Our Shoe Shop Adventure!

Today we went on the number 10 bus into town to visit Charles Agers shoe shop.  It was very exciting, some of the children had never been on the bus before.  They were all very well behaved and followed instructions.  At the shoe shop we were welcomed and the staff talked about what happens when you go to buy shoes.  We all had our feet measured and given a card with our size on it and money off the next pair of shoes we buy.  We had a snack and a walk around the stock room so that we could see how many shoes they have for sale.  The staff gave us each a party bag with a book, raisins and some crayons to take back to school. We had a great morning and all children behaved excellently.

Thank you to our helpers today, we would not be able to do the trips without you.

Below are a few photographs of our day.

Monday morning assembly – Woodland Trust

This morning, we started to get excited as a school about the impending arrival of 200 saplings from the Woodland Trust, which are due to be delivered during November.

We listened to the story of the ‘Man who planted trees’ and talked about the importance of trees and how we, as individuals, can make a difference to the world.

During November, we will be creating our own school woodland area on a section of the school field and the children, with the help of adults from the community, will have the opportunity to plant trees which we hope will be around for generations to come.

We are also excited to be working towards the ‘Green Tree Schools Award’ this year and have our sights set firmly on achieving platinum status!


First week completed!

We have had a very busy first week.  The children have settled into school amazingly well, you should be very proud of them.   We have been counting and ordering numbers, exploring Autumn and practising writing.  The children have all now been given their first reading book and were very excited about this.  Please help them read daily and record in the reading record how they do.  More information about how to support your child reading will be given at the writing/reading evening this Thursday.    This week we are looking forward to our visit to Charles Agers and using public transport.  We will take lots of photographs for you to see.  Below are a few photographs of the things we got up to this week.  

Apology !

We have to apologise for a typing error on our newsletter.  The phonics/writing evening is the 27th September not October, as stated in ‘Dates for your diary’.

We have started to send home phonics worksheets with your child.  We would like to say a big thank you to all who have supported their child to complete them and return them to school.  More information will be shared  about these on our writing evening. Thank you.


The children have all settled very well into full time school. We have been busy exploring in all areas , inside and outside the classroom.

Tuesday is our PE day. We had dance with Jade, it was great fun. The children all tried hard to get dressed and undressed but struggled. This means we have a shorter lesson. Please could you help you child to take off jumpers and do up buttons.

We used the computer to make learning numbers fun. We were very pleased with how many numbers they could recognise. Below are a few pictures of the week.

A quick reminder

Hope the week is going well.  Just a quick reminder, after the break the Reception children will be left at the school gate to walk around by themselves.  Reception staff will be on the playground and at the gate to make sure they are ok.  We are looking forward to the start of the final term on Monday.

Black Country Museum

We have had a fabulous day at the Black Country Museum.  The children were very well behaved and really enoyed the day.  We played with toys and had to decide if they were old or new toys and also whether they would have belonged to a rich family or a poor one.  We walked around the village and went on a barge, watched nails being made, visited a sweet shop, a hardware store and cake shop.  We found out that you had to go to the toilet in a shed in the back garden!  We also discovered why it was called the Black Country, sorry about the colour of our socks!   Below are a few photographs of the day with some more in the photograph gallery.   A big thank you to the parents that helped us today, without your help the children would not be able to experience these trips.

Sunshine at last!

Last week we made the most of the sunny weather with lots of outdoor play. The children used their imaginations and turned the equipment into ships and rockets.

We practised reading common words in a fun way. Mrs Jilks was very impressed with how well we all did.

We hope that you all enjoyed the bank holiday sunshine.     In the week ahead we are going to be using a number line to count backwards on and complete a subtraction number sentence.  We are also going to start to practise for our assembly.

War Memorial Park

Today we had our return visit to the park, it was good despite the weather.  The children were all well behaved and enjoyed the trip.  We looked at the new growth in the park and found daffodils, tulips, blossom, bluebells and lots of new buds on the trees.  We went into the playarea and stopped for a drink and a biscuit.  Below are a few photographs of the morning.