British Science Week 2020 Day2/5

This week, throughout the afternoons, each class will be visiting different teachers and their classrooms to explore their chosen ‘Big Question’.

Image result for our diverse planet

This afternoon, Year 1 and 2 joined in with the fun as they found out which nappy is the most absorbant and therefore the best to buy and investigated whether the weight of an egg affects the speed it travels:

Year 3 and 4 created snow fluff using a mixture of shaving cream and corn starch before seeing her could fly their rocket ‘mice’ the furthest:

Reception checked back on their flowers from yesterday and to their surprise, two out of the three flowers they had added food colouring to were starting to change colours! They also set up a new investigation into which drink is the most damaging for our teeth by adding chalk (acting as our teeth!) to different popular drinks…

Nursery were experimenting what happens when they mix food colouring, milk and washing up liquid – ask them what they found out!

We are super excited for the rest of the week!

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