Children in Need

We had a good day supporting Children in Need on Friday.  We made lots of craft activities and also completed some Pudsey Maths.  Next Friday we are in non uniform again, please can you support the Christmas bazaar by providing a bar of chocolate for this.  This week in school we are concentrating on writing our names and some of us will be writing labels and in mathematics we are taking about more or fewer.

Remembrance Day

We joined together today to commemorate Remembrance Day.

To mark the day World War One ended, at 11am on the 11th day of the 11th month, in 1918, we shared in prayer before holding a two minute silence  to remember those who have died in wars.

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Thank you to the children in Year Six who led us in prayer beautifully and reverently.

The Gruffalo and Zog

We had a lovely morning watching The Gruffalo and Zog.  We all had our favourite film and a favourite part in it.  The children all walked down to the theatre very well and their behavior was a credit to the school.

Firework festivals!

We had a busy week finding out about Guy Fawkes and how to keep safe on bonfire night. We have also been finding out about the way Diwali is celebrated. We made rangoli patterns, mehndi patterns and watched a video about the festival of lights.

In RE we found out all about the wedding ceremony. We acted out the celebration with a bride and groom, bridesmaids and a priest. We also ate wedding cake and designed a wedding dress or suit for the bride and groom.

Below are a few photographs from the week.

Reception will be taking part in the odd sock day on Tuesday for anti bulling  week and also non uniform day on Friday for children in need.

Please make sure that the children are dressed in warm clothes for our walk to the cinema on Monday.  We are looking forward to the trip.

The Feast of All Souls

To celebrate our school’s special feast day, The Feast of All Souls, we gathered together in the hall to share in a whole school prayer service.

Year 6 led us into prayer beautifully, asking us to remember the souls of our loved ones who have passed. Although it is sad when people die, we remember that they are now at peace with God.

Each class took it in turns to offer forth an envelope filled with their prayers for their loved ones as each class teacher lit a candle to symbolise our prayer intentions.

It was such a lovely way to share in this special feast day!

Christmas Play!

We have started to practise for our Christmas Nativity.  The children all have lines in their reading bags.  Please would you help them to practise them.  Thank you Reception staff.

Reception Disco

We had great fun on Friday afternoon dancing in the hall to the music and disco lights.  It was thirsty work so we had a break half way though to have a snack and a drink.  We have some children with very good rhythm and dance routines!

Next week we are counting irregular objects and designing posters for the cinema.  We would be grateful if you have any toilet rolls we could have, we would like to use them for an activity  in the class.

Reception will be taking part in non uniform day this Monday.

Reception Saint Day

We ended half term with a party to celebrate the life of our class saint, Saint Teresa of Calcutta.  We made a model of St Teresa and talked about how she dedicated her life to others.  Thank you for supporting your child to give up a toy to help raise money to help others in need.  They were taken to Myton Hospice Charity shop who were very grateful.  We held a prayer service to pray for those people who are not as fortunate as us and then shared our party food.  Below are some photographs of the day.

We hope that you all enjoyed half term and look forward to seeing you on Monday.


Being thoughtful and kind

We have been exploring our class Saint. We watched a video of Saint Teresa and talked about the good work she did. We decided we are going to be thoughtful and kind just like her.

We have been looking at rhyme and completing rhyming strings.  In PE we have been exploring how to travel across the floor.  We ran, jumped, skipped and rolled

Please remember that Friday is our Saint’s celebration day and we will be having a party and wearing non-uniform.

The Sorrowful Mysteries

Well done to Dhilan, Darragh and William who planned, prepared and delivered a lovely prayer service to the rest of Year 6 and their prayer friends in Reception.

They focused on the first sorrowful mystery: The Agony in the Garden.

“Then Jesus went with them to a place called Gethsemane, and he said to his disciples, ‘Sit here, while I go yonder and pray.” (Mt 26:36-39)

This prayer service taught us all that the Sorrowful Mysteries cover the events of Holy Thursday, after the Last Supper, through the Crucifixion of Christ on Good Friday,  Each mystery is associated with a particular fruit, or virtue, which is illustrated by the actions of Christ and Mary in the event commemorated by that mystery. While meditating on the mysteries, we also pray for those fruits or virtues. The virtue most commonly associated with the mystery of the Agony in the Garden is acceptance of Gods will.