A quick reminder

Hope the week is going well.  Just a quick reminder, after the break the Reception children will be left at the school gate to walk around by themselves.  Reception staff will be on the playground and at the gate to make sure they are ok.  We are looking forward to the start of the final term on Monday.

Black Country Museum

We have had a fabulous day at the Black Country Museum.  The children were very well behaved and really enoyed the day.  We played with toys and had to decide if they were old or new toys and also whether they would have belonged to a rich family or a poor one.  We walked around the village and went on a barge, watched nails being made, visited a sweet shop, a hardware store and cake shop.  We found out that you had to go to the toilet in a shed in the back garden!  We also discovered why it was called the Black Country, sorry about the colour of our socks!   Below are a few photographs of the day with some more in the photograph gallery.   A big thank you to the parents that helped us today, without your help the children would not be able to experience these trips.

Sunshine at last!

Last week we made the most of the sunny weather with lots of outdoor play. The children used their imaginations and turned the equipment into ships and rockets.

We practised reading common words in a fun way. Mrs Jilks was very impressed with how well we all did.

We hope that you all enjoyed the bank holiday sunshine.     In the week ahead we are going to be using a number line to count backwards on and complete a subtraction number sentence.  We are also going to start to practise for our assembly.

War Memorial Park

Today we had our return visit to the park, it was good despite the weather.  The children were all well behaved and enjoyed the trip.  We looked at the new growth in the park and found daffodils, tulips, blossom, bluebells and lots of new buds on the trees.  We went into the playarea and stopped for a drink and a biscuit.  Below are a few photographs of the morning.

Happy Easter

We had a busy last week, below show some of the photographs taken during role play. We were receptionists, shop keepers and doctors.

We also made Easter cards, had a Easter Egg hunt and importantly found out the real meaning behind the Easter Celebrations.

We would like to say thank you for the lovely cards and gifts and hope that you all had a happy, holy Easter. 


When we come back we will be planting and growing, recognising and using numbers to twenty, writing and role playing in our new Superhero head quarters.


This week we are going to start to talk about the season of Spring.  Hopefully the weather becomes more Spring like! We are going to plant blubs, talk about new growth and discover the life cycles of some animals and insects. If you have any spring plants going spare we would welcome them for our garden.

Word Aware words this week are ‘near’ ‘new’ and’old’.  You can support these by talking about the old toys that you played with, play grandmothers footsteps, creep up and see how near you can get or ask you child to help sort their toys to piles of old or new ones.

In mathematics we are looking at symmetrical patterns and repeating patterns.

We were very busy last week making cakes for our mummy’s, talking about healthy eating and what the food groups are, we made vegetable soup, practised phonics and discovered how to estimate in maths!.  Below are a few pictures of the week.


Secret activities!

Hopefully the weather is going to continue to improve and we can make a full week!  The Word Aware words this week are Same (from last week) Second and Narrow.  To support at home ask the children to find things that are the same around the house (socks mugs etc or when walking down the road find cars the same colour) For ‘Second’ ask your child to complete simple tasks in order eg first put on your socks second put on your shoes or instruct them the order they need to eat small snacks.

This week we will be completing some secret activities for a surprise for a special person in your child’s life, we will be estimating in mathematics and writing sentences.

World Book Day 2018

In school today, we celebrated World Book Day. The aim of the day is to celebrate the joy and value of books and the art of reading.

Children, and many staff members, attended school dressed as book characters and it was very interesting to see the different costumes. Thank you, parents, for your efforts in getting costumes prepared/made. The money that pupils donated for the privilege of dressing up today will be used to purchase new books for our school library.


Some pupils chose to enter a competition which required them to produce a painting of a character or scene from a book of their choice. A great deal of time, thought and effort had gone into these and everyone at school thoroughly enjoyed looking at them. This year, each class, chose a winner and a runner-up from another year group and I know that the children did not find deciding on winners an easy task. All competition winners will have the opportunity to show their paintings to the rest of the school during tomorrow’s Superstar’s Assembly. All paintings have been kept and will be displayed around school.


As this year’s theme was ‘Share a Story’ the pupils in older year groups visited the children in lower year groups in order to share a story with a child from a different class. The younger children were very excited to be listening to another child read a story to them and it gave the older children the opportunity to show off their reading abilities. It was rewarding to see the children communicating and getting to know each other a little better. After both staff and pupils talked about the experience and certainly felt that this was something that they would like to do more often.


During English lessons Key Stage One and Key Stage Two children were asked to write a story independently which included the character that they had chosen to dress up as. Staff are looking forward to reading these stories and some will be displayed, in school, over the coming weeks.

Some interesting and appealing book token have been designed by the children and will be entered into the National World Book Day competition. One winner and one runner-up will be selected from three age categories. Winners (school or child) have the opportunity to win book tokens. Let’s hope that some of our children’s entered are successful!

Children also designed their own book covers and had quizzes in their classes.

This year, as with previous years, World Book Day at All Souls was a great success and I would like to thank all those involved – pupils, parents and staff. The joys and benefits of reading are enormous and we, at All Souls, hope to continue to encourage and enthuse all of our children with above of reading that will last well beyond World Book Day.

World Book day in Reception

Reception had a great day. Thank you for the great costumes. We went to look at all the pictures from the other classes, we had Year 6 come and share a book with us (thank you) and we decorated a book mark. Well done Evie for winning the competition but we were really pleased with all the children’s efforts. Below are some photographs of the day.