Mysterious happenings in Year One

A very mysterious morning in Year One. The children arrived this morning to a crime scene. They quickly got to work trying to find clues to discover who had caused such a mess! They worked together to try and explain this odd scene but with no witnesses or CCTV evidence the mystery continues.

I wonder what tomorrow will bring…

Children’s Mile Photos

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Book Fair!



Our Book Fair is beginning this week in the school hall, Wednesday 20th March- Wednesday 27th March.

The times it will be open in the school hall will be as follows:

Wednesday 20th: 3.15-3.45

Thursday 21st:     3.15-3.45

Friday 22nd:         3.15-3.45

Monday 25th:       8.20-8.45 & 3.15-3.45

Tuesday 26th:      3.15-3.45

Wednesday 27th: 8.20-8.45

Please do come along and support this venture. There will be books on sale from £2.99 and each child will receive a £1.00 World Book Day token to put towards the cost. School will receive commission from sales to purchase books fro class libraries.

Many thanks in advance.

St Patrick’s Day Photos