Special Visitor

We have had a special visitor in Nursery today, Mrs McCloskey’s dog Doogle.  He was very happy to see us all and let Mrs McCloskey show us his leg that the vet mended. Some of us were brave enough to stroke him.  Below are some pictures of the visit.  


Important Notice

Nursery will be taking part in the non uniform day on Friday 30th June.  Please donate a bottle of bud for the Parish Garden party.  Thank you.

Summer Festival and Parish Garden Party

Our annual Summer Festival and Parish Garden Party takes place this Sunday 2nd July. There will be the usual 9.30am Sunday mass, followed by a celebratory 11.15am mass which will include some children leading parts of it. This mass will be followed by a get together in the Presbytery Garden of All Souls’ Church where you are all invited to come along, play some games, bring food and drinks to share a picnic and enjoy the parish gala celebrations together.

As we have mentioned in the newsletters over the last couple of weeks, we would love to see as many children as possible at the 11.15am service to support us with various parts of the mass. We ask that children in the choir congregate together to join their voices as one and boost this joyous occasion. They will also perform a hymn unaccompanied.

On Friday 30th June, we are inviting children to come into school wearing non uniform and in return bring in a bottle that will go towards the free bar at the garden party.

Nursery/Reception – cans/bottles of Budweiser

Year 1 – cans of carling

Year 2 – cans of John Smiths (bitter)

Year 3 – cans of cider

Year 4 – bottles of white wine

Year 5 – bottles of rose wine

Year 6 – bottles of red wine

Please help us support our parish community in this celebration. We hope to see as many of our families there as possible. A letter has come home with children today; please complete and return the attached reply slip.

Thank you for your continued support.

Sprots Day

The Nursery will be taking part in this Friday’s Sports afternoon.  If you would like your child to take part, please bring them back to school at 1pm.  We will be doing a running race and a novelty race.  Foundation will race first and you will be able to collect your child after the race from Nursery to take them to watch the rest of the school or go home.

On Wednesday you are invited to watch the Foundation assembly.  This will take place at 9.15am and will last about twenty minutes.   Hope to see you there.


We are sorry that your child was unable to take part in the sponsored bounce this week but we will hold on to their permission slip for when the event can be rescheduled.

This week we will be practising writing our names, recognising numbers, realising that print carries meaning, sharing work with Reception and practising for our assembly.  Busy week!

Just a reminder that on Thursday 22nd June we will be holding our Reception parents evening.  This is your chance to meet the staff, find out start dates and ask any questions you may have about this exciting time in your child’s life.


Twycross Zoo

On Thursday we visited Twycross Zoo.  The children were amazing, so well behaved and interested in all the animals.  We saw elephants, monkeys, meer cats, butterflies and penguins to name just a few of the animals observed.  We are going to do some work in the classroom and with the reception children and then share this work with you at our Foundation Assembly.

Below are a few photographs from our visit to the Zoo and the play park. There are some more photographs on the Nursery Gallery page above.

Welcome back

We hope you all had a good half term break.  We are looking forward to the exciting term ahead.  We are going to be making our role play area into a vets and will be looking at how to look after our pets.  We will also be looking at animals around the world and visiting the Zoo to see some of these animals up close.

We will be working with reception for a few weeks on our topic of animals and then we will invite you to our class assembly to share this work.   To help us to adjust to the change of class in September we will  be visiting the reception and meeting staff and exploring the enviroment.

With the weather improving please can you unsure that your child has a hat in school for outdoor play.



Mathematic challenges


We have been challenging the children to be more independent in their learning. We are encouraging them to attempt to solve problems set out around the room. This will be continuing next week.


We have also been looking at height. We lined up from the shortest to the tallest person in the class.

DSCN5228 DSCN5175 DSCN5201 DSCN5231

We have also explored texture, encourage your child to tell you how different objects feel,.  You will be surprised at the words they use to describe objects.  Have a good weekend.

Getting active!

The children have been using the equipment in the hall with Mrs Cooke.  They have been very sensible and used the equipment safely.  They have been climbing over and under and practising balancing.    Please will you help us by showing your child how to put on and take off their sweatshirts and t shirts.  They are trying very hard but some need a lot of help.  Our PE sessions will be longer if we can be quicker getting changed!

We have also been planting seeds and plants and will still welcome any you my have going spare.  Thank you for your support.

Below are some photographs of the week.DSCN5178 DSCN5179 DSCN5180 DSCN5181 DSCN5182 DSCN5183 DSCN5184 DSCN5185 DSCN5186 DSCN5187 DSCN5188 DSCN5189

Mud glorious mud!


DSCN5122 This week we have been making good use of the nice weather to explore outside. The children have made lots of ‘cakes’ in the mud kitchen and have been looking after our pea’s by watering them.  We have got a little muddy but thats half the fun!DSCN5132 DSCN5130 DSCN5145Thank you for signing up and paying for the Zoo trip, we are looking forward to it.    This week we will  counting things we can not see, for example claps.  Also we will be looking at story structure, moving safely using equpment and looking at growth and change.  Busy week!