Black History Month

This week, Year 6 have been brilliant researchers, writers, singers and mathemeticians!
As part of Black History Month, Year 6 have created tributes to inspirational individuals who have significantly contributed to making our world a better, more harmonious place to live in. Ask them who they focused on and what they found out!
In History, they have learnt about the local hero Brandon Moss and his ‘superhuman efforts and utter disregard for personal injury’ during World War II. They used a variety of sources to retireve their information from and created a newspaper report to commemorate him.
Today, we went to St. Thomas More’s Church to ‘Sing out with Joy’ and Year 6 really did sing their hearts out. It was a beautiful morning and the perfect way to end our first half term together.
A huge thank you, both to the children and to the parents, for a fabulous first half term!
Have a lovely break – I’m sure it is a great chance for you to work on your Heroes and Villains projects too!
Mrs Hartwell

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