Thank Year 6 for coming down and making our last day for  while very special.  We love sharing time with you and had great fun playing the different games.  Thank you for looking after us so well this year.  We hope to see you soon.

Early Years Suggested Timetable

Below is a guide to how help structure your day and help maintain routine, learning and stimulating experiences.  We hope that you find it useful.



8.45  Prayer time

9.00  Talk to children about what is going to be happening today. Including looking at the weather today and talking about what day of the week it is.

9.10  Mathematics – to include shape, jigsaws, numbers, rhymes and pattern.

9.45  Exercise break (see examples online)

10.00  Snack time

10.15  Fine motor skills,including handwriting and mark making and phonics.

10.45  Outside exploring/Art and creative activities

11.15  Story time



8.45  Prayer time

9.00  Talk about what you are going to be doing this morning. Discussing what the weather is like and what day/month it is.

9.05  Literacy activities

10.00 Exercise break

10.15 Snack time

10.30  Mathematics – covering a range of activities found on the weekly instruction page

11.30  Phonics

Lunch 12.00-1.00

1.00 Discussing the afternoon activities

1.05  Understanding the World/PSED/RE activities

1.45  Arts and creative activities

2.45  Story time/Prayer time

We hope that this helps provide some guidance to how your day can be organised.  We will issue a Weekly Instruction Page that will give more details in each area of learning.  Please do not stress about this, we do appreciate everyone is working under different circumstances and may not have the time to complete the full timetable.  It is more important that you spend quality time with your children and that it is a happy and stress free time for you all.  Thank  you for your support.


Stations of the Cross

Year 6 followed our Lenten footprints to show their prayer friends in Reception each station of the cross.




COVID-19 UPDATE : A message from Mrs Quinn


Please can I assure you that there have been no confirmed cases of COVID-19 at All Souls’. We have a number of children currently absent due to sore throats, raised temperatures and coughs.

We are grateful to those families who have informed us of these symptoms and taken the decision to isolate their child. As per the current Government guidance, whole families are now being told to self isolate should any one member display symptoms.

Up to date advice can be found here:

We will not be providing work packs for those children absent at this time (unless in exceptional circumstances). Please encourage your child to:

  • Read – their reading book or other books at home
  • Write – keep a diary, write a review on a book they’ve read, write a story
  • Practice their spellings and times tables
  • Stay active – gentle indoor exercises
  • Say their prayers – they could try writing their own
  • Art – get creative with the resources you have at home

I take the health of our staff, children and their families very seriously and thank you for your cooperation and support during these difficult times.

Day 5 Snake and Egg!

On Friday we were very lucky and had the opportunity to meet a snake. Some of us were very brave and held her. She felt very smooth but you could feel her scales.

On Friday afternoon we held an egg challenge.  We worked in groups to design a case to protect an egg if it was dropped from a window upstairs.  One of the groups egg didn’t get out of the classroom!  Of the 5 other groups 2 managed to build a case that protected their egg and they survived the drop.  Well done to them. We all had fun and it was a great way to end Science Week.

Day 5 of British Science Week 2020

Our fifth and final day of British Science Week 2020 was just as brilliant as the rest of the week!

Image result for british science week 2020

To end our Science-filled week, children were invited to come into school dressed as Mad Scientists – everyone looked fantastic!

We also had a slithering visitor as Synthia the snake came to say hello!


Thank you to Mrs Rolison and Suntrap Centre for sharing their amazing animals with us this week – a highlight for most children (and staff!) for sure!


We ended the day with a beautiful prayer service led by Miss Corkerry, reminding us of how much Science has made our lives better. We learned more about the life of Marie Curie, her contribution to Science and the the works of her charity before being encouraged to put our own God-given talents to good use.

A huge thank you to all children, parents and staff who helped to make British Science Week 2020 our best one yet! As always, your support is greatly appreciated.

Day 4 of British Science Week 2020

This afternoon was our last Science Carousel afternoon of British Science Week 2020 and after seeing the faces of all the children in our school across the week, I think it’s fair to say…


Image result for we love science

Year 1 and 2 were busy dunking biscuits and meeting some new less-than-furry friends:

Year 5 and 6 created snow fluff using a mixture of shaving cream and corn starch before seeing her could fly their rocket ‘mice’ the furthest:


Reception have been making volcanoes using coca cola:


To end our week of all things Science, children are invited to come into school dressed as Scientists! In return, we would really appreciate £1 donations towards our Science fund!

Image result for scientists fancy dress

Thank you so much to all the teachers who have worked so hard to prepare these investigations for all involved and really bring British Science Week 2020 to life!



Science Week – Day 4

To solve this question we used two different flavours of mints and diet cola and normal cola.  We found out that it didnt matter what mint you used but that the diet cola went higher.

Shared Lenten Prayer Service

Year 6 and Reception shared in a beautiful Lenten prayer service based on the Lenten value of TRUST this afternoon.

We reflected on a piece of scripture from the Gospel according to Matthew which highlighted to us how trust is an important ingredient in our relationships with others and, most importantly, with God.

Well done to Isla, Bridget and Josie who planned, prepared a delivered this very special time with their prayer friends. They have given us the mission going forth to spend time together in the prayer garden to talk about who we trust and why trust is so important.