Teacher Vacancy for September 2019 – possible TLR2! NQTs considered!

Vacancy:   Full-time Class Teachers  / Possible TLR2


Are you looking for a new challenge?  Do you want to contribute and make a real difference to the lives of young children and their families? Do you work very hard, yet have fun at the same time, not taking life too seriously?  If so, we just might be what you are looking for and we would love to hear from you!

As a result of the promotion of present staff, our Governors wish to appoint two teachers, who are passionate about the education of children, to join our team from September 2019.  One of these vacancies can be offered with a TLR2 for the right candidate, and is suitable for an established teacher wishing to take on their first leadership role.

We would be very interested in hearing from candidates who:

  • share the vision of putting children first and go the extra mile to make sure this happens
  • are qualified teachers with a proven record of good or better classroom practice
  • have high expectations and are committed to raising standards
  • are passionate and want to make every day in the classroom purposeful and enjoyable for our children
  • are excellent communicators with very good interpersonal skills and enjoy working as part of a team
  • have a caring, fun and friendly nature
  • bring a smile and do not let the day to day grind of the job bring them and others down
  • are pro-active, get stuck in and demonstrates initiative
  • are practising Catholics or who will embrace the ethos and Catholic life of the school

We can offer you:

  • The opportunity to work with incredible children and families
  • A programme of CPD to enable you to become the practitioner that you want to be
  • A supportive, friendly and hardworking environment
  • An opportunity, at this exciting time of change and reform, to make a significant contribution to the development and future of All Souls
  • A high level of job satisfaction and fulfilment

Visits to our school are strongly recommended and warmly welcomed.  They can be arranged by calling the school office.

Application packs are available below or to download from the school website www.allsoulsschool.co.uk

Applications should be returned to the School Business Manager linsey.rae@allsoulsschool.co.uk

Relevant Dates

Closing Date:   1pm Tuesday 21st May 2019

Interview Date: tbc





World Book Day

I hope that the children are having an enjoyable half term. Just a reminder that World Book Day is on Thursday, 1st March, 2018 and that the children can come to school dressed as a book character of their choice. Also, they can enter an in-house competition to paint a picture of a character or a scene from a book. Last year’s potato competition was very successful and we hope that this year’s painting competition will be just as popular with the children.

Many thanks.

World Book Day 2018

World Book Day takes place on Thursday, 1st March, 2018. At school today, your child has been given a £1 World Book Day token. If, for any reason, your child hasn’t received a token, please ask him/her to see Mrs Hands.

On March 1st, your child may attend school dressed as his/her favourite book character. For this privilege the children will be asked to donate one pound and the money raised will be used towards helping to purchase new books for our school library.

Following the success of last year’s turning a potato into a book character competition, there will be the opportunity for each child to enter another in-house competition. This year, children are being asked to paint, on an A4 or A3 piece of paper, a picture of their favourite character or scene from a book. All of the paintings, which need to have the child’s name and year group printed on the back, can be brought into school from Monday, 26th February. On World Book Day, the paintings will be taken into the school hall and one winner will be chosen from each class. Every class will be given time to look at the paintings in the hall and they will then be displayed in school. It is important that the paintings are produced by the children and that they reflect their age and ability. Some other activities will be on offer during the day. In their English lessons, children will be asked to write a story of their own which includes the character that they have chosen to dress up as. They will also be asked to design a book mark, and children in certain year groups will swap classes briefly in order to share a story with a child from a different class.

Thank you for your support.


Netball Match Vs St. Osburgs

Well done to the All Souls Netball team who played their first match of the season against St. Osburgs at home tonight. The match was evenly fought which was reflected in the final score of 2-2.

Thank you to the team of Year Six players: Aila, Michael, Lily, Connor, Julia and Caleb. Every one worked hard throughout and for half of these players it was their first ever match. Congratulations to Aila for being a great captain and for being named as our player of the match by St. Osburgs. Thank you also to the two members of staff from St. Osburgs for umpiring the match.

Our next game is against St. Augustine’s, at home, next Tuesday.

World Book Day 2017

In school today, we celebrated World Book Day. The aim of the day is to celebrate the joy and value of books and the art of reading.

