Gung Hay Fat Choy!

We have been doing all things Chinese this week in Nursery as well as celebrating pancake day. The children have been having fun making a mess and picking up noodles with chop sticks and making food with our Chinese play dough as well as continuing role play in the Chinese restaurant. Because it is the year of the dog we had a special visitor in Nursery on Tuesday – Mrs McCloskey brought in her boxer puppy, Junior – both children and puppy were very well behaved! On Tuesday the children also enjoyed eating pancakes and on Thursday we had a mini Chinese feast – the prawn crackers and the noodles were the favourite!

After half term it is World book day on Thursday 22nd February. It would be great if the children could dress up as a character from a book or fairy tale. Year 5 are going to come down to Nursery and share books with the children and they can also enter a drawing competition. Everyone will also receive a gift pack from the Book Trust. Have a good half term holiday and we look forward to seeing you at parent’s evening.

The Nursery Team

These chopsticks are really tricky!

Shall we have lemon and sugar or Jam?

Ellie and Junior making friends


These prawn crackers are good!

Oodles of noodles!

Tea anyone?


Hello Everyone,

This week has been internet safety week. In Nursery we have been talking about the adults we would go to when we need help. The children made a hand print and then we wrote the name of five grown ups who help us along each finger – these will be put into their learning journals.

Our Chinese restaurant is now open and orders are being taken. The children have had great fun dressing up, writing down orders, cooking food and using chopsticks. We have also been making Happy New Year cards and learning about how people celebrate Chinese New Year. Our Chinese New Year will continue next week – Gung Hay Fat Choy! Remember that our last day next week is Thursday and if you would like a parent’s evening appointment send in your slip on Monday. Thank you and have a good weekend!

The Nursery Team




Hello Everyone,

On Monday we went over to All Souls Church to look at the church and especially the font to show the children where a lot of them were baptised – they really enjoyed exploring the church and was a valuable hands on experience for them. Our story focus this week has been ‘The Three Little Pigs’ and other traditional tales, focusing on the beginning, middle and end of stories. Mrs Quinn and Mr Cooke were very impressed with the children’s retelling of ‘The Three Little Pigs’ story in our Nursery theatre. Our Nursery library has also been a big hit with the children and we have had soon really positive feed back from you and the children about the books they have chosen. Other activities which have been a big hit this week are  painting, making pasta necklaces and building enclosures and barns for the small world farm animals. For the next few weeks we will be focussing on Chinese New Year and our role play area will be transformed into a Chinese restaurant. Lets hope the sunshine stays for the weekend!

The Nursery team

‘I’ll huff and I’ll puff…..’ Evie, Sophia, Abbie and Mikey acting out ‘The Three Little Pigs’.

How shall I paint the branches on the trees?



Hello Everyone,

We have had another busy couple of weeks in Nursery. The children loved making bird seed cakes for the birds so they have food in the Winter – we hope you have put them up in the garden – it would be great if you could take some photos for our learning journals. Carrying on with our theme of Winter and cold weather the children have been investigators today and we have some real budding Scientists in our Nursery! We had to find out how we could rescue the teddies out of the ice without smashing it and they came up with some great solutions – perhaps you could ask them where we put the bowls of ice to make them melt and where the best place to put them was. The children have also been having great fun in our Nursery Theatre, dressing up, singing and making music – X – Factor beware! Today we started our Nursery library – please read the letter we have sent home with their library book. We hope you enjoy sharing the book with your child – they were very excited about choosing a book and bringing it home. Thank you for sending in Baptism photos, candles and special Baptism clothes and items. On Monday we are taking the children over to All Souls church to look at the font and meet Father Michael to further their learning. Have a great weekend!

The Nursery Team.

How shall we melt the ice and rescue the Teddies?

We love choosing books from our new library!

Will the ice melt on the radiator?

Will the ice melt outside?

This looks like a good book!

Tai loves diggers!


