Addition, phonemes and gestures!

Reception have had a busy week working hard on thier phonics and mathematics.  We have been really pleased with how much the children have retained during the phonic sessions.  In mathematics we have been learning how to add and using the words of addtion: add, altogether, addition, makes, equals  and total.  In our dance sessions we have been using gestures to tell a story.  In the week ahead we will be learning about rhyming words, splitting groups of objects equally and tapping out rythms on musical instuments.


Party Day!

We had a lovely visit to the pantomime yesterday, the children were really well behaved and a credit to you all.

Today we had a lovely party, with food, dancing and party games.  We would like to say a big thank you for all the lovely cards and gifts we recieved, it was very kind of you all.

Have a lovely, happy and holy Christmas and we look forward to the new term ahead.

Below are a few photographs from our party. y.



Hectic week!

We have made it to the end of a very busy week.  Snow made it hard at the beginning of the week but the children loved it. We feel Mrs Elkins enjoyed it the most, she made snow angels.

The Christmas Nativity by the children was excellent we are so proud of them all.

Next week we are looking forward to wearing our Christmas jumpers again on Tuesday for Christmas lunch day, no money needed this time!  Also on Tuesday we look forward to seeing you all at the carol concert in the Church in the evening.

On Wednesday we will be going on our visit to the Belgrade and on Thursday we are having a party day, the children can wear  party clothes.

Year 6 and Reception Prayer Service

Year 6 and Reception shared a beautiful Advent prayer service this afternoon. Caleb, Lemuel and Carey did a wonderful job of leading the service and were supported by Lily, Niamh and Connor who read bidding prayers with the support of their Prayer Friends, Stanley, Zachery and Nicholas. Well done everyone!



Special post!

This week we wrote a letter to Father Christmas telling him how good we all have been this year and what we would like for Christmas.  We are hoping that we might get a reply during next week.

We have been looking at shape and using shapes to make pictures. We also made Advent wreaths, using scissors to cut out our hands for a wall display and collecting evergreen leaves to make one to sit on our prayer table.  Ask us about the meaning of the wreath, we did some great listening.

A big THANK YOU for the milk bottles we have now finished the igloo and so do not need any more.

Busy week!

The children have been busy counting and matching number to quantity.








We also did lots of designing and building.  Some of us used the poly m to build instruments to make a rock band.


We practised our new skills, ordering, recognising and using numbers to play games.

The play practise is coming along well , the singing is  really good.

Don’t forget to send in your bric a brac on Monday and children to bring a bottle and wear non unifrom on Friday, for our Christmas bazaar on Saturday. Hope to see you all there.


Children in Need

We had a fantastic day on Friday celebrating and raising money for Children in Need.  We shared our picnic food with the older children in the school, thank you for being so generous. There was a lot of food left over and this was donated to a food bank.

We spent the day completing lots of different activites.  We made bear faces, movable bears, colouring sheets and counting sheets.  A fun day was had by all and we raised lots of money for Children in Need.




















This week we have started to practise for our Christmas Play.  The children are doing well learning the lines and the songs.  Please help them to say their lines in a big loud voice.

In Mathematics we are learning about one less and writing numbers, in our literacy lesson we are practising hearing the phonemes in words and writing sentences.

Please keep sending in the milk bottles for our igloo.