A Busy Week in Year 2…

Year 2 have worked really hard this week!

We are getting to grips with multiplication: we have been making equal groups with practical resources, have looked at the relationship between repeated addition and multiplication and have now moved on to looking at arrays.

In English, we have started work on our new text: The Owl Who Was Afriad Of The Dark. We wrote some wonderful character descriptions of Plop the owl and can’t wait to write our own versions of the story.

In Science, we have been investigating the importance of washing our hands. We have set up an experiment to see what happens to different slices of bread depending if they’ve been touched by washed or unwashed hands. Ask us what we have predicted will happen!


Welcome Back!

We hope you have all had a lovely and relaxing holiday – thank you for all of our lovely cards and gifts that we received before the end of the Autumn term.


Year 6 have had a really busy couple of weeks back after the Christmas break. Our theme this term is ‘Life is a Journey’ and we have explained to Year 6 how the next few months, of showing off all that they have learnt during their time at All Souls’ and preparing for their transition into secondary school, is all part of that journey. They have really stepped up to the increased workload and should be praised for this – some of them are even attending booster clubs before and during school hours!

In English, we have been reading ‘The Day of Ahmed’s Secret’ and are using this to support our writing of recounts. We have been introduced to lots of new terminology in our grammar lessons and are trying hard to apply this in our writing lessons. We can’t wait to find out what Ahmed’s secret is to see if any of our predictions are true!

Image result for the day of ahmeds secret

In Maths, we have been getting to grips with fractions, finding the HCFs to simplify them and the LCMs to create equivalent fractions. We have also been converting between mixed numbers and improper fractions – although it has been challenging, everyone has tried so hard to improve their knowledge and understanding. Next week we will begin adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing fractions so our brains might be a little frazzled by the weekend!

We are also trialling Times Tables Rockstars at the minute (as most of you at home are probably aware!) and it is clear that the children are not only really enjoying it but also increasing their speed and accuracy in recalling their times tables which is great to see! Lorcan and Harry continue to steal the top spot from eachother! We invited Year 5 to be part of the fun but that also meant a friendly war…. both classes are currently competing in a battle with eachother and ,with it being so close, it is impossible to predict which one will win! The current score is: Hartwell and the Rolling Year Sixes have 35,457 points and Rolison and the Funky Fives have 34,073 points! The battle ends on Wednesday so we will update you with a winner soon!

We also shared another lovely prayer service with our prayer friends in Reception. Lucas, Luke and Aaron taught us about how we can be more loving and spread peace. We practised offering eachother the sign of peace with a handshake beforesigning the hymn ‘Let there be love’ together.

Have a lovely weekend! 🙂



Warner Brother Studios

We had a fabulous time at Warner Brothers’ Studios last week- we needed the weekend to recover from the long day! Everyone was full of excitement during the day and all children were a credit to our school and families. Here we are before we entered the studios- full of wonder! Year 4 & 5 children all took home their personal photgraph of them flying at Hogwarts (thank you to Mrs Rae for taking them to be printed). A huge thank you to all staff who accompanied us and ensured it was a great day!


KS1 Gymnastics

Year 1 and 2 took part in a KS1 gymnastics competition at Tribe Cheer, Dance and Fitness this afternoon. Each child had to complete 2 routines with the best 6 scores counting towards the teams overall total.

The children have practiced extremely hard for the last 2 week and this showed as they all performed brilliantly. This resulted in us finishing in 2nd place by just 0.3 points. More schools are competing in the first round tomorrow with the two best schools moving forwards to the next round in Solihul. We will find out if we are one of the top two schools early next week.

Well done everyone you all performed fantastically.

A big thank you to the Maisie, Molly, Lola, Gracie and Muno from Year 6 who gave up lots of their time to help the children learn the routines.

You can view the individual photos by clicking here.

Whole school mass

We gathered as a whole school for Mass this morning to mark the beginning of a new term and a new year. Year 6 reverently reflected on the nativity scene to think about the Christmas journey with the arrival of baby Jesus and the three wise men.

Getting Active!

All children across the whole school received their very own pedometers today in a bid to get more active!

Year 2 enjoyed counting their steps and many of us smashed our 2000 step target! Keep it up!


Times Tables Rockstars!

Year 6 are currently trialling Timestables Rockstars and it is safe to say the battle is well and truly on!

Currently in the lead is Brock Rockdust (Lorcan!) with an average of 1.37seconds per question! Craig Cutler (Pierce!) is the richest with £39,369 in his bank!

Keep up the good work Year 6 🙂

Image result for times tables rockstars

Year One launch into 2019

What a busy week to start 2019. We launched our new unit focus ‘Terrific Transport’ and started new maths and English units too!

Here are a few pictures of our wonderful trip, what a great way to start the year. Ask your children all about it.

Well done to the children who were an absolute delight and credit to their parents and the school.

Have a great weekend
Miss Corkerry and Miss Fox