Hello Everyone,

First of all a very happy New Year to you all and we hope you had a good Christmas! Thank you so much for all your generous gifts and cards – we appreciated them very much.This week we have been sharing our news about the Christmas holidays and talking about things related to Winter. Today we went on a Winter Wellie walk and we have been trying the very tricky task of trying to think about questions we can ask each other about the world around us. A big hit with the children this week has been our Nursery Theatre where children have been dressing up and putting on performances.

Next week we will be continuing our Winter theme and making bird seed cakes and thinking about how we can care and look after the world around us. If you have any Christmas cards ready for re – cycling we will gladly have them for cutting and sticking activities. Any donations of tissues will also be gratefully received! Have a good weekend!

The Nursery Team


Dear everyone,

A big well done to our Nursery children – I’m sure you will all agree they were absolute superstars in their Christmas performance and you should all be very proud of them! Remember next Wednesday we have our trip to the Belgrade theatre and then on Thursday it’s party time. Children can come dressed in party clothes and we will provide everything else – thank you for your £1 party donations. Have a good but not too chilly weekend!

The Nursery Team


Hello Everyone,

We have begun to gear up for Christmas this week. The children have started practicing their nativity play with Reception class in the hall – I think we will be in for a good performance – their singing is wonderful! We have also tried on costumes today – if anyone has any spare time (very rare at this time of year!) would someone be willing to wash and iron a few costumes for us – if you can help we would be very grateful! Mrs McCloskey has done a wonderful job of setting up Santa’s workshop in preparation for the Christmas bazaar next Saturday so the children will be busy next week getting things ready for Santa. Have a good weekend.

The Nursery Team

Santa’s Little Helpers

Santa’s Workshop


Hello Everyone,

We have had a very spotty week this week! On Wednesday and Thursday we made and decorated spotty cakes for our Teddy Bears picnic – a big hit so more cakes and cooking will be on the agenda for December. We also made spotty Teddy headbands today and dressed up for children in need – everyone looked wonderful. Thank you for donating your £1’s – we raised £22 in Nursery  – well done children! Have a great weekend and wrap up warm!

The Nursery Team



Hello Everyone,

This week we have been reading and talking about traditional tales such as ‘The Ginger Bread Man’ .After talking about our experiences of bonfire night the children also made some colourful and sparkly rockets. I hope you like the poppies the children made and wore home today – we talked about why we are wearing them and who we are remembering. The children looked very smart for their photos on Thursday and we were proud of how they adapted to a new situation and to the photographers.

Next week we are continuing our theme in R.E of people who care for us  – it would be lovely if you could put a photo in their Learning Journeys of anyone at home who cares for them including grandparents or older brothers and sisters if you would like. Carrying on this theme Mrs McKloskey’s daughter will be visiting Nursery on Wednesday with her new baby to talk to the children about how she looks after and cares for her. On Friday 17th November it is Children in Need Day so we will be making spotty cakes for a little Teddy Bears picnic – could the children bring in their favourite Teddy and dress up in spotty or colourful clothes along with a £1 donation. Have a good weekend.

The Nursery Team




Dear Everyone,

Welcome back after the half term break. We have a busy couple of months ahead working up towards Christmas. The children loved our activities about Diwali at the end of last term – thank you to Mrs Atwal for bringing in Diwali treats and making it so special for the children.This week we have been thinking about bonfire night and we will continue this theme next week. Thank you for all of the tubes and boxes etc. you have sent in so we shall start making our rockets on Monday. Next week we will also be making poppy badges for Remembrance Day. This week we have also sent a rhyme pack home with two children – we will take turns each week. It would be great if you could sit and share the rhyming books with your children and return them back to Nursery the following Friday. The children have loved joining in with rhyming books by Julia Donaldson every day this week. Mrs Cooke was so impressed with Nursery in P.E on Thursday she has given them a special mention in the whole school letter – so well done children! Have a safe and enjoyable bonfire night.

The Nursery Team

Jessica made a Diwali lamp

Tasting special Diwali treats