Year 4 wrapped up their science this year with an investigation. We tested whether it was safer to wear a seat belt or not by using crash test dummies and cardboard box cars.


Year 4 had a great time making (and tasting) pizzas today as part of their D&T topic. I was really impressed with how well everyone organised themselves and carefully followed their recipes. Here they are in action, along with the finished projects:

Year 4 – Pizzas

Please make sure that all meat is cooked before it come into school.

Harry, Lucas, Luke

Chicken, tomato puree, rolling pin, wooden spoon (Lucas)

Sausage, bowl, cheese (Luke)

Bacon (Harry)


Jude, James, Lorcan

Utensils (Jude)

Cheese and passata (James)

Pepperoni (Lorcan)


Aaron and Finn

Bowl, spoon, tomato puree, cheese (Aaron)

Pepperoni, rolling pin (Finn)


Kai, Pierce and Kian

Cheese, spoon, pizza cutter, rolling pin (Kian)

Cheese, measuring jug (Pierce)

Pepperoni, bowl, tomato puree (Kai)


Lily, Bethany and Zuzanna

Sweetcorn, ham (Bethany)

Cheese, bowl and spoon (Lily)

Tomato sauce, rolling pin (Zuzanna)

Angel, Grace-May, Muno

Pineapple, ham, rolling pin, sweetcorn (Muno)

Cheese, tomato, pepper, mushrooms (Angel)

Sausage, pepperoni (Gracie-May)

Molly, Ocean and Lucy

Egg, marshmallows, plain flour, ice cream (Lucy)

Milk/white chocolate chips/buttons, spoon, minstrels, cake tin (Ocean)

Smarties, bowl, vanilla essence, butter, caster sugar and brown sugar (Molly)

Reuben, Dylan and Nathan

Chicken, pepperoni, tomato puree (Nathan)

Sausage, cheese (Reuben)


Paul and Mason

Cheese, pepperoni salami and chicken (Mason)

Bowl, spoon, rolling pin (Paul)


Maisie and Lola

Marshmallows, chocolate buttons, bowl and pan (Lola)

Nutella, strawberries, rolling pin and spoon (Maisie)



Aloha from Year 4!

Year 4 were on top form today for their Hawaii day! They all looked great in their colourful clothes. We spent the day making leis (flower necklaces), trying some local food and drink and playing loads of Hawaiian games. Here they are in action:

Year 4 – Steel Pan Assembly

A huge well done to Year 4 for their performance this morning. Everything came together fantastically well and they have deservedly received lots of compliments. Here they are in action:

Year 4 – Flotsam audio book

Year 4 have been studying David Wiesner’s book ‘Flotsam’ over the last few weeks. As this is a picture book, Year 4 wrote their own version of the story as a class. They have since narrated their story to create an audio book.

This is 100% their own work, everyone has been involved and they recorded it in one take!!


A big thank you to Mr Youson for editing the video and audio.


Year 4 – Hawaii day!!!!!

Year 4 – Geography – Hawaii day!


This half-term, Year 4 have been learning about Hawaii in geography. To round off the topic we will be having a day celebrating Hawaii’s culture. The children have come up with a range of ideas for the day which include:

  • Tasting some of the local food
  • Playing some of the popular games/sports
  • Hawaii themed arts and crafts.

The Year 4 ‘Hawaii day’ will be on Thursday 13th July. The children can come to school in non-uniform, Hawaiian themed clothes if possible. Also, please could children bring a pair of flip flops with them (separate to the trainers or shoes that they will wear) so that they can take part in the popular Hawaiian game ‘flip flop flipper’ (this is not essential so please do not worry if they don’t own a pair).

Finally, please inform us of any food allergies so that this can be taken into account when making and tasting some of the local food.


Mr Marsh

West Midlands Fire Service

A big thank you to West Midlands Fire Service who visited Year 4 last week to tell us all about fire safety in the home. The children were thoroughly engaged in what they had to say and the Firemen all commented on how well behaved and courteous the class were.

Please can everyone make sure that they return the ‘999 Safety Book’ before the end of the year so that they can receive their certificate.

Year 4 Homework – Autobiographies

Year 4 will be writing their own autobiographies later this week (Thursday morning). Today, everyone wrote a list of questions about their early life to find some extra information that they can include in their writing.

They are taking these questions home today and it is their homework to find the answers. Please can everyone return their homework by Thursday so they have the information they need to write their autobiography.

If they would also like to bring in photos from key events in their life (baptism, holidays, first day at school), we will try our best to include them in their pieces of work.

I can’t wait to read the autobiographies and learn more about everything in Year 4!


Mr Marsh