World Book Day 2018

In school today, we celebrated World Book Day. The aim of the day is to celebrate the joy and value of books and the art of reading.

Children, and many staff members, attended school dressed as book characters and it was very interesting to see the different costumes. Thank you, parents, for your efforts in getting costumes prepared/made. The money that pupils donated for the privilege of dressing up today will be used to purchase new books for our school library.


Some pupils chose to enter a competition which required them to produce a painting of a character or scene from a book of their choice. A great deal of time, thought and effort had gone into these and everyone at school thoroughly enjoyed looking at them. This year, each class, chose a winner and a runner-up from another year group and I know that the children did not find deciding on winners an easy task. All competition winners will have the opportunity to show their paintings to the rest of the school during tomorrow’s Superstar’s Assembly. All paintings have been kept and will be displayed around school.


As this year’s theme was ‘Share a Story’ the pupils in older year groups visited the children in lower year groups in order to share a story with a child from a different class. The younger children were very excited to be listening to another child read a story to them and it gave the older children the opportunity to show off their reading abilities. It was rewarding to see the children communicating and getting to know each other a little better. After both staff and pupils talked about the experience and certainly felt that this was something that they would like to do more often.


During English lessons Key Stage One and Key Stage Two children were asked to write a story independently which included the character that they had chosen to dress up as. Staff are looking forward to reading these stories and some will be displayed, in school, over the coming weeks.

Some interesting and appealing book token have been designed by the children and will be entered into the National World Book Day competition. One winner and one runner-up will be selected from three age categories. Winners (school or child) have the opportunity to win book tokens. Let’s hope that some of our children’s entered are successful!

Children also designed their own book covers and had quizzes in their classes.

This year, as with previous years, World Book Day at All Souls was a great success and I would like to thank all those involved – pupils, parents and staff. The joys and benefits of reading are enormous and we, at All Souls, hope to continue to encourage and enthuse all of our children with above of reading that will last well beyond World Book Day.

World Book Day Reminder

Please remember that World Book Day is on Thursday, 1st March, 2018 and that the children can come to school dressed as a book character of their choice. For this privilege, children are asked to donate one pound. All of the money raised will be used towards helping to purchase new books for our school library. Also, the children can enter an in-house competition to paint a picture of a character or a scene from a book. These paintings can be brought into school from today.

Children in Years 3, 4, 5 and 6 need to ensure that they have chosen a short, suitable, age-appropriate book to read to a child in another year group. This book can be brought in from home or borrowed from the school library or a classroom library. Children in Year 5 will read to children in Nursery and children in Year 6 will read to children in Reception. Year 4 children will read to Year 1 children and Year 3 children will read to Year 2.

We are looking forward to seeing the children in their different costumes on Thursday.

Thank you for your continued support.

Treasure Hunt

Year 4 have been learning how to use the formal written method to help them calculate addition and subtraction sums with increasingly large numbers. Today, they had to go on a treasure hunt in small groups to find the answers to their sums and the corresponding letters. When they had all of the numbers and letters, they had to reorder the numbers into ascending order to spell out the winning phrase: Mrs Hartwell is the best!

The children really enjoyed putting their skills to good practice and working together competitively and win!

Year 4’s Viking Pictures

Happy Friday from Year 4!

Wow! What a fantastic start Year 4 have had to this new school year.

It has been great fun getting to know eachother even better, welcoming a new friend into our class and starting our learning journey with lots of positive attitudes and smiles.

We ended our first week with celebrations for Mary’s Birthday by sharing a class liturgy to remind ourselves of the story of the birth of Mary our Mother, visiting the Church garden to pray to the statue of Our Lady and offer Her some gifts and returning to the classroom to sing Happy Birthday and play some traditional birthday games!

Thank you for a brilliant first week back Year 4! A particular well done to Liam G and Ethan who were awarded this week’s Superstars for being fabulous role models to the rest of the school!  Keep it up!

Mrs Hartwell


Year 4 wrapped up their science this year with an investigation. We tested whether it was safer to wear a seat belt or not by using crash test dummies and cardboard box cars.


Year 4 had a great time making (and tasting) pizzas today as part of their D&T topic. I was really impressed with how well everyone organised themselves and carefully followed their recipes. Here they are in action, along with the finished projects:

Year 4 – Pizzas

Please make sure that all meat is cooked before it come into school.

Harry, Lucas, Luke

Chicken, tomato puree, rolling pin, wooden spoon (Lucas)

Sausage, bowl, cheese (Luke)

Bacon (Harry)


Jude, James, Lorcan

Utensils (Jude)

Cheese and passata (James)

Pepperoni (Lorcan)


Aaron and Finn

Bowl, spoon, tomato puree, cheese (Aaron)

Pepperoni, rolling pin (Finn)


Kai, Pierce and Kian

Cheese, spoon, pizza cutter, rolling pin (Kian)

Cheese, measuring jug (Pierce)

Pepperoni, bowl, tomato puree (Kai)


Lily, Bethany and Zuzanna

Sweetcorn, ham (Bethany)

Cheese, bowl and spoon (Lily)

Tomato sauce, rolling pin (Zuzanna)

Angel, Grace-May, Muno

Pineapple, ham, rolling pin, sweetcorn (Muno)

Cheese, tomato, pepper, mushrooms (Angel)

Sausage, pepperoni (Gracie-May)

Molly, Ocean and Lucy

Egg, marshmallows, plain flour, ice cream (Lucy)

Milk/white chocolate chips/buttons, spoon, minstrels, cake tin (Ocean)

Smarties, bowl, vanilla essence, butter, caster sugar and brown sugar (Molly)

Reuben, Dylan and Nathan

Chicken, pepperoni, tomato puree (Nathan)

Sausage, cheese (Reuben)


Paul and Mason

Cheese, pepperoni salami and chicken (Mason)

Bowl, spoon, rolling pin (Paul)


Maisie and Lola

Marshmallows, chocolate buttons, bowl and pan (Lola)

Nutella, strawberries, rolling pin and spoon (Maisie)



Aloha from Year 4!

Year 4 were on top form today for their Hawaii day! They all looked great in their colourful clothes. We spent the day making leis (flower necklaces), trying some local food and drink and playing loads of Hawaiian games. Here they are in action:

Year 4 – Steel Pan Assembly

A huge well done to Year 4 for their performance this morning. Everything came together fantastically well and they have deservedly received lots of compliments. Here they are in action: