Getting arty!

Miss Quinn let Year 6 loose with the watercolour paints this week as they practised using different techniques such as blotting, bleeding, resisting and even experimenting with table salt!

KS2 Dance Video for Virtual Competition

Over the last 4 or 5 weeks some children from Year 5 and 6 have been giving up their playtimes on a Tuesday to practice for the Coventry School Games Dance Competition based on the theme connections. Miss Jade, who comes in on a Tuesday to teach Nursery and Reception P.E, worked really hard with the children and produced this fantastic routine! Well done everyone and a big thank you to Miss Jade for helping the children.


Anti- Bullying Week – Wear Odd Socks!

This year’s theme is “United Against Bullying”. On Friday 20th November, children are invited to wear odd socks to school to celebrate our individuality and what makes us unique.

Children in Need 2020

Today we celebrated Children in Need, we wore our costumes, bright colours, pjs and lovely clothes to fundraise some money for children in our national community who need a bit of support.

We found out why we give money and celebrate Children in Need and looked at some of the reasons why children might need a bit of extra help. We said some special prayers for these children and families that need God’s help and strength at the moment.

We spent the last part of our afternoon doing some Pudsey themed activities and it was a lovely end to a very busy week!


Thank you to all who donated and supported the day; the children all looked wonderful.

We will remember them – Remembrance Day 2020

This Wednesday, in Year One, we remembered and commemorated the soldiers who never came home. We discussed why we wear poppies and joined together in a prayer service to reflect on the sacrifice of these people. As part of our prayer service we offered up our poppies to remember the service men, women, animals, nurses, children and many others who gave up their tomorrows for our todays.

We then went outside at 11am to stand in 2 minutes of silence in memory of all who died. The children were respectful and stayed silent the whole time. When we were walking back into the classroom one of the children said, “that was one of the most beautiful things ever!” We would have to agree, the whole school commemorated such a special day in a reverent, respectful and thoughtful way. It was a very humbling moment.

We went on a Bear Hunt

This week we took to our outdoor area on the hunt for BEARS! We took inspiration from the book ‘We’re going on a bear hunt’ and acted out the story by following the journey of the characters. The children joined in really well and could respond to the familiar lines from the story. We all got very excited!

As we moved around we found bear paw prints, a store of food that we thought the bears might be collecting and when we got closer to the end of a story we even thought we might have seen a bear through our fence! Our favourite part was creating a ‘leaf storm’ and splashing through the ‘river’.

Children In Need 2020

Today we came into school dressed in our own Pudsey-inspired outfits, pyjamas and colourful clothes. We each donated £1 which contributed to the school raising over £250 for BBC’s Children in Need charity.

We learnt more about what this charity does and how we can help before writing our own prayers for those in need and offering these up to God. We also discussed how fortunate we are and what we have to be thankful for in our own lives.

Remembrance Day

Today, Year 6 commemorated Remembrance Day 2020 by taking part in a variety of activities which allowed us the time to reflect and remember the brave soldiers who fought for us and our country. 

Lest We Forget 3'x2' (Remembrance Day) - World Flag Shop

We joined the whole school on the playground on the 11th hour of the 11th day of 11th month for a 2-minute silence to offer our thoughts and prayers to all those affected by war.

In the afternoon, we walked to our Church prayer garden where we shared in a class prayer service to reflect and remember.

We thanked God for looking after those who bravely fought for our country and stayed with them until the hour of their death, just like Mary did for Jesus. We thanked the soldiers who made a sacrifice, risking their lives of today for our futures of tomorrow. Jesus too gave up his today for our tomorrow to grant us salvation. We also offered our thoughts and prayers to the families who suffered throughout their time of separation and many lost their loved ones. We thanked God for providing comfort to them in their hour of need.

We will remember them | Anzac day quotes, Remembrance day quotes, Remembrance day poppy

As our going forth activity, we created a piece of remembrance art using Zentangle patterns. We then made poppies to add colour to our zentangles and bring them to life just like the the poppies brought life to the battlefields when the war had ended.

Remember, remember the fifth of November…

Our focus in art this year was fireworks! We worked with a new medium of chalk to create which we found a little bit tricky to start with. We realised quite quickly that drawing with chalk onto paper was a little bit different to writing on the concrete floor and that we had to be very careful to not smudge our wonderful creations.

The children created some beautiful pieces of artwork!