Oh no! It’s that time of year.

It is really early to be thinking the Christmas word but we have to think ahead.  We have given the children lines for the Christmas play to practise over the holidays.  It will really help if you can practise these with you child because some children do have a lot of words to learn.

We are very pleased with how far the children have come in just one half term, they have worked so hard.  We have a lot to look forward to when we come back, one of them being the Christmas Nativity Play, but also a trip out to the Snowdome to see Father Christmas.

We hope you have a lovely half term break and we look forward to the term ahead.

Below are a few photographs of our week,exploring our senses and looking at patterns.

Welcome Mass and the week ahead.

Thank you to all the families who came to support the children at Mass.  It was lovely to see so many children, they sang beautifully and their art work looked lovely.

The children have a new set of tricky words to practise this week, thank you for hearing them practise these words, it really makes a difference.

We have been looking at our senses over the last two weeks and discovering how our taste buds work and what it is like not to be able to see.  This week we will be exploring our sense of hearing.     In Mathematics we will be talking about estimating and then counting to check.  In Literacy we are going to be writing about what pets we would like.


Autumn in the Park

We had a beautiful day in the park looking at God’s wonderful world. The children were excited to spot all the different colours and patterns around them. They were all well behaved and enjoyed having a morning out and sharing milk and fruit in the outdoors.

Pictures of our busy week

We started our week baking cakes.  Ms Croarken made Kippers’ cake with baked beans , jam, sugar, cornflakes and milk.  It was not good!  Mrs Jilks made us a proper cake and we ate it at snack time, it tasted much better!

We also explored our sense of taste and of touch.

We went outside to collect some of the things in the natural world that God made.  We used these to make our own pictures of flowers and animals.

Thank you

A big thank you for the generous gifts you sent for our Cafod collection.  We were very grateful and talked to the children about where your tins and packets are going and who they were going to help.

Thank you for all the parents who are donating to our Reception fund.  It helped towards the cake making and food tasting this week.  The children will be able to talk to you about one of the things we have bought with the money next week.

Next week we are going to visit the Memorial Park.  The visit is to look at the changing seasons and the wonderful world God made.  If it is raining we will re arrange the visit for another day.

Prayer Friends

This week Year 6 and Reception gathered together in our prayer garden to get to know each other and find out who their prayer friends will be. They really enjoyed playing with each other and having their photos taken before they joined together in Church for their first shared whole school mass to celebrate 50 years of our school building.

We were so impressed with how beautifully and reverently Reception behaved in Church and what superb role models Year 6 were. We are looking forward to watching their friendships develop as Year 6 continue to teach and guide Reception both in Church and at school.

New Friends!

This week we meet our Prayer Friends for the first time.  We spent the afternoon finding out about them and having our photographs taken together.  They then supported us on our first visit to Church as a class.  Thank you Year 6 for looking after us and making us feel safe.

Reception pupils have now started to bring home a library book on Friday.  This book is for sharing at home and will need to be returned by the following Friday, so that it can be exchanged for a new one.

We now also have a class ‘Prayer Bag’.  This bag contains lots of things that you can use for a family prayer service at home.  The bag will come home with one child on a Friday  and needs to come back by the following Wednesday.  The children are all really excited to be the one chosen to bring the bag home.

Thank you to all the parents who attended the Reading/Writing evening, we hope that you found it useful.  We will be providing the packs from the evening to those parents who were unable to attend this week.


Our Shoe Shop Adventure!

Today we went on the number 10 bus into town to visit Charles Agers shoe shop.  It was very exciting, some of the children had never been on the bus before.  They were all very well behaved and followed instructions.  At the shoe shop we were welcomed and the staff talked about what happens when you go to buy shoes.  We all had our feet measured and we were given a card with our size on it and money off the next pair of shoes we buy.  We had a snack and a walk around the stock room so that we could see how many shoes they have for sale.  The staff gave us each a party bag with a book, raisins and some crayons to take back to school. We had a great morning and all children behaved excellently.

Thank you to our helpers today, we would not be able to do the trips without you.

Below are a few photographs of our day.

Monday morning assembly – Woodland Trust

This morning, we started to get excited as a school about the impending arrival of 200 saplings from the Woodland Trust, which are due to be delivered during November.

We listened to the story of the ‘Man who planted trees’ and talked about the importance of trees and how we, as individuals, can make a difference to the world.

During November, we will be creating our own school woodland area on a section of the school field and the children, with the help of adults from the community, will have the opportunity to plant trees which we hope will be around for generations to come.

We are also excited to be working towards the ‘Green Tree Schools Award’ this year and have our sights set firmly on achieving platinum status!


First week completed!

We have had a very busy first week.  The children have settled into school amazingly well, you should be very proud of them.   We have been counting and ordering numbers, exploring Autumn and practising writing.  The children have all now been given their first reading book and were very excited about this.  Please help them read daily and record in the reading record how they do.  More information about how to support your child reading will be given at the writing/reading evening this Thursday.    This week we are looking forward to our visit to Charles Agers and using public transport.  We will take lots of photographs for you to see.  Below are a few photographs of the things we got up to this week.