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Year 6

Spelling Bee!

On Friday, we held our first ever All Souls’ Spelling Bee in which children competed in house groups to try and win Autumn term’s Spelling Bee certificate – the winning house group will be announced in Monday’s assembly!

We were completed amazed by some of the words that children confidently spelled back to us; we’re already super excited for the next one (so get practising!).

Fruit from around the world

This week the Reception children walked down to Morrisons to look at the different kinds of fruit they sell.  We chose some fruit that we had not tasted before to bring back to school to try. We took it to the checkout and the manager said that they would treat us and pay.  This was very good of them and we are going to write a letter to say thank you.  We tried the fruit back at school and then made a graph of our favourite.  Blueberries were the most popular and the figs and olives the least popular. The fruit came from all around the world and the children were interested in finding out where they were and what they were like.  Next week we are going to look at the different countries using the internet.  We had a great time and this one visit provided a literacy lesson, mathematics lesson, understanding the world lesson and a physical lesson!

Below are a few photographs of the visit and the tasting.


Frank, Izzy and Rebecca planned and led a beautiful prayer service to the rest of Year 6 and their prayer friends in Reception on the theme of ‘Gifts’.

After reading the story of the ‘Three Wise Men’, children then shared with each other what gifts they had to offer before recording them on angels and sending them up to God.


Rhyme and climb!

We have started to look at our new topic of Healthy Eating.  We changed the role play area into a Fruit and Vegetable Shop.  The children have enjoyed writing shopping lists and then buying the fruit and vegetables they need.  We are going to walk to Morrisons on Wednesday morning to look at the different fruit and vegetables they sell. We will buy some of the more unusual fruit to taste back at school.  We will also buy some vegetables to make soup with.   `

In literacy we have been making up rhyming strings, this was a little tricky for some of us but we will keep practising.  In mathematics we have been ‘climbing’ up the ladder adding one more.  We had fun pretending we were fire fighters climbing a ladder and this really helped us understand one more.  Below are few photographs of our week.


We would still welcome any unwanted outdoor toys or games you may have to help us replace the damaged ones.  Thank you.


School Clubs Spring 2020


***Online booking via SIMS Pay opens Thursday 9th January 2020***

We’re pleased to advise that we’ve teamed up with EPIC Academy who will provide us with highly trained and skilled sports coaches to deliver lots of before and after school clubs for us!

Please note that there has been a price increase across the majority of clubs due to us having to buy in expert coaches, resources and materials. The cost is still excellent value for money; each club is no more than £2.50 per week per child.

We feel it is very important for children to take part in at least one club; please take a look at what is available and book their place online via SIMS Pay. The clubs will be available to book from Thursday 9th January 2020.

Please note we can only accept online payments and once the clubs are full, they will no longer be visible on SIMS Pay. Should you be able to book and pay for a place on SIMS Pay, please consider your child’s place confirmed. If the club you are trying to book is not showing when you log in, it will be because it is fully booked.

Please bear in mind that by signing up to a club your child is making a commitment and they should only sign up if they are prepared to meet the expectation that they attend regularly. Children who have demonstrated commitment (very regular attendance) to a club already, will have priority to join clubs that are over-subscribed.

Once again this term, our staff have been very generous in offering to run extra-curricular activities, which is above and beyond their contractual duties.  We’d like to take this opportunity to say thank you and express our appreciation of them for this.  We believe that our children are very lucky to have these clubs available to them, and consider them to be excellent value for money.

If you have any issues with SIMS Pay, please contact Mrs Rae, the School Business Manager  –

 Best wishes

Mrs. Quinn                         Mr. Cooke

Headteacher                      Deputy Headteacher

Welcome back!

Welcome back, we hope that you had a relaxing, enjoyable time with your families. We are looking forward to the exciting term ahead.

Unfortunately Reception have been a victim of the bad weather. Our outdoor storage shed has sprung a leak!  This has meant that lots of our equipment has had to be thrown away due to damp and mould.  We would therefore welcome any scooters, balance bikes, balls, rugs or outdoor equipment that you no longer use.  If you have anything that you could donate please pop them into the Reception office, who will pass them onto us.  We would really be grateful of any equipment, thank you.

Farewell Mr Youson and Mrs Senyk!

Today has been a very, very sad – there have been lots of tears as we finally reached the day on which we had to say goodbye to Mr Youson and Mrs Senyk!

We held two very emotional assemblies in which the children sang some beautiful bespoke songs and they were presented with their farewell gifts. We wish them both the very best of luck on their new adventures and hope that one day they will pop back in and say hello! We will miss them both so much. We’re blessed to have had such a good HLTA in Mrs Senyk and Mr Youson has been a true role model and inspiration for so many of our children.

Go well, go safely – may God bless you both.



Festive Fun!

This week we have been having lots of Christmas fun. We enjoyed a lovely Christmas lunch with party hats and crackers.

On Thursday we had a live link up with Father Christmas, who read us ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas’. We sang a song with him and he told us all about Rudolph.

We have also been finding out about the true meaning of Christmas; acting out the Christmas story and enjoying a lovely Carol Service.


On Friday we are meeting Father Christmas for breakfast!  We will be sharing hot chocolate and cookies.  Thank you to the PTA for arranging this.  We are having our Christmas party in the afternoon and children can wear party clothes.

Finally, a big thank you for the very generous gifts, both Christmas and leaving presents. We will miss Mrs Senyk and wish her well in her new adventure.  We are all very grateful and would like to wish you and your families a very happy, holy Christmas.  We have enjoyed  getting to know your children and are looking forward to the year ahead.