  • What are the country’s human and physical features?
  • Does the country have any famous landmarks?
  • Do any famous people come from this country?

Due: Wednesday, 19th February, 2020.

Year Three’s Christmas Party!

We had a brilliant end to 2019 with lots of festive fun! We ate plenty of snacks, danced and sang to Christmas songs and had some photos with our photo booth props!


Coombe Country Park

Year 6 had great fun visiting Coome Country Park today!

When we got there, we showed off how much we had learnt and really impressed John and Lucy, our workshop leaders!

We were then left a little disappointed as we found out we couldn’t get in the river because it had risen too much and so was too dangerous! BUT it was interesting to see how much the recent downpour of rain had changed the look of Coombe and the colour of the river! 

Despite the risen water levels, we still got to carry out our river study and of course splash in quite a few puddles along the way!

First we measured the width of the river, before trying our best to measure the depth of it and different points. We found it very difficult to keep the measuring stick still as the river was flowing so fast! The river was so deep, our measuring stick wasn’t long enough to measure it at two of our points!

Next came the task of measuring the flow of the river by dropping our very scientific equipment (wooden sticks) down one side of the bridge and recording how long they took to travel through the other side using stopwatches. Again, because of the increased flow of the river, which had picked up lots of debris (hence the murky coloured water!), this was more difficult to do and our sticks kept getting lost!

Ask us what we found out to see if we can explain what our results taught us about our study of the River Smite.

Finally, we got to go and visit the (overflowing!) pond and do some pond-dipping to see what kind of invertebrates we could find!

We had such a brilliant time in which we learnt so much in relation to both our Geography and Science units!

Visiting the Rain(y) Forest

Today, Year 5 enjoyed a trip out to the Birmingham Botanical Gardens.

On arrival in the morning we were quickly introduced to a variety of animals living in the rainforest across the world. We learnt about materials harvested and used in the rainforest and reflected on why the rainforest is such a vital ecosystem for humans.

We then had the opportunity to handle some exotic animals which can be found in tropical rainforest areas. Some of us were a little scared but brave volunteers handled stick insects, corn snakes and bearded dragons.


After a much-needed lunch, we set out on an expedition through many different climates contained within the glass greenhouses. Here we found an amazing range of plants suited to the many climates found on our planet.











  Moving through the afternoon, we explored an adventure playground area and many different plants suited to the rainy English weather.







Well done on brilliant discussion and behaviour throughout the day Year 5!


Hello Everyone,

Despite the wet weather this week we went out on our creation walk to look at the wonderful world around us and to find things which God has made. Continuing our theme of the natural world and Autumn, next week we will be making collages made from natural materials, so if you are out and about this weekend at the park, perhaps you could collect some leaves, twigs (small!), acorns, cones etc for Nursery. Nursery has been very colourful and bright this morning for ‘Brighten up for Harvest’ – thank you for the generous donations you have made to CAFOD. Have a good weekend and lets hope it does’nt rain too much!

The Nursery Team

Symmetrical Shapes

Yesterday, Year 4 enjoyed finding lines of symmetry in 2D shapes. In pairs, the children cut the shapes out before folding them to see whether or not they are symmetrical and, if they are, how many lines of symmetry they have. Ask your child what he/she found out about line symmetry in regular polygons.

Thank you and Goodbye

A huge thank you to all my wonderful friends and colleagues at All Souls School and All Sorts, parents, grandparents and children. I have been overwhelmed by the many gifts, flowers, cards and messages I have received as I leave All Souls School.

All Souls will always hold a special place in my memory and heart. The biggest thanks for all the great times and experiences goes to the children I have worked with over the years.

I will continue to remember  you all in my prayers.

Kathleen McGovern

Year 3 Celebrate


As promised a few more photographs of our First Holy Communion

celebrations, including a visit from some of our siblings with beautiful cards they made.


Communion Breakfast

Here are Year 3 enjoying their surprise First Holy Communion celebration breakfast. They came back from assembly expecting a maths lesson but instead!  A lovely time celebrating together as a class, then to end  the day by sharing a chocolate communion cake provided by Father Michael, Barbara McGowan and the parish. Thank you.