Children, and many members of staff, attended school dressed as book characters. It was interesting to see the various costumes and the children were all so keen to show them off. Thank you to all of our pupils who donated one pound for this privilege. The money raised will be used towards purchasing new books for our school library, which, at present, is being reorganised.

IMG_20170302_122239 IMG_20170302_122037  IMG_20170302_112702 IMG_20170302_112649 IMG_20170302_112457 IMG_20170302_111957 IMG_20170302_111349 IMG_20170302_095215 IMG_20170302_095513 IMG_20170302_095600 IMG_20170302_095502 IMG_20170302_112945 IMG_20170302_095354

Thank you to all of those children who created a ‘book-tato.’ A great deal of time, thought and hard work had clearly gone into the designing and making the potato book characters and the children, and staff, thoroughly enjoyed looking at them all on display. There was such a variety and it was very difficult to choose only one winner and one runner up from each class. Thank you also to the parents for helping the children with this task.

IMG_20170302_092327 IMG_20170302_092331 IMG_20170302_092809 IMG_20170302_092510 IMG_20170302_092507 IMG_20170302_092620 IMG_20170302_092643 IMG_20170302_092813 IMG_20170302_092649 IMG_20170302_092636 IMG_20170302_092813 IMG_20170302_092609 IMG_20170302_092408 IMG_20170302_092609 IMG_20170302_211839 IMG_20170302_101353 IMG_20170302_100211 IMG_20170302_100913 IMG_20170302_100929 IMG_20170302_100836 IMG_20170302_100544 IMG_20170302_100611 IMG_20170302_100328 IMG_20170302_095908 IMG_20170302_100234

Thanks also must go to all of those children who brought in a book for the book recycling event. Children were given the opportunity to choose a different book to take home with them today. We encouraged the children to choose a book which was age appropriate. Unfortunately, some children were left with not a great deal of books to choose from and/or they missed out on getting a book that they wanted. However, we hope that all of our pupils enjoy reading their new books.

IMG_20170302_111349 IMG_20170302_110640 IMG_20170302_112914 IMG_20170302_112555IMG_20170302_220612

Teachers briefly swapped year groups during this morning, in order to read a story to pupils in a different class. The children were very excited to be listening to another adult read a story to them and it gave staff a snapshot of what life is like in another year group. Thank you to the staff, many of whom were sent to year groups that they weren’t familiar with. Particular thanks must go to Miss Quinn who read in place of Mr. Marsh as he was on a course and Mrs Elkins who briefly covered for Mrs. Hartwell whilst she was in a meeting.

IMG_20170302_102417 IMG_20170302_103440 IMG_20170302_102216 IMG_20170302_102301 IMG_20170302_220726IMG_20170302_102134 IMG_20170302_102444

Some very interesting and appealing bookmarks have been designed by the children and they will be put on display. Book themed bunting has also been created by the children. This will be hung in the library area, once it’s reorganisation is complete.

We feel that the day was a great success. Many thanks to all those who were involved – children, parents and staff. The joys and benefits of reading are enormous and we, in school, hope to continue to encourage and enthuse your child with a love of reading that will last well beyond World Book Day.

World Book Day 2017

World Book Day takes place on Thursday, 2nd March. Children should have already been issued with a £1 World Book Day token but if, for any reason,  a child hasn’t received a token, please ask him/her to see Mrs Hands.

On Thursday, we are looking forward to seeing our pupils dressed as characters from books that they have read and enjoyed. For this privilege, they will be asked to donate one pound. The money raised through these donations will be used to purchase exciting new books for our school library.

From Monday, the children can bring in their books for the recycling event which will also be held on Thursday. Please make sure that the donated books are in a good condition. We hope that the children have been busy during the half term break designing and beginning to create their potato book characters. These potato characters, which need to be brought in on Thursday and not before, will be displayed for all pupils to see, and one winner will be chosen from each class.

Thank you for your support.






Term Dates 2016-17

Our term dates for the academic year 2016-2017 are now available here.

Please be aware that there are some differences between the All Souls term dates for 2016-17 and the standard Coventry Local Authority term dates – particularly around the Christmas holidays.