Hello Everyone,

We have had a very spotty week this week! On Wednesday and Thursday we made and decorated spotty cakes for our Teddy Bears picnic – a big hit so more cakes and cooking will be on the agenda for December. We also made spotty Teddy headbands today and dressed up for children in need – everyone looked wonderful. Thank you for donating your £1’s – we raised £22 in Nursery  – well done children! Have a great weekend and wrap up warm!

The Nursery Team



Hello Everyone,

This week we have been reading and talking about traditional tales such as ‘The Ginger Bread Man’ .After talking about our experiences of bonfire night the children also made some colourful and sparkly rockets. I hope you like the poppies the children made and wore home today – we talked about why we are wearing them and who we are remembering. The children looked very smart for their photos on Thursday and we were proud of how they adapted to a new situation and to the photographers.

Next week we are continuing our theme in R.E of people who care for us  – it would be lovely if you could put a photo in their Learning Journeys of anyone at home who cares for them including grandparents or older brothers and sisters if you would like. Carrying on this theme Mrs McKloskey’s daughter will be visiting Nursery on Wednesday with her new baby to talk to the children about how she looks after and cares for her. On Friday 17th November it is Children in Need Day so we will be making spotty cakes for a little Teddy Bears picnic – could the children bring in their favourite Teddy and dress up in spotty or colourful clothes along with a £1 donation. Have a good weekend.

The Nursery Team




Dear Everyone,

Welcome back after the half term break. We have a busy couple of months ahead working up towards Christmas. The children loved our activities about Diwali at the end of last term – thank you to Mrs Atwal for bringing in Diwali treats and making it so special for the children.This week we have been thinking about bonfire night and we will continue this theme next week. Thank you for all of the tubes and boxes etc. you have sent in so we shall start making our rockets on Monday. Next week we will also be making poppy badges for Remembrance Day. This week we have also sent a rhyme pack home with two children – we will take turns each week. It would be great if you could sit and share the rhyming books with your children and return them back to Nursery the following Friday. The children have loved joining in with rhyming books by Julia Donaldson every day this week. Mrs Cooke was so impressed with Nursery in P.E on Thursday she has given them a special mention in the whole school letter – so well done children! Have a safe and enjoyable bonfire night.

The Nursery Team

Jessica made a Diwali lamp

Tasting special Diwali treats


wk bg 9.10.17

Hello Everyone,

This week we have continued our Autumn theme – printing with leaves and talking about the weather and seasons. We have also been looking in the mirror and describing what we all look like and then drawing some wonderful pictures of our faces. Next Thursday is the beginning of Divali so we will be talking about special times that we celebrate with our families and doing related activities such as creating patterns using coloured rice. Mrs Atwal will also be coming into Nursery to talk about how she celebrates Divali with her family and the children will be making sweets. Remember that next Thursday will be our last day in school before half term as Friday 20th October is a Teacher Training Day. We have had a great half term with the children – enjoy the half term break!

The Nursery Team

Leaf printing

Incy Wincy Spider came to visit us today!

The children love our re-vamped book area.


Hello everyone,

This week we have been making hedgehogs and talking about Autumn. If you go on any walks over the weekend perhaps you could bring us some Autumn leaves, conkers and acorns etc which we could use in our activities next week. We have also been drawing pictures of our faces and describing what we look like, talking about how different and unique we all are. Thank you for the donations you made this morning for CAFOD – we made £21 and the children looked very colourful. Have a good weekend.

Nursery Team


wk bg 25.09.17

Hello Everyone,

We’ve had another very good week in Nursery – the children are coming into Nursery happily and following routines brilliantly. The children had a longer P.E session this week and were very able at putting on and taking off shoes and pumps so please continue to encourage your child to have a go at dressing and undressing by themselves at home. Despite the rainy weather we have managed to get outside and plant our Spring bulbs and winter violas so we shall look forward to these showing signs of growth. We look forward to talking to you next Tuesday at Parents’Evening – this is just a 5 minute chat about how your child has settled in so if there are any other matters that you would like to discuss, to help us keep on time with our appointments another meeting  can be arranged if you need one. Thank you.

Nursery Team

Planting Spring bulbs

22.9.17 Our First Week in Nursery

Hello Everyone!

We have had a fantastic first week in Nursery. The children have settled in amazingly well and we are really proud of them. A big thank you to you all for your support with this. This week we have been on a Creation Walk to look at the wonderful things around us that God has made. Next week to carry on with this theme we will be planting bulbs ready for the Spring – thank you to those parents who have contributed bulbs and seeds. Mrs Cooke our P.E teacher was very impressed with the children when they went into the hall for their first P.E lesson. We had great fun and they are ready to have their full half hour session next week.

The Learning Journeys have been sent home today so if you have anything you want to contribute such as pictures, photos, bus tickets etc or any writing about what you have been doing at the weekend this would be lovely to share with the children next week. Although the Learning Journeys go home on a Friday could the children please bring in their book bags everyday in case we have letters to send home. If you would like to attend our Parent’s Evening on 3rd October to discuss how your child has settled into Nursery then you can book an appointment by printing off the appointment slip from the school web site or you can obtain a paper copy from the office. We look forward to seeing you then. Finally, thank you to all of the ‘All About Me’ posters you made with the children – they look wonderful! Have a good weekend.

The Nursery Team

Special Visitor

We have had a special visitor in Nursery today, Mrs McCloskey’s dog Doogle.  He was very happy to see us all and let Mrs McCloskey show us his leg that the vet mended. Some of us were brave enough to stroke him.  Below are some pictures of the visit.  


Important Notice

Nursery will be taking part in the non uniform day on Friday 30th June.  Please donate a bottle of bud for the Parish Garden party.  Thank you.